EverQuest Producer’s Letter April 2023

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  1. Julius New Member

    It was mentioned AoE PL will no longer function but it is also worth noting Damage Shield PL won't be functioning as well by the looks of it.
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  2. Xanathol Augur

    Classic start with no beastlords or berserkers until their expansions unlock and severe power leveling nerfs = hardly no one is going to play those classes.
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  3. Kunfo Augur

    Encounter locking isn't EQ1, and no free trade is pretty disappointing. Probably will be the first TLP cycle in a long time I won't play, which in a way is a good thing for my RL stuff.
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  4. EQStoptheH8 New Member

    I love this ruleset ! Me and my 6 friends plan to play here! It sounds peaceful for once and not ran by the krono lords ! Thank you DBG for listening to our concerns !
  5. Gargantor New Member

    Encounter locking seems like in an interesting idea, and a new TLP is the perfect place to test bed it. Not sure where the pushback is coming from. Krono farmers? I also like the idea of no drop items getting the heirloom tag. If not on this server maybe a future one.
  6. ibc93 Elder

    The encounter locking is an interesting solution on paper. Curious to see it in practice. But there's also ways it can be abused bad.

    The better solutions imo for the problems of dps racing & monopolization of named npcs: 1 either random loot or 2 significantly lowering spawn timers & removing placeholders.

    The ACTUAL problem is scarcity. It leads to interlayer conflict. Encounter locking doesn't solve it. It's just a bandaid.

    Encounter locking works great in Eq2. A game designed with the feature in mind. But it's out of place in Eq1 imo.
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  7. tuda Lorekeeper

    stop trying to turn our game into EQ2. if we wanted this crap we can go play there.
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  8. Chainsaw_Massacre New Member

    This is the second year in a row of mediocre TLP announcements. Last year Daybreak did not listen and left things as is. It has since flopped harder than a stack of pancakes at IHOP. I urge you to listen to the players interested in your game and not just the one's that are currently playing, especially those on previous TLP's not wanting their server to die. If people truly love playing where they are and who they are playing with they wouldn't be looking here in the first place for a new server.

    Now on to my points about the server:
    1. Why xp for alts? I'd much rather have it for my main ala Selo. There's no reason to slow down the pace anyway when people are done levelling in a day or two. It's not the focus of you're game or gaming in general anymore. Besides, that's offered on P99.

    2. Encounter locking might slow down power leveling a tiny bit but it won't end it. And what you are doing to the non hardcore crowd is astounding. No longer will anyone be able to set up in a dungeon to farm anything because someone else can run up and be .01 sec faster tagging the mobs and getting the loot. You just asked for a customer service nightmare with this one.

    If you really want this type of server my suggestion would be to call it something along the lines of the play and get more server. Get more xp, more coin, more faction, more spawns, more loot...you get the picture. And starting out with one bonus is really not inspiring. Maybe someone else in these comments can offer a better suggestion...have at it as I know this community has tons of ideas you could have used. Oh, and saving a good ruleset for next year is a bad business plan. You never save a good idea because the current one could be your last. If nothing changes best of luck with this years TLP. I'll pass for the 2nd year running.
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  9. Tenne Journeyman

    +1 to freetrade suggestions.
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  10. Moforyguy12345 Augur

    This makes it to where people will be much more rude to other groups. Cuz everyone will be trying to tag mobs from other camps and instead of being able to try and peel it back off you won't be able to. Even if you say there aren't "camps" in EQ people still call out CAMP CHECK and mostly respect that someone is already there. This TLP people will just move in near the camp and snag it. Me and my 650 guildmates from LotusCUltistmaior are not playing this TLP bro.
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  11. RABKkehhalla Elder

    Encounter locking is the worst gameplay mechanic and is just going to cause more issues
  12. Jakken Journeyman

    Logged in just to second this post. Not only does this not fix toxicity, it makes it significantly worse with no recourse if someone decides to be a jerk. The only way to play this server will be mercilessly and uncaring.
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  13. Lexx42 New Member

    Does encounter locking prevent helpful spells from landing on players who are locked to encounters you are not locked to?
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  14. Cildar Journeyman

    When is the release? Why would you leave that out!!!!!
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  15. PipotheAFILADOR Journeyman

    As many have already stated. Encounter locking is going to open a whole new level of griefing

    Im more concerned of encounter locking essentially killing TLPS as they launch as it will essentially eliminate all forms of fast powerleveling so newer players or people main swapping are going to have to level alone in empty zones the old fashioned way.

    Is this the plan and try to sell more exp pots?

    Just make a second server with mischief rules or a 70 or 80 locked realm. Those realms have already shown to be the most popular and longest lasting. Why try and reinvent the wheel.
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  16. Tutankamen Augur

    Absolutely NO to the encounter locking change. Please do *not* bring this to live servers. With TLP people can just choose not to play there from the get-go but encounter locking is a huge change to a game that we have played for a long time b/c we like how it operates. Do not change fundamental gameplay like this that no one is asking for, at least not outside of TLP , PLEASE.
  17. Animosity Elder

    Or just dont do it period. It takes away what made EQ great. And takes away half the reason of TLP's anyways.
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  18. Everdork99 Lorekeeper

    Sounds fun! I will give it a try!
  19. D4 it is FTE is the real EQ killer

    This server is a play test for next years ego stroking competitive server. The best of the best for 72 person guilds to compete for server firsts. RIP. Bunch of classes.

    Changing core functionality like this is dumb. What a waste of resources. This server should be renamed tone deaf.

    All you guys had to do was launch classic and kunark together and make it free trade. Most people would be at least satisfied.
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  20. brickz Augur

    Alt experience is rather pointless because there is no reason to make an alt on the same account vs popping a krono and making it on another account. All those stacking bonuses look nice though. Would be a great server for people who like to work on hunter achievements or just hunt for rares in general
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