EverQuest Landmark Closing ... What's Next For Us?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Your_Ad_Here, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Actually sounds like it may be a bit too hard core for what the majority of the current eq population would want but I suspect that will get dialed back some.
  2. Shadva Del`Shai Augur

    I actually prefer the more hardcore line they seem to be taking. I liked EQ better when you actually had to make an effort and people couldn't earn 500 AA's or more a day. EQ used to be about true exploration and the actual journey and less about the script-kiddies and the "Gimme now" folks.

    Sure, I like some of the changes that've been made over the years, like better focus effects and the loot window but, I miss the days of old school dungeon crawls, farming for keys to get to new areas, less text to swim through and actually spending some time enjoying a new piece of hard-won loot instead of the "Yeah, cool. On to the next" feel I get so often now. EQ really does feel like it's almost all about the "bigger, faster, shinier" and less about the friendships forged in fire along the way.

    I value the friends I've made in EQ over the years a lot more than any piece of gear I've ever gotten. My best ingame memories are those shouts of joy shared through a conference call or 3-way calling tree over a friend or guildie winning that new piece of stat or focus gear that dropped. I miss having the option to NOT do quest after quest after quest. There used to be a true choice between finding/doing the relatively rare/few quests and just enjoying the EQ worlds as you encountered them. The biggest quests at the time were for class specific weapons, and they were called EPIC Quests for a reason. Now, the quests are insane in number, length and tedium and they're pretty much mandatory. I know that the name of the game is EverQUEST, but we used to have a choice whether we wanted to follow obscure quest lines for cool loot or if we wanted to quest for friendship and loot while we explored the open world (and killer dungeons) that is EQ.

    In short ( I know, it's too late for that lol ), I like the idea of a more open world option with more choices as well as more challenge while playing with old friends as well as making new ones while we explore the new world(s) together.
  3. dwish Augur

    Actually I think there are more people out there then you think that want a game that is similar to EQ's roots. If they try to take pantheon down the familiar road of trying to appeal to everyone it will fail. It needs to stay how it is and accept it's niche status and the loyal customers that come with it.
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  4. Taladir Elder

    Have you considered a progression server? I loved EQ for all the reasons you so eloquently stated, and after not having played since 2003, I started on Phinigel when it opened and had exactly the experience you described. Not only did it hold up, I got to do content I never got to do before, including exploring Guk and Sol B on the way to 50, killing Vox and Naggy in era, and doing two epic weapon quests I hadn't done before. Fantastic, honestly.
  5. svann Augur

    Currently Pantheon is top vote out of 19 mmo's in the "Most wanted mmo of 2017" at mmorpg. MU Legend is a close 2nd, and nothing else is at all close.
  6. Your_Ad_Here Augur

    I am getting interested in Pantheon. I do and did enjoy the harder aspects of when EverQuest first came out and would more than likely be in Pantheon. Just debating if I wanna give money to be in the Pre-Pre Alpha, or Pre-Alpha lol.
  7. Espiritun Augur

    remove the word "Landmark" from your title, and that's what is "Next for Us"
  8. Trensharo New Member

    Problem with Progression server is that people race far too much. It's almost eSports at this point. The exploration and new feel is gone, forever. The current player population more resembles that of WoW than that of EQ back in the 99-2004 "era." This also, unfortunately, brings out the worst in a lot of people.

    IMO, DBG is going to hurt for not revamping the graphics engine in EQ2 because the performance of that game has locked a lot of Average Joes out. It's really one of the worst performing pieces of gaming software I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. With no decent MMORPGs on the horizon for them, they're depending on super nostalgics (EQ1 players) and people with PCs that can handle EQ2. I don't think that's going to do much for them.

    Pantheon is looking to be the true sequel to EQ, at this point, and I wouldn't be surprised if they siphon off quite a few players when they launch, assuming they don't botch it.
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  9. oldandnasty Augur

    Will siphon me off for one. At least to try it out.
  10. svann Augur

    That sounds really odd to me. I played eq2 several years and several computers ago (though not at release) and didnt have a problem even on raids.
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  11. Skuz Lorekeeper

    EQNext was ambitious, other than not liking the graphics style very much I thought it had a huge amount of things going for it, alas SONY decided to chuck SOE out the door & probably the investment required to birth EQN went out along with it.

    Landmark closing after EQN was canned was inevitable, but don't hold your breath for any investment by Columbus Nova into DBG - they are only interested in money they can get out if the business, these kind of vulture capitalists NEVER invest in businesses, they are massively risk-averse & let's face it MMO's are damn near the highest risk software that ever existed.

    Best hope is another software house wants to take DBG off of Columbus Nova & don't mind paying over the odds to get it but these are strange times for MMO's, more fail than make it so it's not a great investment with the history of that it has, so overall I'm tremendously pessimistic & enjoying EQ "while it lasts" is about all I am doing now.

    Pantheon looks good, it's borrowing plenty enough of EQ to make it appealing to an EQ player but it's a new game with its own thing going on, it won't ever be what EQN could have been (revolutionary) but it has real potential to be a solid MMO & maybe that'll be enough until, if ever, something close to what EQN was aiming to be comes along.
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  12. Nolrog Augur

    [quote="Gyurika Godofwar, post: 3495213, member: 307"Just part of how a venture capital company works when purchasing another company.[/quote]

    Correction, this is not unique to a venture capital company; this is how *every* company works. They all trim the fat and get rid of non-profitable or low profit businesses (or reduce staff to "rightsize") so they could redeploy that money into things more profitable to them.
  13. Xorsazis Elder

    I hope after all this time and technological advances, their "open world" direction means no zoning unless porting/jumping continents, etc.

    I hate having a load screen every 2 minutes running to my destination.
  14. Trensharo New Member

    I had a Dual Core Athlon 64-Bit with 4GB+ RAM and a discrete Graphics card with like 2 GB of RAM, and this was like ... several years ago. I raided progression in EQ2 for a few years (quit right before AoD).

    Raiding was only possible if I turned the settings down to high performance, and I definitely had to use custom settings for things like spell effects, etc. or the game wouldn't even be playable in groups. On this laptop, the game literally isn't playable at all.

    Even EQ performs rather poorly on this laptop. Lots of laggy graphics, etc. because of the engine.

    And no, it isn't the hardware. I play other games just fine ;-)

    No issue with games like Guild Wars 2 or Elder Scrolls Online, even with above-medium settings.

    EQ2's system requirements and performance has been an issue since the game was released. Maybe not for the people who invest heavily in this type of equipment, but for many of their friends... yes.

    If I can't get any of my RL friends to play a game with me because their PCs can't run it acceptably, the game is dead to me. I'm no longer satisfied depending on random internet gamers for social interaction. I want to play with the people I know.

    It's 1,000% funner that way, I've discovered.
  15. Trensharo New Member

    I will likely not play it simply because I don't have the kind of time to invest in an MMORPG the way I could with EQ back in the day.

    I've also been shifting more and more of my gaming to consoles to reduce the amount of money I "waste" upgrading a PC to play the latest and greatest. At this point, hardware companies are using sponsorships to drive up system requirements and sell components. I'm out of that market :p
  16. Janakin Augur

    I hear Vanguard is the true Everquest 1 successor! Seriously though, EQ1 and then EQ2 of all the DB games are ones that are to me enjoyable to play. I do not know how people can still play that super hero one they have, just feels too clunky for my taste.

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