EverQuest Producer’s Letter April 2023

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  1. CleverName New Member

    What he said
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  2. Jontrann Augur

    Here fixed the server for you.

    #1: Remove encounter locking, thats a pandora's box you don't want to open.
    #2: Merge all the expansion perks and add them in at the start (seriously why time gate it?).
    #3: Add free trade / random loot.
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  3. Sashiose New Member

    But how is Daybreak going to know which accounts are ALL yours? Plus, if you're boxing, then shouldn't both box accounts get to max about the same time so each account then gets the exp bonus? I just don't feel this has any penalty to it /shrug
  4. Magneress Augur

    I like the idea for the new server.

    Selling points for me:
    *Built in catch up mechanics
    *Faster gamepplay with less grind regarding items
    *less pressure on people who want to play alt

    I believe encounter locking will work best with solo and one group content. Raids will have instances through the agent of change? I'm not clued in on that.. so shouldn't be a huge problem.

    Catching up an alt when berserkers unlock should be fun :)

    It's good to also reward people who play one account. Although I got nothing against boxing when it's not done to grief.

    I've been waiting in the wings to play TLP. And I really enjoy the immersion of playing one character at a time and having alts. Life is always moving too fast for me to keep up. This seems like a definite step in the right direction.
  5. Spazin Journeyman

    In PoP, make all Luclin and older items Free Trade, then each expac unlock; make the prior expac's items free trade plzzzzz.
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  6. Rounlin Best Pizza in Norrath!

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  7. fortuneteller Augur

    I am totally against the lock thing

    You will not be able to assist your friends outside the group. This is a position of top 3 of the worst ideas ever come with.
  8. Magneress Augur

    I would also love to see relaxed class/races

    Half elf necros. Wizards. Sks for example.
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  9. Mayor Journeyman

    I just came here to say this is by far the most out of touch concept for a TLP. Between the recent events of EQ2 and now this it is very apparent that this company not only doesnt listen to, but also blatently ignores the player base. This is nowhere in line with ANY of the requests, advice, and overall thoughts on direction of a TLP. This actively shows the company does not know what this game is about (Incentivizing alt creation? why makes alts, like, ever. people box for a reason). If this ruleset goes through im afraid my TLP days are over, i wont play something like this that breaks the things great about the game and emphasizes the worst elements of it.
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  10. Animosity Elder

    Wow this ruleset is pretty awful. The encounter locking just takes away what made original EQ great and turns it more into WoW. The evolving rules and legacy character bonuses are nice. But this is basically another traditional clone server but even worse. Another year of no EQ ::(
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  11. Mayor Journeyman

    this is 100% accurate
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  12. Ibadan Kun'Tirel Augur

    Will live be getting the legacy feature?
  13. Grummle Journeyman

    Should have waited longer before re-subbing on TLP hype. accounts re-cancled, maybe they'll fix it.. probably not though.
  14. Crabman Augur

    big yikes on this encounter locking... let hope for a reconsideration like you did with your personal loot ideas in eq2 land
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  15. Marton Augur

    Encounter locking is garbage.
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  16. squidgod Augur

    AE powerlevelers utilize a bard +5 customers in a group, with all of the support (pullers, stun chanters, healer, etc) out of the group. Under encounter locking, those chanters wouldn't be able to stun the mobs—among other complications—unless you stuck everyone into a raid, which would gut the XP gain.

    It wouldn't be impossible to AE PL in this manner, but it'd be horribly inefficient. Either limiting XP per kill by being in a raid, or limiting customer slots by keeping the chanters and bard (and probably the puller) in the group.

    This has a number of add-on effects, as well—primarily a large impact on the krono market. The combined PLers of Yelinak probably turn over a couple hundred krono per day during their busy periods, and it would be significantly more difficult for the bot-army raiders who sell raid loot to build up their force if they couldn't just quickly PL them. It'd also be especially devastating if DPG actually started banning those bot armies (though I wouldn't count on it, as they haven't bothered to ban any in recent years).
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  17. Mattling Elder

    Love the ruleset. Love encounter locking.

    Too much fear mongering, no bards are going to lockdown entire zones, no one is gonna tag a raid mob and afk for hours.

    The fact this kills power levelers and big box groups is hype enough. Can't wait....
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  18. Rasper Helpdesk The Original Helpdesk

    In addition to legacy characters getting xp boost, they should also get keys/flags/access.

    Making everything Heirloom would also support the notion of having multiple max level characters.
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  19. Rijacki Just a rare RPer on FV and Oakwynd

    Encounter locking and legacy bonus has been part of EQ2 for years. Encounter locking has been there since EQ2 launched. Legacy bonus was added later.

    Yes, it does change the dynamics of pulling, but EQ2 also has the concept of 'grouped' mobs which agro together no matter what you do and spells/skills that land on group only vs true AE. Many other modern games also have encounter locking.

    In EQ2, the 'run back' when agro is lost is not an instant warp, but it also prevents training over other players even if they're at the zone line when someone pulls a train to zone. It also curtails kill-stealing and out of group power leveling. Are there times when something might be agro locked to a character who only tagged on the way through? at times, but generally the amount of agro generated by a tagging is low enough the mobs would lose interest fast enough a single player or group cannot lock down an entire zone any more than an AEer can in current EQ. But yes, it does suck when you see someone barely hanging on and you cannot help them with a heal or damage to their target (with the occasional "accidental" kill-steal?). Just as it's possible currently in EQ for a higher level player to pull a guard or the trash in front of a boss to allow another player or group to get to an NPC or Boss, yes, agro lock would allow the same.

    But... in my own wish list for the new TLP: either Free Trade or have nearly all No Trade be Heirloom, especially with the concept of Legacy. This would also be in keeping with the other ideas lifted from EQ2 for the base.
  20. Laronk Augur

    Honestly I am excited to see the encounter locking as well
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