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  1. Spinstun Journeyman

    After watching the panel that was not put live and was taped in another thread I had some thoughts.

    I hope all our classes return. If its a pre-quel setting the Drakking might not back it but something that stood out in the video that was talked about was the UNDEAD paladin.
    Undead paladin? Does this mean there was a good aligned Undead race?

    I would like to see an undead race introduced. Everquest next could introduce lots of new things. I know eq2 has sanarks or how ever you spell it but Undead would make for a very interesting race. Playable classes War, Sk, >Paladin>, necro, and shaman, cleric.

    Anyone else have ideas of more class/races that could be used? I really like the class set ups for everquest. I just wish since this is goign to be a living breathing world we could have more Races to pick from. The rat guys in EQ2 seems to be a big hit.

    I know most people will think WoW but the orc would be a very good addition as well. Orcs are very common to Everquest and would be a Viable race.

    I just really thought them talking about the undead pally was exciting. I think if that was an option at game start, It would be my pick to start with. Just because your undead doesnt mean you cant be a noble paladin and you have proof in the Video.

    What you guys think on new races?
  2. Whim Augur

    I just want my Vah Shir. I wasn't a fan of the EQ II style Kerra. I liked the proud Vah style better. :)

    Either will be fine though, so long as they can be a shaman.
  3. Mardy Augur

    Vampires, enough said :) You don't see vampires in MMO's often, but we've had vampires in EQ since the beginning of time. It's part of the Everquest lore, I would love to play as a vampire race.

    As for classes they can introduce something new from Vanguard called Blood Mages. It's a cloth healer type that heals through dps. It even sounds like a vampire so it'd fit perfectly. Vampires can also be rogues, necros, wizards, etc..

    Racial ability, if they have it, should be blood suck of course lol.
  4. Dwarvenhammer Journeyman

    If they did, they'd have to have "penalty abilities" which counter the abilities. So, a vampire would have to be vulnerable to being turned by clerics, have to rest in the day cycle, take sun damage if caught out in the open, etc...

    Conversely, something like the Troll race would have its traditional regeneration advantage, but this might be countered by trolls taking extra damage from fire attacks.

    Basically, any plusses, need some counters to them to avoid a "most advantageous race" scenario.
  5. Whim Augur

    I always thought the exp penalty for playing races with more shiny racial advantages was a good counter. It made them a little harder to level, but worth it in the end. :)
  6. RekMMO Lorekeeper

    I hope EQN is not a prequel. The idea of them re-imagining the world and not having to worry about lore from the other games is much more appealing to me.

    As for races, I'm not very picky. I hope they start them off closer to each other though. Having a dozen empty starting zones after a few years is a bit of a bummer. I liked how Qeynos was nice and close to Surefall. So you had humans and half-elves playing together in Qeynos Hills. Halas wasn't too far away either.
  7. Dwarvenhammer Journeyman

    That's kind of an old school way of dealing with it, going back to the pencil and paper days of original Dungeons and Dragons. Elves, for example, had tons of advantages, but had a level limit in how high they could progress. EQ handled this like you said, with exp penalites.

    But, IMO, the best overall way to handle the different races is to balance them so that each is viable. And if one has a major advantage, then it needs to be paired with an Achilles Heel of some sort, even if a minor one.

    WOW balanced races well, I thought, and even Humans had racial advantages to make them as viable as the non-human races.
  8. Caudyr Augur

    Make goblins, gnolls, kobolds, fairies, pixies etc playable, too. :D
  9. Geroblue Augur

    Tunnels and Trolsl did that, a paper and pencil rpg.

    Hmm. Pixies and fairies would have a big disadvantage in combat though. Stunned more often. Smaller weapons, less damage.
  10. Sophia Lorekeeper

    This is a good solution for a while; the problem kicks in when the slow races reach level cap, and then the "weak but easy to level" characters become completely overshadowed by the "best" ones. MMO level caps tend to stagnate for a good long while, so the "fast advancement" compensation ends up useful for less gametime (overall) than all those nice racial bonuses.
  11. Whim Augur

    Very true, somewhat like Iksar vs Human monks.
  12. Nolrog Augur

    EQ:N is not supposed to be a Sequel (ala EQ2) or a prequel (ala EQ Online Adventures.) It's supposed to be a completely parallel world which is very different than the Norrath we know. So, Rallos Zek, for example, could be the god of duckies and bunnies in EQ:N instead of the god of war that he is in EQ and EQ2.
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  13. Geroblue Augur

    I fell a shiver in the multi-verse.
  14. Cakeny Augur

    FYI, there is a vampire race that is playable in EQ2.
  15. Spinstun Journeyman

    If this is true why would you label it Everquest? I think with the Everquest name people are going to expect something. PLEASE PLEASE tell me yall are not making another ps2 and just labeling it Everquest next. Some people like PVP but thats not even close to what everquest is about. I think the lore and settings are very important to everyone. PS2 looks great for that kinda game but done right IT will in NO way hold a candle to what everquest next could be. With proper vision. Lot of people like fantasy and I think, if done right, EQ next could be what changes mmos like everquest did. But just putting everquest on it doesnt mean it will happen.

    Please I beg, give us Everquest. We love Norath and All that is in it.

    I guess in the same since halflings will be larger than giants, rangers will never die and bards will be politicians. Or we will now become the creatures and have to kill off all the player races.

    I call dibs on the kicking snake!
  16. Nehemia New Member

    This, I've never got to play one strigoi enough.

    here's an example of a properly implemented Vampire:
    (Take a look at the resistances, their abilities do not cost mana, but health, also a -35% health regeneration is a noteworthy point, it makes them extremely vulnerable to DoT's)

    Also, when there's vampires, there has to be the flipside of the coin:
    (Half of the skills are pretty much decent vampire counters)

    Also, this is what EQ2 vampires look like:

    This is what Shadowbane Vampires looked like:

    gotta say I prefer the latter.
  17. Whim Augur

    Meh, vampires being playable worries me.
  18. Cakeny Augur

  19. Cakeny Augur

  20. PetMyLlama Journeyman

    I would like to see a back to basics approach. Start like they did with EQ with basic races, add races through lore as done with Iksar. Sorry Whim - As sexy as your kitty is, you will have to wait until we discover the moon for Vah Shir ;) Though I agree the Kerra were not the same.

    I also like the idea of some races having some advantages in certain areas, but as stated, that advantage needs to have a disadvantage attached.

    As for classes, I certainly do not want a repeat of what EQ2 turned into. At the end of the day, all the classes feel to similar to each other.

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