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    yea, i know it is past the date, but tossing this in, just because i can
    recently was going thru an old foot locker.. found the old out of print pen and paper d20 system everquest RPG books
    along with this was an old ring binder

    we expanded on the story line of the Shissar Empire
    the adventurers set sail from the west coast departing from Nedaria's landing and sailing across the western ocean, stopping at various island chains along the way

    then they arrived at this uncharted, unmapped very large island, with a large volcano rising from the center

    exploration of the island revealed a tropical climate with many abandoned ruined cities
    detailed examination showed these to be of Shissar origin
    the adventurers had discovered the heart of the Shissar Empire
    the top of the volcano revealed a large caldera and the giant crater in the middle which must have been where the Shissar pyramid was originally located befor being teleported to Luclin

    fully mapped out and everything in the ring binder
    island was divided into 9 "zones".. 8 going around the island, with 4 major "cities" in ruins. and the central "zone" the caldera volcano and the ruins of the shissar capital located within, the caldera was even described as having the foggy green mist floating on the ground like a heavy haze knee deep
    lots of undead shissar, heck, 99% of the combat encounters were mindless undead shissar all under the control of a triumverate of shissar liches still living in the "capital" conducting various experiments in which to rid the island of the curse of the green mist and return the shissar from luclin
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    There are 2 things I have participated in since EQ opened it's Doors. These 2 things have little to nothing to do with what your looking for BUT they are some of the best things (to me) that EQ got right and as far as I know are a once in the games life time and that might just be sad.

    1) When Hill Giants were awesome And definitely something to be FEARED a call went out about an immanent invasion of Rathe Mountains by Hill Giants and all players on the Shard were requested to beat back the Hord. Much fun, Many Died. We were Victorious! I do not recall anyone complaining other than to have missed it.

    2) A one time creation of a different server with a 1 month lifespan. I believe its name was Discord. It's rules were simple, you die, you are reincarnated as a level 1. All that you kept were things in your bank and your corpse was lootable by all for 1/2 hour. The highest XP character would be the winner. This means for example at the time you reached level 50 with maxed out XP and was gang banged on the last day by the players of the server ... well you were level 1 again. Trust me, no one could trust anyone ever. But players did ... form alliances of convenience that were understood to be revocable when it was convenient. This server was about as close to REAL PvP with meaning as I have ever been a part of.
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    The Planes of Power progressions and God slaying was one of the funniest times when I played back in the day. Would love to see some new interest there. PoT zones are mostly to grind 60-70 and then left alone and I think the new players would love some progression in the planes close to what was done back then. PoP Armor, Tradeskills, Key collection and Raids were all excellent and unused now.
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    Not sure if someone already posted this. But all these years after Luclin I have always wondered about shadowhaven and the guard that stands in front of the giant locked doors.

    You may also be asking yourself what lies behind the door here that I guard.
    Well not too long ago there was a great evil that was trying to enter from the
    Netherbian lair into Shadowhaven. I cannot say for sure that we defeated it
    and that it will never return, but for now this door keeps us safe from it until
    the time comes again to unseal it. '

    I always though they were going to branch off that at some point but it seems to be a lost
    lore item.
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    Sup with Mistmoor?... Just a Vampire coven or what? Also.. 20+ Years... How awesome! Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication! It does not go unnoticed!!
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    Biggest disapointment in ToL - No Kitties. :(

    I'd love to see more on the history of Vah Shir.
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    but there are kitties.

    we get more Vah Shir story in UP & KV & Basilica zones
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    Please Update to currenty level Ldon. These mission was really fun and it was nice competion with other players.
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    This may or may not have been stated... In the GoD era of raiding - those raids (in my opinion) were the best. Not because they were practically guild killers when they came out but because of the design. It was designed as the classic dungeon crawl with mini-bosses and puzzles the raid had to figure out in order to get to the end game (main boss). It also utilized different classes as keys to defeating the mini quests in the raids with specific tasks.

    Today's raids are just - zone in, setup and kill the boss... the end. Doesn't really captivate many to raid other than to just get easy loot.
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    Planes of Power
  12. Doogie Lorekeeper

    With the revamping of old content, I would love to return to say Anguish/Solteris or Tower of Discord raid zones, see them rebuilding from the ruins of defeat. I loved fighting through buildings or zones event to event to event.
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    Probably the best memories I have of EQ, which TLPs have been unable(or, rather, unwilling) to recreate are of events like the war between Firiona and Lanys - raiding upscaled ToFS the first time(and getting Chosen Guardian title, thank you), fighting in the swamps of innothule over the future of gukta/grobb - even older things like the war of the fay in classic(when lfay was corrupted, if anybody remembers that). More transitional lore events like that make the world more fun and immersive imo. Which sounds almost like ' give us Stormhammer back, we really did want Legends after all!'
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  14. Wyre Wintermute I'm just a butterly dreaming I'm a man

    Mayong needs to finally achieve godhood.

    He has Demi-Plane of Blood. He almost took over the Plane of Music (aka Theater of Blood). He invaded Soltaris and battled Sol Ro in an attempt to achieve eternal night. Looks like he's having a major influence in ToL (I'm on a TLP atm, so my frame of reference is limited here).

    He needs to not take over Luclin or kill Luclin. He needs to not take over Drinal or fight the Deity himself.

    Mayong should kill Anashti Sul... with the "aid" of Luclin and Drinal.

    Anashti Sul realizes her mistake of introducing "undeath" to Norrath, as Mayong prepares to land killing blow. Mayong ascends to true Godhood, not as a false healer like Anashti Sul, but a true god of Undeath.

    Final xpac boss: Mayong and friends,
    T3: Drinal + Mayong + Anashti Sul
    T2: Drinal + Luclin
    T1: Misc stuffs to progress lore.

    Locations of note:
    DPoB => Plane of Blood (not a reskin of DPoB/DSK)

    Give that guy Godhood and move onto a new era of lore. There's so much to draw from, this would "close the chapter" on Mayong and Anashti Sul. If Vazzaelle can go from a mortal to a Godess, it's about time Mayong achieved his goals and we moved on.
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    I know I'm late to the party on this thread, but I'd really love to see the lore of Old Paineel expanded on. Maybe a look into the war between the Erudites and the necromancers sort of like how we had with Bloody Kithicor. Plus it's just a super cool zone in general, and if we could have branch-offs with it like how we had with Charasis and Sathir's Tomb that would be a bonus.
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    i don't know about lore per se, but i'd love to see EQ return to some of the normal classic theming like antonica and faydwer etc. your typical DND type stuff. Some of these expacs are getting kind of whacky and poor rehash of old expacs is kind of boring,.
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    LDoN 2.0 be nice. One of my all time favorite expasnion is LDoN as getting a group was quick and fast plus you could mix and match classes and still win and have fun.
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    Add a true random dungeon finder queue. Give an additional reward for using the random queue. Get the community playing together again outside their safe groups. Autoscale all involved to a normalized level/power for the instance so you don't need to wait for level appropriate folks. Gear drop is personal and appropriate to your actual toon level (or currency to purchase level appropriate gear outside the instance). If rewards are personal only, they could even allow cross-server queue for shorter queue times.
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    I don't know anything about the current game lore. However, I am curious about the lore and interactions between certain factions, and surrounding certain locations in game. They are as follows (in no particular order):
    --The Great Wall in the Misty Thicket
    --The formation and purpose of the Leatherfoot Raiders
    --Elementals taking over Splitpaw & Splitpaw before the take over.
    --The Shissar, Iksar, and Greenmist

    I don't know if any or all of these are already covered in the expansions I'm waiting to get to on Aradune, but these are things I'd love to see expanded upon.
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    I for one, would like to know what the Kabolds and their goblin slaves have been up to. Did Arias ever leave Gloomingdeep to ask the dragons of crescent reach for help? Did those egg stealing Kabolds ever cause the 6 enough problems to need clearing out? Did Selay ever dream about other things? Everquest is filled with stories that have hardly been explored. There is a lot of concentration on a few of the gods but so many other parts of the game are ignored. We see the old dragon necropolis... but what did it look like when live dragons reigned there? Did they use the other races as slaves or just the mice with attitude? So many possible stories. Also, I admit it, I want a red dragon illusion, or blue, or white or.........with a quest arc to gain it....