EverQuest Roadmap 2023

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  1. Accendo Community Manager

    Both are highly valued.
  2. KushallaFV Playing EverQuest

    Don’t do the UI launch in April. Push it to September and open the Beta server early.
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  3. Tyreel Augur

    Will the DirectX 11 API port end DirectX 9 support or split it out DX9 as an option?

    Which version of DirectX 11: 11 , 11.1 , 11.2?

    DX11 requires Intel 3000 series or newer for igpu support.
    DX11.1 requires Intel 4000 series or newer for igpu support.
    DX11.2 requires Intel 6000 series or newer for igpu support.

    Also use of DX11.1 or 11.2 may end Windows 7 support.

    Minimum system requirements need an update as even the optimal listed graphics cards do not support DX 11.
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  4. Kaliko Augur

    Don't worry buddy, one day they'll see our 15 discis that are 10+ years old and upgrade them :p
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  5. Metanis Bad Company

    Have you ever watched cats and kids play with toys? You can spend piles of money on the latest fancy and flashy things which they will totally ignore. Give them an old cardboard box and ragged doll and they'll immerse for hours.

    The 2023 Roadmap is impressive, but I would be satisfied with less lag and making the cleric class more fun to play.
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  6. Abbydog Journeyman

    While there are still many skills monks use that havent been upgraded in forever, monks got some serious love this expac. If you arent excited about how much more tanky you are and your ability to solo in this expac, then I dont know just what you are looking for.
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  7. Soulbanshee Augur

    EQ is officially 64-bit only, but it also specifically will not run on Windows 7 anymore anyway.
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  8. Sturmlocke New Member

    Interesting question for sure, would love to read a bit a more technical behind the scenes analysis too. Personally I'm glad about them using DX11 though, mainly bc I game on Linux by using Proton with DXVK, which has nearly doubled performance in EQ2 versus the vanilla DX9 Windows client, and them using DX11 will most likely be faster than translating from DX12 to Vulkan in my case as a Linux gamer. That said, this exact question was asked when GW2 devs decided to go with DX11 instead of 12, and this is what their dev team had to say about it:

    An interesting read for sure. On top of that compatability with older Windows operating systems and gpu hardware might also be a deciding factor to go with DX11 over 12 ofc. Oddly enough, and this goes for the games that I have played with dual DX11 and DX12 clients, more often than not DX11 outperforms DX12 at the same visual quality for a number of reasons (AMD). IIRC a few folks on Youtube tested this in GW2 and sometimes DX11 was actually faster than both DX9 and DX12 (edit, added YT link):

    So that also might be another reason. Just speculation on my end ofc, love comparing stuff like this, would like to read more.

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  9. Lodestar Lorekeeper

    Great post Sturmlocke. This is what I'm interested in hearing. Moreover, I'd hope Daybreak would choose DX12 if it had the most sustainable long-term advantage years out from now. But, if development already began a while back when DX12 wasn't a realistic option to start on, that makes sense as well.

    I built a maxed computer this year with both an overclocked 7950X to 5.9ghz (PBO2 with all 16 cores manually tuned in y-cruncher) and 4090 RTX (3.09GHZ/24000mhz memory). Even-so, there's still situations where FPS drops to 32. Very interested to see how DX11 handles comparatively.
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  10. Riou EQResource

    Probably just a case of DX12 being a lot harder to go to then 11, and it would kill anything below windows 10 support as well, which could be a chunk of the playerbase, or from TLP's running cheap machines that don't support 12 as well, etc

    I'm sure their debug stuff already polls peoples DX versions and it might just be a size-able chunk that is not on 12
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  11. Tyreel Augur

    If that is true the minimum system requirements need updating since, OS: Windows 7 64-bit or newer, is still listed on that page.
  12. Sturmlocke New Member

    Outch, 32 fps with that rig? Hm, have you given Linux with Steam and Proton a try with EQ1 by any chance? Might be worth it, considering how Vulkan often even outperforms DirectX11 and 12 nowadays. IIRC EQ1 is now a DirectX9 game, right? If so, you might be able to benefit from translating its DX9 client to something more modern like Vulkan via Steam's Proton (DXVK).

    Check this out: https://forums.daybreakgames.com/eq2/index.php?threads/eq2-on-linux-and-mac-guide.604032/

    And this fps comparison post by one of our comm members: https://forums.daybreakgames.com/eq...inux-and-mac-guide.604032/page-2#post-6697694

    Lemme know if you need help setting up EQ1 with Steam, Proton and Linux. I might actually do a small Youtube tutorial video and upload it if enough ppl are interested in this. I have done one for EQ2 and DCUO before, but EQ1 requires one or two additional steps in order to make it run well on Linux. Nothing fancy ofc, but worth mentioning.

    Whatever the case, agreed, let's get a bit technical here @devs. I know a lot of us in both EQ1 and 2 communities have been waiting for a technical upgrade for a loooong time, and I am super happy that we're finally getting it with DX11. Going 64-bit, upgrading our super outdated DX9 API and more is getting us closer to more advanced and sophisticated upgrades, such as giving our old player and npc models some well deserved love and attention:

    Upgrade to our EQ2 player models (?). This is what I see before me when speaking of API and overall visual upgrades and the likes. Just imagine what our devs could do if you give them the tools and time that they need.
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  13. Lodestar Lorekeeper

    32fps on "lag piles" of 100+ players sitting in Plane of Knowledge. And that's with old models as well. Otherwise commonly hit 165fps/165hz. I will never spend extra time dealing with Linux/UNIX, especially when a DX11 port is around the corner (not worth the effort to me). Thank you though Sturm!

    More information from the devs on their thinking on DX11 vs DX12 would be great though!
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  14. Sturmlocke New Member

    Yw mate, anytime.

    +1 I'm sure lots of folks would appreciate more tech info as well. :)
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  15. Tucoh Augur

    Thanks for the roadmap and supporting the game! I look forward to the class balancing, lag improvements and combat-heavy new content!
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  16. Tuho Always a Druid at heart

    Amazing roadmap update. We've seen more improvements in the last 12 months than we have in a decade (or more). Thanks to the DBG team for your efforts, this is a real "game changer". :D
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  17. Veteran_BetaTester PIZZA!


    What ever you do to UI, PLEASE give us the option to NOT use it. Make it an option for a old_default.
    If it is each piece of NEW UI please allow us to use the old piece. IF 11 changes, make the 11 changes in options ON/ OFF.

    ...because if the old UI is not usable, I most likely won't be playing the game until, IF I CAN, I can use the old UI.

    As a raider it is distruction when I can't play what I am used to playing for YEARS of my UI.

    Do keep in mind ... if we raiders are down and miss raids and go down dkp... this effects our NINTY DAY raid attendence persentage which cripples us.

    You will lose business.
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  18. Ozon Augur

    I appreciate the road map, it looks like some really cool upgrades are coming up.

    One thing I will ask is please work with the community regarding the new UI, some of us are ridiculously picky about our UIs. It can take a couple weeks as is to get reset after a UI change as it is now. I shudder to think how it will go after an engine change. I am sure the incoming UI will be well designed and more customizable. That being said the more time the community has to work with the new engine the better it will be, overall.
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  19. PathToEternity pathtoeternity.pro

    I definitely agree with this. What I'd love to see is UI elements that stick together, optionally snap to a grid, can be more granularly/more easily be resized, etc. but I'm worried that I'm gonna get a refresh that was like going from Windows 7 to that goofy-as- Windows 8 interface that was clearly designed for a tablet even though I was using a desktop (no insinuation at all that the update would be like that at all, just that it might be worlds apart from what the playerbase actually wants).
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  20. Velisaris_MS Augur

    Not sure where you get that from. I 3-box just fine on a Win7 machine.
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