Everquest has become an elitist/soloist dumpster fire.

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by HKram, Apr 21, 2020.

  1. HKram New Member

    Any trained monkey can follow almars guides and hit 85 with ease. Which then requires investing money into a game that's free to play to multibox in order to progress. So really this game isn't a mmorpg. It's a solo grouping mmorpg simulator with a heavy emphasis on both the company and the player making real life money from the game. The company makes the money by forcing players to go all access. The players make the money by running 1 to multiple groups to farm krono to sell on various websites.
    More people would play this MMORPG if there was sharing of information between players or even online about best exp spots, progression, or if there was any communication in game with other players. Everybody's too busy with their box groups (automated or not) to realize that others want to learn about the game. This topic has been posted before, usually met by "lol, i'll pl you while farming AAs" Which doesn't teach the person being pl'ed anything.
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  2. Fredescu Augur

    I think your post has some good points, but this part isn't right. This game isn't free to play. It has a free extended trial. To play the game that most people are playing, you need to subscribe. That you can get many many hours of fun out of the trial speaks to the generosity of the trial, but this game was built from the ground up with a subscription model, and that hasn't changed. It shouldn't be mistaken for a game that was built from the ground up as a free to play game.
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  3. Vumad Augur

    The 54 people I raided with tonight, plus the 10-20 in the wait list, plus the numerous other players interacting with each other on the server, would strongly disagree with you.

    Monday night I got a tell from someone thanking me for taking the time to help them when they came back to the game by providing them a bunch of answers to their questions. Then I took them through the anniversary quests to get the extruded black pearl and the mini horn of unity, before taking them with me to Eastern Wastes for XP. This person had a great attitude and carried their weight, and I was more than happy to lend a hand.

    I 3-box, and a lot of new/returning players have really reaped the benefits of that. No pats on my back. I am simply paying forward what was done for me.

    All MMOs will have toxic people exploiting the economy and griefing other players. If you want to focus on those people then you will have no problem finding them.

    As for the rest of your rambling nonsensical rant, be glad that you have access to 10 years of the game that the rest of us paid for while it was current content. EverQuest is and always has been a subscription based MMORPG. Free to Play is an extensive trial period with basically full access to the entire game for the first several years of play. The game is old, so the population is heavily distributed to the right end of the level curve.

    Feel free to go to the WoW forums and complain about how the game is exploiting you by only letting you get to level 20 and locking down a bunch of features like pet battles. See if you get a more heart felt welcome with that attitude there. Probably not.

    Now excuse me while I run over to the activation site to complain that it cost $60 to get the latest copy of Call of Duty, or insert example of games that cost money.

    Candy Crush maybe?
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  4. tyonzz New Member

    what server is this with people grouping?
  5. Conq Augur

    Tunare. Last night our server crashed 3 minutes after popping the chest at the Griklor raid. We hung out in discord for 15ish mins with no word from DB, so many logged and raids were called. A guildie asked for help completing a quest in Kael. I volunteered, prepared to 5 box with her and get the quest done. Before we could run to Kael - the group was full of real people and I played only my main - cleric. Last week was similar - I was asked to help a non-guildie finish their RoS progression by running the 12 man mission. I was prepared to run it with the two players that needed the help and before it was over, we had 12 real people and 4 newly completed RoS progression players on my server. These things happen a lot. Meet people. EQ is still EQ - you get out what you put in.
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  6. Valdest Journeyman

    It has always been my experience that your relationship with others will carry you in this game. The first thing is to get in a guild that you can contribute to, or get to a point where you are able to contribute.

    This game is hard when you take the me against the world approach. But the game is so much fun when you are just one drop in the water fall.
  7. Dythan Ban Lev in Plane of Fire guy

    Nothing pisses me off more then when companies try and make money.
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  8. Hemothorax New Member

    I feel like the whole free to play trial thing is way to generous. I'm a paying customer and I lag every evening because there are 1000 free to play people clogging up the bandwithe. I mean it's a sub based game.
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  9. Buri Augur

    Xegony server, every time I log in I'm in a group of 6 real people. Completed all group progression for at least the last 8 expansions. The game absolutely does not require multiboxing, as so many people try to claim. It does require cooperation with others, but that's how the game was designed, and that's a good thing.
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  10. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    Just making sure... you are aware that free-to-play restrict access to general chat?

    Im not sure, can they even read the general chat-channel?
  11. bortage spammin lifetaps

    There's quite a bit of random grouping going on these days but a lot of times if someone brings in randoms it's just a trial run to see if they want to re-invite you later or if you just autoattack in-between extended AFKs
  12. SmoochyOfWolfington Augur

    It used to be level 10 was the max for free play. Almost like a tease really, as to a fledging character that is about the time the real fun begins. As it is now, it does seem someone who rarely gets past level 20's anyway, before stomping off to try a new race and class combination (One necro back in the day I got to level 55 I think...) this is basically a free game to them. On the off chance I do get high enough and not bother to reroll I may invest in the game. If they give me Classic as it was back in the day and I will sign up for a subscription immediately!

    And I would not mind being stuck in a server specifically designed for freebie players. Most of them I would assume would be new or returning anyway to check it out so it would be a chance to teach and or reminisce. And then it would keep the lag off the paid for servers. Of course you guys could always visit, but at your own risk of course. I'd leave a pot of stew on the fire for you. ^^!

    Me no box. Me kno not wat box even iz... Me groop wen me findz da rite peeple. Oterwize me just trudge along on me own, as we trolls uzually due...
  13. Flatchy Court Jester

    They should count their lucky stars for that. Mostly general chat is annoying spam or on BB one would think its 12 year olds with ADD.
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  14. Duder Augur

    What, you don't look forward to sitting down to play EQ and being spammed by the BB political machine? Doesn't everyone go to virtual gaming chatrooms to discuss politics?
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  15. Snegie New Member

    Hello everyone!
    I am a returning player ( Has been over a decade) as of last week and I have to say as a person who is in his later 40's I am really enjoying the way they have the game set up going into 85 so far. Is it easier at low levels? Yes, but as a person with a family and demanding job now this allows me to enjoy the game this time around in a way that was way more demanding in the early years. I do not have to time to be a 5 night raider anymore and the way the game is now my old butt can just enjoy this old game. If there is something I need help with just ask and most people are very happy to help. SO far for me anyways. I am on Tunare and see raid groups still forming in POK so I know that is still an option for people who love that stuff. So from what I see there is something for everyone as EQ sits now. I hope the company does make money to keep it running for years to come. Is it perfect NO, Not one game is but EQ IMO is one of the best MMO games I have played. That is just how this old man sees the game now.
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  16. SinnderChant New Member

    I don't really agree with the OP, but I have to wonder how much of that is based on the server he picked. Different community and all that. I'm on one of the TLP servers (Mangler). I'm very, very recently back from a long hiatus. I played EQ from shortly after launch until roughly 2003 then on EQ-Mac for 6 or 8 years. I'm now back because I miss playing an enchanter.

    I see people doing run-by buffing in newbie zones. People in PoK are advertising buffs, some specifically saying, "Donations not required". I see people offering newbies free gear. In experience zones, people ask if you have room / invite you to their groups without prompting. When I've asked for help, I've gotten it.

    Are there people farming for kronos? Yes. So what? The ONLY way that bothers me is when I'm struggling to find a place to do my own thing. 90% of the server could be boxing for kronos, but that last 10% could be really cool people who are fun to play with. Why focus on the 90%? And it's NOT 90%, anyway.

    By comparison, go play WoW. Do a pickup dungeon run. Unless you start it, there's a good chance no one will do so much as say "hello", much less carry on an actual conversation.

    As for spammers -- if they're too obnoxious, just block them or drop the chat channel they're on.

    Now, my experience is very new and specific to one particular server. Maybe the server the OP is on is drastically different. If so, that's unfortunate.
  17. Muffinstalker President Rivervale Bakers Union, Local 571

    If you got to 85 without learning how to play your character, you don't really have an issue with the people offering to PL you. All that really changes there is the names/level of the spells/abilities you will be using and the gear levels.

    It looks like what you really have an issue with is the lack of other level 85 people to group with. The lack of other people at your level of "learning the game."

    I recommend going to a Time Locked Progression server and trying there. The people are ramping up from lower levels, and should be on par level-wise with what you want, even if they may have experience on other servers with higher level characters.
  18. xxGriff Augur

    a fairly steep learning curve? sure. the game is 21 years old. are there lots of boxers? sure. so what? picking the right server and making friends is key. I simply do not grant your premise of "everyone" and "always". Then again, if this game is not enjoyable or entertaining for you, find another. I don't understand why log into forums and basically cast the entirety of EQ in completely negative light, suggesting anecdotally that your experience is ubiquitous. I play a range of classes and levels on 2-3 servers all dependent on what i feel like doing. Oh and, tsk-tsk on them for attempting to make money on this enterprise!

    also, the F2P is an offer to try. not a promise to provide you or any of us a completely FREE game from lvl 1 to end game. If your desire is to play end game content then a sub and expac is all that is needed. purchases from the market place, are entirely optional and discretionary. Time to get back to monkey training, lunch is over :rolleyes: