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  1. Exuo New Member

    Investigate the Ogres distant past, we were once a "smarties" race, even a remnant of a wizard spire exists outside of Oggoks entrance! Ogre wizard's woohoo.

    "Ogres are a large, lumbering race, the largest of the 'civilised' races on Norrath and with it they are incredibly strong. Ogres were created for War by Rallos Zek (The God of War) and originally were an intelligent race, capable of controlling powerful arcane magics. They were punished by the Gods for assisting Rallos Zek in attempting to take over the planes of power. They were stripped of their intellect and wisdom and as a result their once powerful empire crumbled and is barely remembered..."

    Borrowed from here : https://everquestlore.fandom.com/wiki/Ogre

    Exuo "Orange Arm's", SK Ogre.
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  2. Benito EQ Player since 2001.

    What is the story behind the the Oakwynd Bow?

    Can we visit CS Home and the Cat Boxes?

    Where are all of the artists and artisans of Norrath?
  3. Soltiklacazic New Member

    I liked Nagafen, Vox and Old seb. Old seb is one of my favorite zones in the game.
  4. Qbert Gallifreyan

    I'd like the story of Rodcet Nife's u.f.o. fleshed out. There were some almost-references to him/his story in both TBM and CotF, but nothing to address why a spaceship is just hanging out in my home town.
  5. Jhenna_BB Proudly Prestigious Pointed Purveyor of Pincusions

    We need a story pointing to the dominance of the Feir'dal above all races. Real races live in Trees!

    On to the serious, Discord would be my number 1. The content in GoD is looked at in a negative light due to balance issues, but some of the danger was amazing. Procs , mob buffs and debuff effects on trash mobs that when you looked up the effect you're like wut? That's screwed up...and awesome. There's so much power and danger with the beings of Discord. Mata himself couldn't be defeated by players for a couple years after his appearance in the game. The intrigue can't be over looked or understated in the lore surrounding the Discord theme. Don't let the bust label on GoD's balance for Tacvi make you guys brush past it.

    For unfinished lore, a return to Luclin seems imminent and rightly should be. The Katta line should be finished and resolved. Duder mentioned above a setting for lore on Norrath's other moon. The portal that leads to Katta Castellum should be an interesting seed to open up the path between the moons. The technology is there. A fun twist and surprise of an unknown farther extending reach of the Combine Empire. There's some great lore on Luclin, like the eviction of the Vah Shir - come up with interesting themes on the other moon. You can go to places EQ has not been as we've not been to that setting. Norrath has been discovered, it's time to visit other another heavenly body for all new content. We need a break from revisited content.
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  6. globeadue Journeyman

    Echo caverns, as someone, who lived a low level experience at launch of Luclin and remembers the casino and original bazaar, echo was level spots. I read the prima, read the info I could find on it, but the zone seems such a mashup of ideas that do not seem to have much connection to anything...

    you have this raid mob in the evil town, that doesn't really drop amazing raid tier gear
    you have these mutants filled a bazillion named and a ton of named gear drops from them
    you have this little cave of gnomes will a full court of named npc, even kings of above and below, again all this unique named gear from them
    there's this odd mining area
    Rest of the zone makes sense monster filled sections.
    It's like there was a plan but whatever those things were tie into got scrapped maybe?

    Other odd thing, shadeweavers thicket has this tunnel to the northwest with a named elemental that even has a fabled version, the elemental last I looked it up had like nothing tied into it, and it sits on lava filled zone line that doesn't have a connection to it.

    -its possible years later something was done for these, my lore is based on DoDH and prior, I've not played content newer, been on TLP kicks for years and never gotten past dodh.
  7. Dalsina Lunrais

    The unused portal in shards landing!
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  8. Gremin Augur

    Sure are a lot of factions in game unused, look at those first. There is a lot of factions of goblins also, kobolds, etc etc...maybe an uprising from them?
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  9. Oscig New Member

    Anything related to Luclin(the moon) and Vah Shir.
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  10. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    The Iksar are overdue for a deep dive. The war between Iksar and Ring of Scale, leading back to their one-time overlord-masters, the Shissar, is good for at least two expansions - and a perfect excuse to return to Luclin.

    I wonder if LevelUpLarry might not be a good source of inspiration?
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  11. Lisard Augur

    yeah I'll have to agree with most people here, we only explored 1/3 of the continent within Empires of Kunark and Ring of Scale. still plenty of Iksar/Kunark Lore in the continent and artifacts.

    The Burning Lands still has another Expansion worth of Lore to explore
  12. Wulfhere Augur

    Sir Lucan D'Lere and Freeport Militia vs Knight's of Truth and Priests of Marr. Expand the conflict into Ocean of Tears.
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  13. Symbius Augur

    Something new. It's time to explore the moon Drinal.
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  14. Dragonatrix New Member

    I will get some heat for this one, TSS. I'd love an advancement on the drakkin breath weapon to make it current to level.
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  15. Elyssanda Bardbrain

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  16. Froglok Augur

    Well, aside from game lore, there are things that often seem forgotten / ignored after they are introduced and issues that seem to crop up every time as if there is no protocol for Devs (i.e. If A, then you must also do B C D, but don't mess with E F G kind of thing).

    >>Epics: Every time there are new levels, there should be a new epic that is the best item as related to group content, for each class. Also, introduce into this that previous Epics achievements will be required.

    >>What of Zebuxoruk and the "Alabaster" Tower?

    >>There is a 2nd Moon to Norrath that we have yet to explore (Drinal).

    >>All these years and expansions later -- we have yet to see The Nameless.

    >>The Wayfarers are the basis / source for Tribute. Maybe time to progress their story?

    >>What was the plan for the inactive portal in Shard's Landing? Explore that.

    >>Certain Click Items: Certain click items were once automatically upgraded with new Levels, but ceased about 10-15 Levels ago. These items are special rewards and they should be upgraded a bit each time. Such as the Velious Snowball (upgrade it so it can work at current levels) and the Chalandria's Fang (upgrade it for higher levels of poison.. it was never as good as Player made stuff, but still, it can be better than it is now...).

    >>There are NPC's that seem to have no reason to be in the game at all... Froo Froo... Tucker the Chucker.... give a reason / purpose!

    >>Everything should be worth at least 1 Copper to a Vendor and / or 1 Tribute (No Trade or not). There are way too many No Trade items you can't tribute and looted / foraged items that you can't sell (nor do they have a quest or tradeskill use).

    >>Stop unlocking content by merit of level or after so many expansions. After all, after so many expansions, gaining proper access (progression) is so much easier, it might even be molo-able. Leave content as is so it stays relevant to some level.

    >>Achievements are awesome. They are useful for tracking progress, extra XP, earning items / gear / titles and so forth. They provide a place to look for thing to pursue other than just the same old XP grind. They provide a level of bragging rights as you can link them and prove what you claim. But... they are still lacking. Hero's Journey really needs to have the Achievements move to the correct expansions, and leave only specific Hero's Journey achievements in that section. Or Add Hero's Journey as a sub-set for each of the related expansions. There are also obvious missing achievements, some of which all ready clearly have in-game checks for that could also be used as checks for the achievements. Example... why doesn't each class have a laundry list of Level 1 to Level 115 spell / disc set achievements, to include sets for Rank II & Rank III after Level 70? After all, the game knows if you all ready have a spell or disc scribed. Such achievements can make /output missingspells an obsolete and un-needed / and function of EQ. And how about Shrouds? Why are there no achievements for those (maxing them out)? Why are their no achievements for Merc AA's like there are for regular AA's? How about adding hunters to the older Expansion sections? How about a Fabled Hunter set? Why are there no overseer achievements (completing Agent sets, XP categories...)? Why is there no explore achievement for the Wayward Lady (ship / house)? Why is there no slayer for Snails / Slugs?

    >>I suspect Dragon's Hoard was not a big hit with the players overall, since it can only be accessed from a Banker. Key Rings for Portal Items or Nimbus items would have been better, imo, since they are accessible all the time... and thus more useful.

    >>Overseer is all ready in need of more Agents / Quests / Levels.

    >>Alternative Currency is used with specialty vendors and earned via Missions / Raids. Most of the items offered by the Specialty Vendors is locked behind restrictions (flagging). So... why is alternative currency No Trade? Some of it isn't, but most of it is. This should not be. If you don't have the flagging, you can't buy much with it anyway. If you do have the flagging, but no currency to buy an item you want, you can't earn the currency because no one wants to do the related Missions or Raids anymore. Remove No Trade from all Alternative currency!

    >>Seasonal events appear every year at the appropriate seasons. However, the only new events / quest we ever see any more are Anniversary ones. And yet, for some reason... many of the other seasonal events (Nights of the Dead. Frostfell, etc.) are one-and-done! You are not allowed to do them again. Why is that?

    >>Why is here a cap on Loyalty? This is another area that was introduced and seemingly forgotten. Loyalty is long overdue to remove the cap, increase the earnings (based on uninterrupted paid time), and add better and a bit more costly items to the vendor.

    >>While there is an Agnostic option, most characters follow / worship a certain deity. Why? What does that actually benefit a character? Perhaps it is time to give purpose and benefit to the option you choose! Maybe a chance that a rez will land for 100% instead of 96%? A progressive Deity-related buff that can be used once a week? Deity related achievements (gaining levels of favor, which will boost aforementioned buffs / rez chances, for example)?
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  17. kizant Augur

    Anything BUT Luclin. But if you really have to focus on that dreaded place at least blow it up or something. Let me at least kill some undead cat people.
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  18. Elyssanda Bardbrain

    Lil Bunny Foo Foo.. is an easter egg..
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  19. Zanzibario New Member

    Rodcet Nife in Qeynos. For a diety there isnt a whole lot about it, other than being a fish LOL. The Prime Healer, maybe a spin of that. or Even some more Luclin type stuff, maybe a new moon.
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  20. Hekaton Augur

    i could be wrong but i think they map these expansions a year out so the 2021 expansion is realized so this may be for 2022 and beyond. I for one am ready to move on from velious and kunark. Lets have mayong align with the discordians. i mean lorewise its a disaster but they are the iconic EQ baddies.