Everquest raids too easy

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  1. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    And guilds can give details and instructions to the members explaining what needs to be done during a raid so even if a player has never seen it before they are likely to get it correct much faster then a guild that has no knowledge.
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  2. Neale Povar Lorekeeper

    I'd still love to see how my guild stacks up against other guilds that didn't officially participate in beta. I don't care if a handful of them did in other guilds, or if they gave it a go unofficially. Maybe I'm alone in that
  3. Ozon Augur

    In context my first reply was lacking. To the orginal question, yes a full guild of people who have done Beta will make a raid significantly easier. A guild who hasn't raided Beta but has a number of alts who have done Beta will make a "new" raid easier. Not as easy as if the entire raid had participated, but absloutely less difficult than a completely new raid. The examples I used were somewhat extreme versions of the ToL raids. But ypu could sub in Aary, Vulak, ToFS 1 in for the more difficult raids Zland in for Shei.
  4. lollermitten New Member

    Imo, that's because of population issues. If EQ had the population of a game like WoW, many guilds would accomplish this. Some of these top guild's raids are filled with boxes and rely on
  5. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    And you think a guild who has all the information and just needs to work on execution is going to get comparable results to a guild that is going in blind?
  6. Ozon Augur

    Not at all, I would expect a Guild who prep on any level, who have better results than a guild going in blind. All other factors being equal.
  7. Belkar_OotS Augur

    I think the premise of the OP argument is pretty inaccurate at best. Using EGL as the basis of comparison, after the first 2 days, there haven't been any guilds that have cleared the final tier. There are less guilds than servers that completed the final tier (so roughly less than 1 guild per server). I don't know it factually, but I am quite confident all of the guilds that cleared it will have participated in Beta.

    The reason why those guilds participate in Beta is because they have good numbers, good players and the gear such that staying on Live to gear out another string of alts isn't as fun for them as preparing to effectively learn and farm the new content as soon as it becomes available. I would venture that most of these guilds learned and beat the events within 2-3 nights of raids on Beta based on my personal experience with Beta without significant sharing of strats.

    The last few years have seen the top end guilds be the most liberal with sharing of strategies as we have ever seen in the game once things go live. Beta discussions are also much more open. Many of the events also are represented in group content so the game already gives some spoilers for those raids. The guilds that we are looking at are the cream of the crop so to speak and the most dedicated of raiders, at least as far as scheduling commitment but usually as far as developing their characters and personal skill levels too.

    The differences between the best guilds and the rest are pretty extreme. I am totally in favor of adding more raid content that is basically elaborate group mobs and making the final tier extremely hard that gets balanced out from Live play. But I am against making extremely hard content anywhere with only 9+anniversary raids as the content to last us a year. I don't want to bash my head in with guilds that spend more time wiping and restarting than actually beating targets.
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  8. Laronk Augur

    The biggest hurdle for raiding in EverQuest is 54 man raiding. With the difficulties in fielding 54 players you end up having to have fodder because if you’re not the top guild it can be hard to get enough people on specially if there is another guild that raids in the same time slot .

    Since most guilds have to have fodder there is a limit to how hard they can really make the raids. They don’t want to make content that only 10 guilds are going to beat. Yes there are players that want super hard raid events but for most guilds that’s just a recipe for burnout.

    I know we can’t flip a switch and make 24 man raids so I don’t have a solution.
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    "Everquest raids too easy"

    *Absor chuckling in the background* "Oh, I could fix that. I could fix that so much that you'd wished that you'd never uttered that phrase."
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  11. Barraind Grumpy Old Bastage

    He's also using an example in GW2 that the dev team has said multiple times now is unintentionally bugged in several different ways.

    Mechanically, a 20 minute boss fight that can bug on every single phase transition (45-60 seconds off your timer every time), could bug on both versions of one specific non-uptime phase (2 minutes off your timer, each), and can spend its uptime phases immune for up to 90% of the timer is... not a good fight.
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    Vanquisher too easy
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    So is second place, amirite?
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    Abaz the most humble mofo I know!
  15. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    Arguing over raid guild progression "wins" is so 2008. I prefer sniping out of the shadows with comments that amuse me and no one else!
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  17. Proximoe Elder

    Well placed snipe sir, you’re doing great!
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    I agree. Congrats!
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  19. Fenthen aka Rath

    We should just go back to progression-required raid requests. Let the real competition begin resume.
  20. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Who has the ability to minimize the time from lockouts expiring to beating the raid event again?