EverQuest Producer’s Letter October 2022

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  1. Treeconix Elder

    A majority of live population is casual. Live is the most casual-centric playstyle EQ has to offer. You have an entire year to complete an expansion that basically only requires a month or two of effort. TLPs by design are much more "hard core" time devotion because of the speed you need to maintain to be relevant.

    There isn't enough population 1-110 on live servers to justify content creation for that level range. It's just wasteful to devote resources to that. There is a ton of content already available for those levels as is.

    That being said, the latest expansion has not be casual friendly imo. HP bloat on mobs, forced progression for viable experience (50+ hours to gain 4 levels grinding isn't casual friendly, sorry folks who think otherwise), etc.

    Overall ToL has been a real turn off to live gameplay for me. The continuance of crippling raid lag, the absolute crawl that is doing anything by myself due to the ridiculous time sink of killing even the most basic mobs, rehashed expansions which I never really liked in the first place (Kunark is trash, Velious is the most overrated expansion ever made, Luclin without ssra or seru is basically worthless to me), the reverse of class balance where we're going back to eras of ridiculous imbalance, etc. They need to get their you know what together on live. It's not good.
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  2. Qimble Augur

    It won't be ignored if they put in cool rewards for them.
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  3. I_Luv_Foraging Journeyman

    Let's hope Qwalla was put in charge of that project.
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  4. Riou EQResource

    Not sure how much the content dev making it really has in rewards quality, it probably would have to be ok'd by Ngreth or Aristo or something
  5. Duder Augur

    Couldn't have said it better myself. Thank you for that post.
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  6. Zunnoab Augur

    I'm not sure if a better topic exists for this question, but does anyone know the specific time of day the expansion orders typically go live?
  7. nezran New Member

    My playing low level characters is not a problem, it's a playstyle preference. I've played on many official and unofficial servers and I know the differences well. I play on whatever servers suite me.
  8. nezran New Member

    True. Good point.
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  9. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    LOL how u figure that?
  10. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    Only reason i figure they do TLP's are for increased krono sales am i wrong?
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  11. Treeconix Elder

    EQ would survive without TLPs, but it wouldn't be in a good spot at all. EQ just prior to TLPs was at it's lowest population ever. It was basically on maintenance mode. TLPs brought a whole new layer of population and revenue to the game. It's pretty well-documented that TLPs and live provide near equal revenue toward the game.

    There are things that TLP players purchase which live players rarely purchase. Bags, store potions, mounts, etc all are primarily a TLP-based item to purchase from the store. Hero's forge is basically paid for by anyone who wants it on live. New TLPs buy it each year. Same with armor & weapon ornaments. There's many more viable options on live to acquire these outside store. Not so much on TLPs and these things aren't uncommon from my experience. TLP players also buy latest expansions specifically for the potions, bags, and mounts. They are supplementing "live" purchases indirectly.

    I don't think either TLP or Live would survive too long without each other.
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  12. code-zero Augur

    The more accurate thing would be to say that Daybreak Cash and Krono saved EQ and the main purpose of TLP is to drive Marketplace sales particularly Krono.

    I don't much like the Marketplace and Krono nor do I like Free to Play but those and the TLP are all part of a pretty genius revenue stream
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  13. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    Historically, subscriptions would cover maintenance-expenses and expansion-sales would cover expansion development-cost. I assume that is still the case? I assume those are all that is needed to make sure EQ1 survives?

    Kronos and marketplace profits, where do they go? Do the devs get paid more? Do they go to EQ1 at all, or do they go to unrelated projects? or do the profit just go into some billionaire's pocket?

    I sometimes get the feeling that if we spend too much in the marketplace and RMT, then they will just put all their effort into the marketplace and RMT, instead of into the game...

    Just look at what we can get in the marketplace: Lots of mounts and familiars...Meanwhile we are still using player-models from 2001...
  14. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    Probably because alot of people myself included hate the luclin models always looks like there out of shape and the only reason my ranger has his on so i can see my golden armor.
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  15. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    Case you cant tell i hate both FTP and TLP's.
  16. Bigstomp Augur

    Most servers have a casual raid team.
    Beyond that, it's just being friendly. Getting a group is easy if you are social.
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  17. Treiln Augur

    You do realize the majority of the live servers do not raid. Meaning the majority of the people running around in the latest 3-4 expansions are your causal folk whom you claim are not benefitting from these zones.
  18. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    ToL has been the expansion I've played least, it got old very quick, far quicker than the rehashed zones usually do.

    I expected more from ToL, but the change in body types messed up a lot of zones, especially VT where you can no longer just invis to a camp and are out of luck if you join a group already in a camp and they don't have CoH or a rogue to drag you there after you have died trying to get to the group.

    I'm tired of revamped zones, if I want to relive the old zones I can play on a TLP or go to the original zones on live. We need new zones and new stories.
  19. Duder Augur

    In my multi-year experience across 3 TLPs, I have found that my TLP friends and guildies invest a highly significantly larger amount of money into the game compared to my live compadres. The TLPers (me included) buy expensive bag packs, illusions, expansions, heritage crates galore, mounts, perks, exp potions, buff potions, services and raid items from other players and who also purchase absurd amounts of krono to do so. I myself spent more money on TLP yearly than I did on live (including expansions and monthly subs for 5 accounts yearly), and that was while main raiding on Aradune as well as main raiding in the 2nd highest ranked live guild on Bristlebane. It was not uncommon on Aradune for GDKP raids to bring in 300-500 krono in a single day, week after week. (Platurday Saturdays baby!) And these players are more than happy to spend these amounts to scratch that nostalgic itch. There are even periods in almost every TLP where it becomes near impossible to sell your wares for platinum which can be quite a significant frustration! (Because I too needed plat for things such as tradeskill materials, reagents, reagents for armor, gear, etc.) So I would be forced to reluctantly accept the krono offer and then work out how to try and sell the krono for the value of the items exchanged.

    Many TLP players are people who have not played in many years who are now adults with mostly or completely grown families and secure employment/income. They are interested in experiencing very deeply seeded nostalgia and like many adults with their own income and acquired money, many do not bat an eyelash as spending hundreds or thousands of dollars to fulfil that nostalgia to the absolute max. Seeing folks buy items on TLP for 20, 30, and 40 krono is not a rare experience. I have sold people items for those amounts numerous times. In Planes of Power I easily and legitimately tradeskilled my way into a multiple hundreds of krono fortune. Then during Omens of War I out did myself by nearly a factor of three. All completely generated by tradeskilling and farming legitimately. No 3rd party tools or afk camping nor any unscrupulous methods or behaviors. I valued my customers, any real tradeskiller does. We want our customers to come back, and we want them to send their friends. So even in keeping profit margins very low (In Omens of War I even lost money on 30% of my trades), I still had no problems making a great fortune. Much farming/material acquisition was done by doggedly bartering for materials as well. Developing business relationships with farmers who would rather farm than do what I did. I strongly believe that TLP generates a larger share of the company's income than what they are willing to admit as to not upset the population of live server players and fuel the argument of which servers or subset of players generate more money for the company. If you have never played on a new or popular TLP server then you could never truly imagine just how true these words are.

    If daybreak only understood the value of advertisement, they could turn TLP into the enormous lion's share of the company's income. Brad McQaid's untimely death gave them the best advertising they had experienced in quite possibly all of EverQuest history. Aradune's population and extremely wealthy economy was far more than they expected. As proven by the queues and terrible server performance unrivaled by any poor performance I have ever experienced on live. The population made it hardly playable for near two months until one magic patch that fixed the problem completely. (I believe they prioritized Aradune at that time and that they allocated more bandwidth and processing power to the server at the cost of the other servers.)

    As Treeconix mentioned, without TLP, EQ would be a completely different game right now, if at all even still online.

    (For reference, I have played on 6 different servers over my EQ career. Mostly favoring the live servers. Those are what I have always considered to be my home. So, I am no TLP jumper coming to sing a biased praise to the TLP servers. I currently do not play on any TLPs. What I have to offer is direct and genuine experience without exaggeration. Believe it or not, it will not affect me.)

    If you would like to see and experience it for yourself, please, join up on next year's TLP. You will experience much the same. It won't quite rival the success of what Aradune or Mischief saw I don't believe. But that also depends on the gimmick they come up with for these next TLP servers. Regardless, you will quickly witness just how much money rains from the skies of TLP servers.
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  20. Treeconix Elder

    Why do you hate TLPs? There's nothing inherently wrong with them. They are actually a breath of fresh air with zero raid lag, good content (that makes sense lore-wise), accelerated unlocks keep it interesting rather than a year of absolute boredom, etc.
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