EverQuest Composers?

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  1. Brettsky128 New Member

    Wasn't sure where to post this but...

    I'm going through all the EQ mp3 files and trying to organize them by expansion. I'm trying to figure out which composers worked on which expansion. Some are easier to find than others. I was wondering if there's a list of credits per expansion somewhere, or if there was any other way to find out who the composers were.
  2. Nniki Augur

    There's a file called credits_previous.txt in the EverQuest installation directory with that information. The credits_current.txt file lists the information for the current expansion.
  3. Benito Augur

    The main composers are Paul Romero and Rob King.

    They were recently featured in a 'The EverQuest Show' episode:

  4. Brettsky128 New Member

    That's what I was looking for, thanks so much!
  5. Riou Augur

    They haven't composed for EQ in a long time (not in the past at least 10 years), there was a large block where it was Inon Zur, not sure who has been doing it since EoK
  6. Brettsky128 New Member

    In case anyone is wondering, this is what I've found.

    Jay Barbeau - Original through Luclin
    Paul Romero & Rob King - PoP through DoN
    Laura Karpman - DoD through TBS
    Chad Mossholder - SoF and SoD
    Inon Zur - Underfoot through TDS
    Inon Zur & Mark MacBride - Broken Mirror
    Mark MacBride - EoK through ToV
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  7. Andarriel Augur

    Really? rob king did music in might and magic 7 loved the music in that game. Loved the game too played it before i found eq lol. here's youtube on mm7 music strangely to this day the first track always give me goose bumps in a good way. Kinda like remembering something beautiful from your childhood. here the link

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  8. Jumbur Augur

    I've always thought Everquest had an awesome soundtrack. Very atmospheric! :cool:
  9. Andarriel Augur

    paul did music for mm7 too great dual! imdb can be a your friend.

  10. Zunnoab Augur

    Fun fact: Veil of Alaris recycles EQ2 music. I'm not sure if any other expansion does too, since my experience in EQ2 only goes 1-2 expansions in.

    I'm not saying that's a bad thing. The Sarith music sounds more fitting to me there than in a genie bottle, or whatever it was I recall it being from in EQ2. I still love the song regardless. I wonder if a file comparison between the two games' files would provide insight. If I'm not lazy about it I'll try some time later, if they use identical files at least.

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