EverQuest Roadmap 2023

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  1. Zarzac Augur

    Second the idea to hold off UI update until beta and maybe open beta server with just the UI changes earlier.
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  2. Aurelio Elder

    I think they will continue to use XML. But the new UI engine should be able to scale better with modern screens like 4k, including larger font sizes, etc.

    I hope we will get more details by April.
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  3. Aurelio Elder

    I think switching from DX9 to DX11 is easier than switching to DX12. Also EQ is pretty old and I'm not sure what kind of middleware is used (software you buy to integrate with your program so you don't have to program everything yourself). E. G:: Are they still using dPVS/Umbra and can that be upgraded?

    Here I made a post about the history of the EQ Engine.
    Remaking EQ in EQ 2's engine?
  4. Valcron Elder

    Is class balanced even being considered?
  5. Gloomfall Lorekeeper

    My sincere hope for Expansion #30. An overhaul to the Mercenary system. I'd really love it if they added a few additional types of mercs.

    • Shaman: Buffs group with some basic buffs similar to Unity. Debuffs enemies with Slows, Damage over Time, and does some minor healing.
    • Bard: Buffs the group with basic combat songs and does DPS.
    • Enchanter: Buffs the group with caster buffs and mana regen. Casts a Mez every now and then on targets that have threat but are not actively engaged by the group.
    Obviously all of those should be worse than having an actual player of either of those classes in the group. Especially players that are properly equipped and experienced.

    Finally, I'd love to see the ability to unlock additional Merc Summon slots. Whether it's done through some sort of quest, achievement, or a $10 - $20 unlock per slot in the store. I'd love to be able to have a full team of mercenaries for when I'm unable to find a group even if it ends up costing me 1K-1.5K plat every 15 minutes.

    I don't think this will impact the desire most players have to multibox as having a real character should always be more desirable than having a merc. But I do think that it will also enable more of the games content to a wider audience.

    I also really think that pure melee characters need some love from the developers. Rogues, Monks, Berserkers, Warriors, Etc.
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  6. CatsPaws Just use plain English.

    I think having mercs that actually cast slows or debuffs would be a hot mess since they cannot even hold weapons anymore.:D Its more likely they would wind up slowing or debuffing your character instead of the mob. (and I can visualize a dev snickering in the background every time that happens) You can box a group filling those spots and just using the mercs for healer, tanks and dps and do extremely well.

    And unlocking merc slots? We already have that in game. I think what you want is the ability to run or have active more than one merc per character up at the same time. They could sell it as a perk. CHA CHING
  7. Angeliana Senior Community Manager

    Recent compatibility and estimated compatibility of DX12 by the time this project is ready to launch was just not where we would like it to be.
  8. Gloomfall Lorekeeper

    Yes, I was talking about having more active merc slots.
  9. FrogTheToad New Member

    Dear god no, EQ2 is obviously a generally better-looking game but its character models are even more hideous then classic Everquest. Do agree better models would be nice.
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  10. Svann2 The Magnificent

    Will current mods work with the new engine?
  11. Panikker Elder

    EQ 1 needs to be ported to a new graphics engine. I'm hoping with the MTG online now part of DB..it would bring more revenue and would be possible. Even amateurs are doing it alone on their houses with unity engine. Common DB can you better than amateurs ??
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  12. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    DX11 was faster & more reliable than DX12 on my win 10 machines.

    Seeing EQ move to DX 11 & the new UI Engine coming as quickly as April is to me really great news.

    Hopefully there is time enough in what is clearly a very busy schedule to look at some class progression, that's an area which has been stale for too long, though performance is still a concern that's getting ongoing updates which is what it needs.

    Thinking back to 2-3 years ago it's amazing what some smart investment can do.
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  13. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    They are just publishing the game which means that they don't get all of the revenue from it.
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  14. Svann2 The Magnificent

    When does the new ui engine go up on beta or test server?
  15. Rimer New Member

    Thanks for the roadmap! Please continue announcing roadmaps.
    Looking forward to any idea of what the upcoming TLP rulesets might be when possible.
  16. Manafasto Augur

    I hope the new UI chances eliminates the need to download custom UI's ><.
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  17. Marope Lorekeeper

    On Live servers, Daybreak should consider removing the group requirements necessity for old dead content that no one wants to go in due to new content, let the solo players have a bit of fun, and locked doors in some areas like chardok (at least let a key drop now) where it is impossible to get in without bugging certain classes to open. Or the group requirement for The Mechamatic Guardi. Lots of dead content can be enjoyed if opened up.
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  18. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    Im sure there's alot of ppl that hate the luclin models and use the old ones. I love the old ones and only use luclin when i want to see my hero forge armor. To tell how much i hate the models if they got rid of the old models and forced me to use the luclin ones i wouldnt be playing anymore thats how much i hate them.

    This is about the UI please make it so i can see my text its so bad im thinking of going from my 30 gaming monitor to hd tv and thats isnt a goodthing. Just lastnight i sold something for 100k (dont worry im still over 800m) instead of 1m because the text was so small.
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  19. EQbud Augur

    Any plans to expand Overseer? (besides the new items to use the currency on next week)
    All those extra commons that I have nothing to do with are slowing it down immensely.
  20. Lost(Lxst) New Member

    I really hope we get a new era locked progression server this year. or make agnarr free to play... that server will be five years old now.
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