Everquest - Fit for purpose?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Jono Bean, May 27, 2020.

  1. Jono Bean New Member

    Hiya all,
    Everquest is a service that some people pay for.

    So some customer pay, and the servers where down for around ~48 hours which we paid for.
    Then in less than a week of up time we get more server down time.

    Take action -
    • Recognition, a letter saying how this will be prevented in the future.
    • Time for a refund, maybe?
    • Time to extended peoples paid for time that was lost?
    • Extended exp period (in which the servers don't come down)?
    • Issue all character with a Bottles of adventure?
    Time for Customer Server to step up, and start working on restoring trust.
    Kind regards

    - Wanting the best for EQ
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  2. Komacc New Member

    I couldnt agree more! However I made several post before confronting @Daybreak Games about lack of compensation toward GOLD status accounts and they Banned my account from said forums.

    So be careful with challenging their babiefied slacker a s s developers.

    A week later, you still suck at keeping the game stable after 40+ hours of bull s h i t downtime where you made stupid changes to an overseer that has no affect toward game play for players. :rolleyes:
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  3. loaks Journeyman

    A little customer consideration would be nice, plan things better, plan ahead, drop it a day early to be safe, but lock it, etc. put extra servers to the task for the first couple days, i mean they know what they could do, clearly they arent doing it. What other company puts their paying customers through this crap? I cant think of one honestly, mistakes are made across the board but not CONSISTENTLY. This is blatant disregard for their customers, if they can play it under the guise of ( hands in the air) oh man so sorry that came out of nowhere , here well brb in 14 hours, good luck getting on before hour 20....I guess that tends to work a number of times for loyal fans.

    I agree with you, on every front, they should do a little something for customers when this stuff happens. Even if money isnt involved and its just free potions or extended gold period, it costs them nothing up front! Nothing! Just greedy man.
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  4. Jono Bean New Member

    Hiya all,

    Komacc thank you for your warning but I am simply, politely with I hope wise words encouraging the Customer Service team to address these issues, and I feel that I would not be band for this.

    Engaging polite, yet direct conversation regarding real issues should not suffer reprisals.
    I look forward to hearing from the Customer Service team regarding these issues.

    Re: Loaks
    I agree - most other customer focused companies would have a test patch server cluster and a couple of days before any patch would spin up the test patch server cluster - copy over a live set of data (or three) and run any patch - see what stops working correctly and fix it. Rinse and repeat.

    Spend the time to write the scripts to do the real reporting on any "problem issues" up or down - get it right. Then when you are confident its working correctly - run it against a test copy of all EQ live server.

    Once it works correctly - Yeah!!! role it out.

    I think -
    • Respect the customers & fans and they will be loyal customers of EQ for another great 20 years!
    • Customer Service and patch team - stop and take the time to get it right.

    Wishing the best for all.
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  5. Jono Bean New Member

    Seems that the EQ live servers have gone down once again. I am looking forward to being able to play Everquest once again.

    Given the problematic EQ server up time over the last week, I look forward to what set of actions & announcements come out of the Customer Service team from Daybeak & Darkpaw games.

    I look forward to reading CS teams reply.

    Wish the best for all.

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