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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by ARCHIVED-Frater-Insolitus, Nov 16, 2005.

  1. ARCHIVED-Frater-Insolitus Guest

    Just discovered a new use for EverQuest this morning.

    Having recently started into that wonderous venture known as Bazaar trading, I have gotten into the habit of leaving my toon logged in Trader mode overnight (and through the day while at work). Since my computer is located in my bedroom, I received a nice surprise this morning as the very loud loading music that plays when you enter EQ or camp began playing when I was disconnected for the patch. As this corresponded nicely with the time I normally get up, it worked out to be a nice alternative to my normal alarm clock.

    Just thought I'd share this humorous experience.
  2. ARCHIVED-Smitty_Drinal Guest

    Why did you leave the speakers on and not mute the sound? If you had sold anything of value, the tinkling of coins would have woke you as well...
  3. ARCHIVED-Frater-Insolitus Guest

    Most of the other background sounds (money exchange, someone running by, etc.) are so low I don't have a problem with them - it is just by contrast that the loading music is so much louder. I keep my speakers on for email alerts. Again, that sound is low enough that I hear it when awake, but am not bothered by it when sleeping. I wasn't complaining about the sound, just comenting that it caught me off guard this morning, and I found it funny that it was timed to be at about the same time as my alarm goes off.

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