EverQuest Lore Feedback - We need your help!

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  1. Pip Developer

    Greetings Norrathians! Norraths? Norrathinites? ...Y'all! I come to you with an interesting situation that we are having here at Darkpaw. We recently began growing our team! However, with that, we seemed to have run into a new problem:

    Us newer developers are insufferable millennials, and have spent the last few decades not partaking in the epic tale that is EverQuest.

    Don't get us wrong, we absolutely love EverQuest. We are huge nerds for this universe and for the tales within it! We simply could not be there with you all as you climbed up through the expansions! So, I come to you today with a request...

    Which EverQuest stories/lore are you the most excited to have expanded upon?

    We are all super excited to expand on the wonderful lore that this universe provides, but we just were not there when these stories were being fermented and how the community responded. Dzarn once told me that "EverQuest is a tapestry that so many people worked on". Which is a fine visual, but I think EverQuest is more of a "Wizard airbrushed on the side of a van", and I want to meet the people driving said van. You may think its us who should be driving this van, but that's the role that the community took over at this point. We are more mechanics for the van, but we don't know how you want to steer this thing.

    We ask you, the most important people on the planet when it comes to the EverQuest universe, what stories do you care about? Is there a story you had with your friends that were particularly funny that involves our lore? Are there any locations that particularly stick out to you as something you would like us to expand on? What mysteries of Norrath would you like to have unearthed? Which characters do you want to know more about or have been curious as to what they have been up to since the last time you saw them?

    Please submit your suggestions before May 10th, 2021 as we want to use your feedback in the upcoming expansions and I, for one, cannot wait to hear what tales of adventures each and everyone of you are excited about!

  2. coltongrundy Augur

    Khati Sha's story. Being captured by the Shissar, what they did to him, and then his time with the Grimlings.
  3. theonepercent Augur

    It's been how many expansions since we fought Mayong? I think it's time to bring him back.
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  4. Bigstomp Augur

    The story line in EoK Scorched woods was pretty good.
    Someone named Tucker the Chucker kept shouting things in zone with no explanation why.
    I'd like to know what his story is.
  5. Zamza New Member

    sleeper and mayong are my 2 fav
  6. Tenken Augur

    "The greenmist" - wouldn't mind seeing it return in a different setting such as the moon~
  7. Cuuthbert Augur

    Vex Thal, Seru, Temple of Shissar - To the moon Alice
  8. KrakenReality Augur

    I remember a story from Cabilis that detailed the feats of a group of Iksar Berserkers. It’s a shame that their stories of heroism and bravery have been lost to time. Perhaps, we can celebrate the Iksar Berserker history. It would be extremely popular amongst players. So popular in fact that thousands of players would roll Iksar Berserkers or race change.
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  9. DeseanJackson Augur

    Khati Sha story, along with Akhevan civil war history would be cool. Some frog history might be cool too?
  10. Shylar Everrezz New Member

    i havent played every expansion through yet... but i don't recall seeing erollisi marr anywhere but as a puppet on the stage in mischief. would be neat to see some of the gods we never really got to see.
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  11. Svann2 The Magnificent

    Luclin (the moon not the god)
  12. Sarcogian Augur

    The lore of players from the original 5 expansions is that which always enthralled me. Irontaail on povar "duo"ing the zone boss bristlebane. Splos pulling for all the top guilds on povar in plane of fear. The 300+ man raid on one of the zek servers to kill kerafrym (the sleeper). If there's any lore left to explore at this point, it should be the tale of the adventurers from the time left to be forgotten. The guilds that foraged through broken and challenging content. Cestus dei with beating gates of discord and overlord mata muram during a period of expansions where raids were not beaten in era.

    But thats my 2cp.
  13. Thewiz Augur

    Bring the legend of Burnt Woods to life.
  14. Sancus Augur

    Discord, especially the stuff from Omens of War. My favorite zones were Anguish, Wall of Slaughter, Muramite Proving Grounds, Riftseekers Sanctum, and Overlord Mata Muram obviously stood out as an end boss. The Seeds of Destruction time travel thing was a little weird, but Discord by its nature has a lot of room for creativity with additional races/areas.

    I also would like to see the lore associated with Loruella/the Ondine from TBL, though I'd prefer to avoid water combat as possible.
  15. Erasimus New Member

    Epic 3.0. Nothing is more Everquest than a visible item that represents the most effort intensive, unattainable, and subsequently most powerful item in the game. Even if a quest like RZ ear isn't going to be class specific at least make the reward visible and more game changing in a class specific way. Or find a way to make developing real class specific epics less resource intensive by making them collaborative open source projects with the player community.
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  16. Tweakfour17 Augur

    Let's kill some of the Gods we havent killed yet =D

    Not a griefer, but, if a player can worship a diety, I wanna kill it.
  17. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    The end of the discord storyline on Norrath (and by association Lanys and FV excluding COTF+) was an explosion of magic in Nektulos forest as a result of Discord magic seeping into our world from the connection the priests made. This took place at the onset of DoDH basically. This would get expanded upon again a bit in Seeds of Destruction a few years later when we rescue Lanys and Firiona from Tower of Discord event #3 but their rescue is basically a throwaway line in the middle of the event and really underscores how pivotal they had been to the lore prior to their discord-fueled dimension explosion.

    We, the adventurers, continue up through the Tower of Discord and defeat Brekt who is defeated but as far as I'm aware the discord influence/corruption on Norrath is not dispelled. Let us invade the discord homeworld this time instead of being the ones under atttack.

    Alternatively we left the Dragons of Norrath in a pretty bad state. Venril's curse inflicted upon the Nest corrupted the eggs and as far as I'm aware without those eggs hatching a new brood of dragons (this occurs every 1000 years) the dragons continued existence could be threatened, especially considering how many of them we have killed...

    Expac lore idea: Some dragon decides to attempt to save the corrupted Brood Dawn eggs by using the power of the Scale of Veeshan to undo the curse inflicted by Shadowspine. If you wanted to get reeaaaaal dumb with it you could have Mayong show up at the last second to try to steal Veeshan's power through Shadowspine similar to how he used it against Emperor Draygun.

    I got some more but those are the 2 best offhand.
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  18. Bonesdontlie-FV New Member

    ReVamping the Epic system and making them something worth weilding in combat is the most important thing u could do. The lore is secondary.
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  19. Hekaton Augur

    the end text by Zebuxoruk in the seeds of destruction expansion always had me wondering if those pesky discordians would make a comeback.

    Zebuxoruk says 'There are many curious creatures beyond the shattered shards of time. The Discordians are aware of some of them; some they even created, others they evicted from the worlds they struck. Others are completely foreign and beyond your vaguest appreciation. Watch for them. They will sweep aside the very foundations of Norrath in the cosmos, and they will destroy me and all the other gods. I have [foreseen] this. I have spent eternities gazing through the portals, looking upon impossible visions.'
    You say, 'What have you foreseen?'
    Zebuxoruk says 'When the timeline is weak enough, a new assault will come to Norrath. By then your powers will be so great that both past and future will be evacuated, their peoples to make a last stand in the Now. What a magnificent effort that shall be, though it will be utterly futile. At the moment of your greatest despair, look up and see the Alabaster Tower which shall offer your [salvation].'
  20. Nniki Augur

    Lots of interesting things in his text there. Here's a related thread with the full text and a comment by Absor on Zebuxoruk's state of mind: