EverQuest Lore Feedback - We need your help!

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Pip, Jan 15, 2021.

  1. Oscig New Member

    It would be nice if more quests had followups like the Nybright one eventually got.
  2. Chaosflux Augur

    My favorite expansions have been GOD, DODH/POR, Underfoot, COTF/SOD

    So Zebuxorok, Discordians, Mayong Mistmoore (Tserrina and Najena could used for something lore wise), Cliknar and Telmira, and time travel get really big thumbs ups from me.
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  3. Jennre Band Leader

    I would like to see another event with permanent/semi-permanent consequences (like freeing the sleeper).

    For the record, I would love to see an expansion based on the lore of Gates of Discord.

    To expand on Szilent's post:
    The first expansion could have a series of events that, when each is completed the first time, the result floods a different zone, starting with PoK. The lore could be something down the lines of "water in to keep the fire out" (the lesser of two evils).

    We could even make it so you would have to choose between water, earth, fire, or air (kill order or something on each raid, or spare one, kill 3).

    Water - Floods the entire zone ala Drowned Katta. Water Elementals (very high melee damage) that see all forms of invisibility roam each zone.
    Fire - Zonewide perma fire DOT that will eventually kill everyone in the zone unless they are actively healing or have an HoT to counteract it. Fire Elementals (very high spell damage) that see all forms of invisibility roam each zone.
    Earth - Fissures open up and permeate each zone with toxic gas that acts like fire above. Earth Elementals (tons of hp) that see all forms of invisibility roam each zone.
    Air - a Series of Cyclones ravages the zone and the ground beneath them becomes slippery like ice (like that island in plane of smoke). Air or Smoke Elementals (chain stun) that see all forms of invisibility roam each zone.

    In the next expansion, or in the current expansion's "end game" there could be a series of raids to return these zones to normal.

    Raids with these semi-permanent consequences would need to be extremely hard (Mearatas part 2?).

    Other Stuff
    Monster Buffs - Can someone please update the buffs that monsters give each other to be more current? Give us a reason to use our buff stripping abilities. Level 115 monsters should have something better than hastening of Ellowind or Celerity (see ToFS librarian ghosts).

    "Boss" Monster spells - How about monster effects that absorb damage, then spit it back at the player or group periodically. Example, you do X amount of fire damage to a mob over 1 minute. It powers up and spits 100% of the damage you did onto the group. Slow roll, or perish at your own hand. A monster could either buff themselves with 1 of an element, or 4/5 buffs with EACH element.

    Boss monsters should also be able to use their basic class abilities, examples quicktime/fierce eye for bard mobs, fort/deflect for tanks, etc. Imagine seeing a caster mob and actually worrying if they are going to use manaburn on you. By itself it would probably hurt quite a bit, but what happens on a multi-pull when a caster mob manaburns >=).

    Increase the cry for help range on all named. If there are factioned adds even remotely close, they should join their leader. Imagine if you with your popular friend at a party and someone attacked them. The entire room would dump out onto the assailant.

    The Big Boss - Every zone should have it's share of rares (named), and one "big boss" that requires a balanced group or 2 groups to get down. Think Plane of War for examples of well thought out named events.

    This boss should be spawned only in specific circumstances (e.g. Kill 50 monsters between 10PM -Midnight game time to get the Vampire Ancient to spawn. This big boss stays in the zone for 6 game hours before despawning.) Think of the EoK Ancient spawns for good examples of this type of mechanic.

    Monster Synergy - In one of the missions in TBL's Plane of Fire, there are small groups of mobs each having different classes. Kill enchanters first, then healers, casters, tank. Their synergy made these fights feel more organic and required at least a little thought before engaging.

    Traps and Pick Lock - Make find and disarm traps more meaningful, even if its as simple as a trapped chest at the end of a mission or raid that could kill you if it is not disarmed. Give us a real reason to use some of these skills. For example, we have used Rogue/Shaman combines to successfully complete a recent raid.

    Resistances - Make Resistances matter again. Maybe an item or Progression arc like EoK Essence of the Dragon. The zonewide debuff in TBM that could be improved as you completed quests was a great idea.

    Artifacts - Powerful Items that only ONE drops on each server. It should be tradable and upgradable, of course.

    Full Suit bonuses - A full "set" of armor should be more significant. Emblems were starting to head in this direction. I liked that system.

    Click Effects - Items like Stormeye band, Grelleth's Royal Seal, Bifold Focus of the Evil Eye, etc. are still in use today. I would love to see items with unique click buffs and other effects.

    Sorry, quite the rant haha.
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  4. Shardin New Member

    Make new content; but if you revamp, be sure to include the core quests and items of the old content. A good example is the Coldain Prayer Shawl (aug now) which gets picked up and dropped by devs from time to time but there is no update with the velious xpacs (which is where it came from). There are others, like Tantor doesn't drop tantor's tusk (velious). I think you've got most of the mobs from past xpacs covered but we want the same attention to detail paid to items. I've heard lots of ideas like these from my guildies.

    I think for old timers the peak of EQ was Luclin and PoP so if you can stay true to that lore in those xpacs, you aren't going to lose.
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  5. baby-iksar New Member

    Original Plane of Mischief was one of my favorite zones. I still have my super sweet fishing grub.

    Luclin has some good content.

    Would be interested to see something new with those areas.
  6. Szilent Augur

    these appear to be used with appropriate (in)frequency to me. Sarnak riposte buff & several mega damage shields in EoK through TBL are spots that dispelling has been highly incentivized.

    It's not the *same*, but spiritually "use something other than brute force to fight me" monsters include those that use curable dots/debuffs. Restless Ice is something that makes players pay attention, too.
  7. Atama-Xegony New Member

    Hi Pip, I enjoyed hanging out with you in beta watching the flying sharks. One thing I would love to see is a revival of things like the war in 2005 where events were happening that bands of people had to get together to overcome. I'd also like to see a new epic quest line. I liked the lore during depths of darkhallow and found those zones intriguing and fun to play in.

    I would like to know more about the kerans and how they became who they are today.
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  8. Atama-Xegony New Member

    Another aspect that may be interesting, instead of tapping into something already created, what about creating something new? Maybe a new race where faction matters like life or death, and 1-2 new classes. Many people have spun their own tales, now is the chance for Pip to make his own!
  9. Buster_Shruggs Augur

    There are alot of great ideas in this thread!

    I would like to see a concerted effort between the Norrathian Gods, along with players, to beat back

    Veeshan's attempt to destroy Norrath(considering we have pushed dragonkind onto the precipice of

    extinction). Gods and players, being no match for Veeshan, requires the Nameless

    to intervene.
  10. jgrahl New Member

    It would be nice to see new stuff from luclin. If Luclin is a moon, why does it not spin or have daylight? I know it is possible for a moon to not rotate.
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  11. Valdest Journeyman

    Briste Onoir

    Mithaniel Marr has disappeared. Erollisi Marr's love has lost its valor. She has been twisted and manipulated through back channels by unknown culprits.

    Erupted from Everfrost comes the mountain zone of Gracaillte Peaks. Travel into this new mountain range is riddled with goblins of all types. And upon the top of the new mountainous zone is The Rock of Naonar. The Rock of Naonar is the home of a fallen palidin, former champion of Mithaniel, fallen to the shadow. He holds an army of undead and a concubine of banshees. Death awaits those who enter, and they find death brings no rest.

    The vacated mass below the new Gracailte Peaks spawned an underground oasis - Einkas Oasis. Wild and hidden, filled with all types of pinewolfs and bears with packs of goblins dispersed through out. And hidden inside the Einkas Oasis is Zaharn's Hole. Zaharn's Hole is a re-educational camp for the non-devote and for individuals with different political affliations then the High Priest Zaharn.

    Adjacent to the Einkas Oasis is the Fortress of Toirmiscthe, Erollisi Marrs love and loss of valor cumulated in creating the forbidden. The off spring of Lady Vox and Lord Nagafen - Prince Doithear of the Last Prisim.
  12. Treygolas Apprentice

    I think that Bristlebane is due for his own expansion. I think it’s time to expand on Jimothy’s role in Norrath... Serious raid boss potential there.
  13. Froglok Augur

    "Volska's Husk is the carcass of a slain Greken."

    There has to be some story about this gigantic Greken.....
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  14. soltiklacazicthule New Member

    So we have an AA merchant and Banker, How about an AA parcel vendor?
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  15. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    How is this related to Lore feedback exactly
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  16. Saroc_Luclin Augur

    Lots of great suggestions all around. I'd love to see all of them.

    IMO Luclin feels the most 'ripe' for a revisit and expansion. There are lots of mysteries still lurking there that could be expanded on and revisited.

    One story line I'd like to see is the Shar Vahl story, how it got yoinked to the moon. Maybe a SOD time rift mission where you go back to make sure things happen just the right way to send the kitties up there, and a second mission after they arrive to protect the displaced city long enough to get stabilized.

    After that, the Discordians feel ready to return to as well. Both Taeloasia and Kuua have room for more stories, both after the defeat of OMM and/or a visit to find who his bosses are. (And for what its worth, I loved the prefall Kuua zones in SoD; such a loss. It might be nice to try and help the Dragorn recover and rebuild). Maybe more exploration with the Riftseekers as well. Those new Velious ice shaders would get a nice workout with the Riftseeker zones.

    Finally, the TBL story line feels incomplete. Lots of implied zone connections we can't get to throughout the existing zones, and we only visit half of the elemental planes and their transition zones. We have Smoke (Air/Fire), we now need Mist (Air/Water), Mud (Water/Earth), Desert (Fire/Earth) at the very least. (Not sure if Air/Earth and Fire/Water would even be possible, considering they are diametrically opposites)
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  17. Szilent Augur

    OMM didn't have a boss. Discord by its nature is non-hierarchical. That he recognized lieutenants even is a mismatch between his m.o. and the source of his power.
  18. Aesthete New Member

    I joined during Luclin and raided through PoP and OoW before heading off to WoW. I returned to EQ one year ago as a super casual player enjoying alt classes with no rush to get to 115. So, take my comments as being largely ignorant of lore and events and quests in all those expansions since.

    No one has mentioned Planes of Power. I'm not suggesting a reboot of the expansion - reworking zones seems to me like kind of a letdown, but at the same time I get it - but maybe taking the style of PoP to Discord? GoD and OoW were super tough back in the day, and the lore of it was difficult to understand. As others have said there's a lot that could be done with this content. PoP, GoD, and OoW all felt like the progression was real, you had to go and do stuff and then face a zone's boss/bosses, culminating in access to tier 2 planes, finally Time; while stuff like LDoN and LoY weren't. Again, I can't speak to any expansion that has come after.

    In short, a new expansion that focuses on players going to Discord and encountering more/all of their bosses with similar keying/flagging as PoP.
  19. Arborer Lorekeeper

    I want to see some Lore about Kaladim Citizens. Those dorfs have always intrigued. Why, if they're citizens of Kaladim the city, do they ONLY appear in Butcherblock Mountains? Why do they not respond and, more significantly, they cannot be attacked? They used to be attackable, because druids would XP off them. Yeah, I realize they were probably made immune to combat as a practical limitation on levelling, but let's come up with some lore justifying this weird situation! It creeps me out that these silent God-like dorfs hang out at roadsides and within huts and never interact with anyone!

    There's a story there... or there should be! (Hire me and I'll write one up! ;))
  20. Szilent Augur

    You should definitely play through some of the eighteen out of twenty-seven expansions that you missed. Not that you played nine, missed the first three, too. That things "felt real" specifically in the expansions you in particular happened to have played over sixteen years ago … I dunno, pretty extraordinary coincidence, eh?