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    In quick reply and semi-agreement with the post above me about the deities losing their luster after we beat them. It was probably the most obvious/easy path when PoP was being developed so I can't fault the choices that were made.

    It was fun getting to see them in their glory but I always loved the idea that I was a mere peasant in comparison to the gods. I enjoyed the idea of praying to a deity, working hard to earn their favor, and maybe finding some relic of their power that amplified my own abilities. Hell, just look at the Paw of Opolla item, a severed hand from a gnoll shaman. If an old and severed gnoll hand could help me get stronger just imagine what a scrap of hidden information, sacrificial ritual, or long lost item related to a deity could do for me. Exciting to think about all over again.
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    I say we return the moon as well. As a Vah Shir, Beastlord, I would really like to see more of what happened to them and expand upon there story. Maybe add something unique to them like a special skill. Much like the dragon breath AA line that Drakkin have.
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    Man, Irontaail was so awesome, love hearing you bring this stuff up. Brings back so many memories.. Whenever I think Irontaail I think Dunric. Good times
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    Bring back kicking snakes and take a split expansion pack release to explain it all.
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    I don't know if this was mentioned (I haven't read the whole thread), but I would love to see a little something about Quellious. Give her a little bit of the limelight.
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    The Plague in the Karanas as well as the sewer and bloodsabres underneath the city. The rat king, gnolls and bat wings.
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  10. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    All Vah Shir have safe fall, sneak & infravision, regardless of class, and those were their special skills.

    The Drakkin got the breath ability and nothing else.

    What else would you give Vah Shir, The ability to get everyone to wish to leave the room immediately due to the smell in the corner? Allergens that cause a nasty rash? Toxoplasmosis? Projectile Hairballs?
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    It would be nice if the things we worked so hard on were continued rather than discarded. Add new quests to make items better!
  12. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    While I can see the appeal of that it's also a way in which design could become limited and generally limiting your options too much is bad.

    I did however suggest, in a post asking for some new gear slots, an item that was kept from expansion to expansion & upgraded across multiple expansions in a kind of "personal story" in the following post:


    In a similar vein I have also suggested that a future "epic weapon quest" could instead be an Epic Augment Quest that woudl let you take that augment with you from expansion to expansion, and this could have a class based bonus/effect that you upgrade by way of quests based around improving it - the quests could be expansion related rather than tied to specific classes in a similar way to how the RoF class weapons were done.
    Adding an "epic weapon augment slot" to a few wepons in each expansion wouldn't restrict design so much as a specific class weapon you keep nor would it need to entail building 16 separate quest lines.

    So I'm kind of in support of your idea but I think it would need to be done a bit differently, the way the Shawl 3.0 was an Augment was the thing that made me think that would be the way to go with this idea.
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    Sir Lucan D'Lere and Freeport.

    Unkempt Wood this is an area of the game that has been hinted at for YEARS and we never get to go there.

    Advance the plot for Neriak, the split faction and the new quarter was great in COTF.

    Wayfarer Brotherhood and say what happened to them after all these years and how they're doing. There was only the frog in NtoV that we've seen in all these years.
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    Or maybe a new Snake model? It could have two appendages extending from it's neck above it's head, that look suspiciously like feet, LOL.
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    I want to see a continuation of the Burning Lands. Loruella awaits!
  16. Dilquan Elder

    Guk and Lower Guk
  17. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Shamelessly ripped info from many places to compile this.

    Norrathian Astronomy 101

    The Ro System - The solar system which Norrath is a part of, the Ro System exists within the Shoal Nebula, the same Shoal Nebula as Planetside is set, the Ro System comprises of 4 known planets.

    Ro - the central star of the Ro system that gives it its name, it has also been called "Solus" by past civilizations.

    Trorsmang - the planet closest to Ro, has no known moon and is described (in EQ2 lore at least) as being made up of molten rock with a wet and suphurous atmosphere. (re-arrange the letters and you get Armstrong).

    Norrath - the second planet to Ro, Rocky planet with a molten core liquid water oceans and a breathable atmosphere, it has a variety of biome types, forests, deserts, grassy plains, coastal areas, mountains and jungles. Norrath has two moons, Luclin and Drinal.
    Luclin - has a rocky crust a molten core, it has a breathable atmosphere and a tropical climate - it is not visible from the surface of Norrath as it is veiled from sight by the magic of the Goddess Luclin from which it gets its name.
    Drinal - which is the moon you can see from Norrath has a rocky body a solid core and frozen water upon its surface, it has a thin atmosphere that is likely not dense enough to be breathable. Drinal was named after the "Silver Reaper" the Spirit of night, destruction and death supposedly he can appear as a large white dog or wolf bi-ped (somewhat reminiscent of Egypt's Anubis who had a jackal head) that has black paws. Believed to carry a sickle that looks like a crescent-moon.

    Anbeal - the third planet of the Ro system, has no moon and is a rocky world with a solid core and no atmosphere.

    Cordan - the final planet of the Ro system is a gas-giant planet with a solid core, it has no moons but does have 3 icy rings surrounding it., it's atmosphere is toxic and has no water, some believe this is the planet which is visible from the Plane of Sky.

    Norrathian Geography 101

    Norrath has 7 known landmasses:

    Antonica, Faydwer, Odus, Kunark, Velious, Taelosia and Alaris

    Antonica also features a large underground cave-complex region that is known as DarkHollow, it is unknown whether anything similar are a feature of the other continents.

    Upon the early EQ Maps there are still a few places which have as yet not had a zone created for them, such as:

    The Unkempt Wood, The Hatchland, The Northland, The Frigid Plain - near Halas/Everfrost Peaks
    The Winter's Deep - near Misty Thicket
    The Rujarkian Hills (probably passed off as South Ro)

    The Grand Plateau
    The Vasty Deep
    Gulf of Urun

    Ranthock's Ridge
    Wayunder Lake
    Elizerain Lake

    The Broken Teeth
    Lake Dirnag
    Dragon Drool

    Norrathian Theogeography 101

    Norrath also has access to other realms of existence, commonly known as the Planes, these are the domains of the Demi-Gods, Gods and Elemental Gods of Norrath and where their Avatars (corporeal representations/embodiments/vessels of their power) reside.

    The Nameless :The Creator (Unknown/Unknowable) - either has an Avatar in an inaccessible realm or exists outside of all other accessible realms, not really a God more a sentient force.

    Zeboxuruk: The Forsaken - is also a bit of a special case, sometimes known as the UnGod, the Chained God or the Mad God but also believed by many to be the Demi-God of Curiosity he does not appear to have his own realm but instead may exist in many realms at the same time, though his primary Avatar is imprisoned within the Plane of Time by the Patheon of Norrath's Gods while they debate his ultimate fate and is guarded by the Great Dragon Quarm to prevent him from passing on the divine language & thus the secret of attaining God-hood to mortals he also has an Avatar within the Void a place that serves as a link between different times upon Norrath.
    Perhaps there is a "Demiplane of Curiosity" out there to be discovered.

    Gods whose realms have not yet been accessed/explored or represented yet thus far in EQ:
    Erolissi Marr: The Queen of Love - God of Love
    Prexus: The Oceanlord - God of Oceans and Seas
    Rodcet Nife: The Prime Healer - God of Health (The Plane of Health may be its usual home but its Avatar was not found here)
    Torvonnilous: Lord of Greed - Demi-God of Greed
    Tholuxe Paells: Demi-God of Lust (Demi-plane of Debauchery)
    Vazaelle Kaleine: Demi-God of Madness (Demiplane of Madness)

    Gods with explored realms:
    Anashti-Sul: The Undying (also: Damsel of Decay, Lady of Life, Enslaver of Souls, The Prime Healer, The Banished) - Demi-God of Undeath (Demi-Plane of Life, Demi-Plane of Decay, Crypt of Sul)
    Bertoxxulous: The Plaguebringer (Disease/Crypt of Decay)
    Brell Serilis: The Duke of Below - God of the Underworld (Underfoot)
    Fennin Ro: Tyrant of Fire - Elemental God Of Fire (Fire)
    Solusek Ro: The Burning Prince, Lord of Flame (Tower of Solusek Ro)
    Druzzil Ro: The Matron of the Art - God of Magic & Time (Arcstone/Relic)
    Ayonae Ro: The Maestra - Demi-God of Music (Demi-Plane of Music) The once beautiful Demi-Plane and Tower of Music built by Ayonae is now the Theater of Blood and Deathknell after being corrupted by Mayong Mistmoore.
    Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane: The King of Thieves - God of Trickery (Mischief)
    Xev Bristlebane: Prince of Fortune - Demi-God of Luck (Mischief) Could be a twin of Fizzlethorpe or but one of his many disguises
    Cazic-Thule: The Faceless, Lord of Fear (Fear)
    Terris Thule: The Dream Scorcher (Nightmares)
    Morrel Thule: The Lord of Dreams (Dreams)
    E'Ci: The Wintry Guardian - Elemental Triumvirate God of Ice-Water - Coirnav (Water)
    Povar: The Veiled One - Elemental Triumvirate God of Vapor-Water - Coirnav (Water)
    Tarew Marr: The Fathom Lord - Elemental Triumvirate God of Water - Coirnav (Water)
    Mithaniel Marr: The Lightbearer (Valor/Halls of Honor)
    Lorekeeper Maelin Starpyre: Grand Librarian of Myrist, possibly the Demi-God of Knowledge (Innovation)
    Innoruuk: The Prince of Hate (Hate)
    Saryrn: Mistress of Torment (Torment)
    Lanys T'Vyl: Daughter of Hate - Demi-God of Envy (Hate)
    Karana: The Rainkeeper (Storms)
    Agnarr: The Storm Lord (Bastion of Storms)
    Luclin: The Maiden of Shadow (Shadows)
    Mayong Mistmoore: Demi-God of Blood (Demiplane of Blood)
    Quellious: The Tranquil (Tranquility)
    Rallos Zek: The Warlord (Drunder/War)
    Eriak Zek: First Son of Rallos (Drunder) Formerly Demi-God of Strategy & Tactics
    Tallon Zek: The Beholder of Battle - Demi-God of Tactics (Drunder/War)
    Vallon Zek: The Governor of War - Demi-God of Strategy (Drunder/War)
    Rolfron Zek: Demi-God of Despair (War)
    Sullon Zek: Maiden of Rage (Razorthorn: Tower of Sullon Zek)
    The Rathe: The Council of Earth - Elemental God of Earth (Earth)
    The Tribunal: The Six Hammers (Justice) - there was a 7th Hammer though it has been lost.
    Tunare: The Mother of All - God of Nature (Growth)
    Xegony: Queen of Air - Elemental God of Air (Air)
    Veeshan: The Wurm Queen - God of the Sky (Sky)

    Powerful Spirits - worshipped:
    Drinal: The Silver Reaper- Wolf-Spirit of Night, Destruction and Death - Warden of Lupine Lycanthropy
    Ehayae: Matron of the Dawn - Bear-Spirit of Daylight, Birth and Life - Mystic of Ursine Lycanthropy
    Sahteb Mahini: The Feral Spirit - Cat-spirit of the Hunt - Fury of Feline Lycanthropy
    Caertex: The Hidden* (The Endless Tunnels) Rat-Spirt Worshipped by the Evil Roekillik Rat-Man race - Rodent Lycanthropy - EQ2
    Belaska: Rat-Spirit Worhipped by the Good Ratonga Rat-man race- EQ2
    Syllok: The Eternal Soul of the Iksar - The collective spirit of all dead Iksar - EQ2

    Extended Pantheon:
    Aliz Onu: Queen of Reptiles (Fear) - EQ2
    Bolgin Serillis: Father of Goblins - and perhaps Boarfiends too (Golm) - EQ2
    Kyr'Tok: Demi-God of Deformity (Fear) - EQ2
    Master Wu: Demi-God of Serenity (Tranquility) - EQ2
    Talsyra: Goddess of Cats (Tranquility) - EQ2
    Tifanah Jespar: Maiden of Masks - Demi-God of Illusion (The Sphere of Illusions) - EQ2
    Ullkorruuk - Demi-God of Betrayal (Hate) - EQ2
    Varig Ro - God of Blacksmiths (Coliseum of Valor) - EQ2

    * yes I made that title up, he is rumoured to be able to block the thoughts of others from a long distance making him impossible to find.
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    How about digging into that EQ time vault and look at all the old quests that were never discovered or solved and doing something with that? We all know they are out there and I would personally love to discover some old stuff through some new quest line or slight nudges in the right direction!
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    That was done, it's complete.
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    I'm still waiting to explore the area behind the barriers in Jaggedpine.
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