EverQuest: Call of the Forsaken In-Game Rewards

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  1. Roshen Brand Manager

    In addition to everything else that Call of the Forsaken offers players, don’t miss these in-game rewards that players receive just for purchasing the expansion!
    Before we show off each item, here’s a list of what players will get:

    Only Available from Pre-Order of either Standard or Collector’s Edition
    • Vestments of the Forsaken (Mercenary Chest Armor)
    Standard Edition
    • Tirun House Pet or Familiar
    • Gargoyle Statue
    • Painting: Naythox Thex
    • Painting: Cristanos Thex
    • Mark of Neriak
    • Journeyman's Pocketed Rucksack (32 Slot Bag)
    Collector’s Edition
    All Standard Edition Items plus the following:
    • Hive of the Bixie
    • Ethernere Wurm Mount
    • Contract of the Bixie
    • Honeycomb Satchel (36 Slot Bag)
    It’s a pretty impressive pile of goodies that definitely adds value to the purchase of the Call of the Forsaken expansion. In addition, players that pre-order the Collector’s Edition will save a considerable sum over those players that wait until launch to pick up these extra in-game rewards. Let’s take a look at each item!

    Vestments of the Forsaken
    In Call of the Forsaken, mercenaries are gearing up for the coming conflict! Vestments of the Forsaken is an exclusive item to those players that pre-order the expansion and will give those players a head start when collecting equipment to increase the power of their mercenaries. Everyone that pre-orders the expansion will get one of these heirloom items for their account.

    Tirun House Pet or Familiar
    Tirun play a pretty big role in the Ethernere, and now one can be yours to command! This item does double duty in-game. Players can choose to use this as either an item for their in-game house, or as a familiar to take a mini Tirun with them wherever they adventure. Each account that purchases the expansion will get one of these heirloom items for each of their characters.

    Gargoyle Statue
    Why not trick out your house or yard with some gothic architecture? Each account that purchases the expansion will get one of these heirloom items for each of their characters.

    Paintings: Naythox Thex and Cristanos Thex


    Painting: Naythox Thex
    Painting: Cristanos Thex

    Pay homage to King Naythox Thex and Queen Cristanos Thex in your own special way, by placing a picture painted in their honor into your home! Each account that purchases the expansion will get both of these heirloom items for each of their characters.

    Mark of Neriak

    Who doesn’t want a neon sign in or outside their house? Take a little piece of Neriak into your own home, and make sure you don’t miss out on having your own Mark of Neriak. Each account that purchases the expansion will get one of these heirloom items for each of their characters.

    Journeyman's Pocketed Rucksack

    We’ll even toss in a 32-slot bag for you if you pick up Call of the Forsaken. This heirloom item is one per account.

    Hive of the Bixie

    This honeycomb styled house is for those players that purchase the Call of the Forsaken Collector’s Edition.
    Your home will definitely stand out amongst those in your neighborhood with its distinctive look.
    Amazingly, Hive of the Bixie is bigger on the inside.

    Ethernere Wurm Mount
    Exclusive to those people that pick up the collector’s edition, this mount will be awarded to every character on your account! Check out the Ethernere Wurm in all of its majesty!

    Contract of the Bixie

    Probably one of the coolest items that Call of the Forsaken Collector’s Edition players will receive is the Contract of the Bixie. This gives players access to all four types of mercenaries, each with a unique bixie look! This contract will be available to every character on your account if you upgrade to the Digital Collector’s Edition.
    Bixie Hydrator – Healer: Make sure your group always has a healer, or at minimum proper hydration.

    Bixie Assassin – Melee DPS: This bixie’s blades are yours if you choose to add an assassin to your party.

    Bixie Spellslinger – Caster DPS: Does your party need a little bit more bixie pew pew? Perhaps this bixie is the right mercenary for you to hire.

    Bixie Defender – Tank: This bixie looks like he’s geared and ready to hold aggro for you!

    Honeycomb Satchel

    In addition to everything else listed above, players that pick up the Collector’s Edition of Call of the Forsaken get a huge 36-slot bag. This heirloom item is one per account.

    Which version of Call of the Forsaken will you get? With all of this amazing stuff available with the expansion, and with even more available only to players that pre-order, it is a good idea to purchase the expansion early!
  2. Eaglestiker Journeyman

    I would guess you would get a lot more CE pre-orders if you made the bags no-drop Lore and be able to claim 999.
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  3. Elizabeta Augur

    Is there a release date yet?
  4. Axxius Augur

    The bixie house is neat!
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  5. beryon Augur

    What are the stats on the Vestments of the Forsaken?
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  6. Kreen New Member

    Two big questions, 1) are the 4 bixie mercs, all 4 types available as all choices to each character in the acct, so that each character can pop ANY of them? ( that is each character can have all 4 types ready to use) OR is it just they can choose WHICH of the 4, according to how many mercenaries they can have currently? ( like my bard and war each have a healer and rogue, but don't have wizzy, and bard could possibly use all 4 types including the tank merc) 2) Are characters NOT created yet able to get the Wurm mounts ( and merc options too) as one of my accounts is kind of new and my main long time acct has 14 slots bought BUT I haven't decided what classes I want on the last 5 unused so far. IF all 4 merc types obtainable just by buying collectors pre order AND Wurm mount available for every character made on the account, ill tighten my belt and buy the collectors for BOTH my accts, when my original plan was just to buy ONE basic preorder for main acct now, and wait till expansion after to maybe buy for second acct. So important questions I need answered please ( and im sure most others would like to know also)
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  7. Gyurika Godofwar Augur

    SOE needs to let us buy expansions with Kronos or SC! I'd pre-order 4 right now if I could do it with Kronos or SC. As much as I love this game I can't afford $240 for it and many others can't either. If you had some sort of package deal for multiple accounts or some way to get with Kronos I would buy it in a heart beat. I'm probably one of the very few who is Rank 5 in the new Recruit A Friend program & working on getting to rank 6 which is the maximum.
  8. Rylaar2000 Elder

    Question: What if you have already per-ordered the standard version but would like to change to the collector's edition instead? How do you do this?
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  9. frankie78227 Augur

    Why are bags not claimable by each character on the account? It seems pretty cheap for a product that you pay $60 for. Personally, I would buy the CE for both my gold accounts if that were the case. It is nice that mounts can be claimed by all but the bags are the real prize. I too feel there should be some sort of discount for multiple accounts.
  10. Geroblue Augur

    Nothing there for me. Not buying. No paintings are placable in the standard guild anyway.
  11. bearforce1 Lorekeeper

    so the Hive of the Bixie works on tardis technology?
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  12. Roshen Brand Manager

    You'll be able to upgrade the Vestments of the Forsaken based on your level. I added an image of both the level 20 version and the level 100 version to the article.

    Just so you don't have to go back to the article to see them, I added the image below as well.

  13. Roshen Brand Manager

    Since no one has been charged yet, you should be able to go in and just cancel your standard edition pre-order. After that, you can pre-order the version of the game that you want.
  14. SpamFactory Augur

    in my opinion last year's pre-order bonuses (harbinger's staff port clicky and phase spider metamorph wand) were much better. The staff in particular was so useful.
  15. Pirouette Augur

    Thank you so much for making contract of the bixie account wide. I cannot express how much I loathe my merc being tied down to one character.
  16. Koneko Augur

    how many items does the house hold of what types and does it have an upkeep? also whats the mounts hp/mana info?
  17. Montag Augur

    This is really good news the fact that the merc chest is inconsequential stats means that you won't "need" merc gear to keep using mercs which is what I feared this meant. An extra layer of requirements presented as new features.
  18. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    That is exactly what I thought too!
  19. Nilelael Innoruukk New Member

    How about some innovation!? Like here's a thought, not just recycled patterns of high trivial tradeskills, with no increase in cap... (insert name here) Marrow, (insert here) Loam, (inseret here) spinneret fluid. And how about not such crap stats on Cultural? Maybe package deals for those of us who pay for multiple accounts like 3,4,5 and six accounts? Maybe veteran rewards that actually matter? Just sayin.. Oh and not ranks 99 and 100 of .002% mitigation and such.
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  20. Kreen New Member

    Probably a bit late for multi acct discounts, but at least the collectors has a reasonable pre-order cost compared to last years and even the AFTER pre-order price. They should have also maybe TOLD everyone that the collectors would have unique collection quests just for them, who knows maybe the extra AA's and/or achievement might have sold a few more lol! But otherwise I say HERE HERE, and agree, ( I have two gold accts myself so yeah be nice for an additional discount, but people with 4 to six? doesn't seem to be hurting for money, and kinda excessive in age of mercs, where 3 toons plus mercs equals a full group and no need to control half the group on auto, tricky enough to play two accts skillfully at once, much less 6 now. Of course im NOT saying give a discount for 2 and not for more, just saying realistically few have that many, and probably really don't NEED a discount. 2 accts CAN be a need too solo with some classes (Like war, even my raid geared War, with just healer merc dps too low to get much head way so need two + two mercs to be successful AT least)