Everquest 3(Next): Return of the Dungeon Master

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  1. Dejoblue Augur

    Sandbox is going to be great. Skill system, leveling system, whatever. I am ready for it. However, the thing we need the most is an organized set of tools to let us as Guild Masters become Dungeon Masters.

    EQ2 has already explored the Dungeon Maker. If we expand and explore this more in EQ3 then we are in for a truly great treat.


    Dungeons out in the world similar to Wailing Caves (and housing) in EQ2 where you click on the door and select your dungeon. Have them rated with your Guild dungeon sorted to the top of the list.

    By doing your Guild dungeon you get perks like extra XP, extra loot, whatever your Guild has unlocked for that dungeon, extra bosses etc.

    Have 5 tiers of dungeons, each dropping more powerful items. So lets say Wailing Caves Tier II. It is the same dungeon, same layout, only the loot you get to drop is based on what tier your guild has unlocked for level 15 - 20 content. If you are not in a guild then it will default to what you personally have unlocked. So, this encourages joining and being active in a guild versus soling and pugging.

    Tiers overlap to encourage grouping and or mentoring lowbies. So that tier V level 20 chest-piece might be better than the tier I level 40 chest-piece you are wearing.

    Same with raids. Higher tiers make the mobs and bosses more difficult but drop better quality loot.

    Expanded to raids would be simple enough. Mark place-able mobs and lieutenants so that they have to be so far away from each other and the boss, to where you physically arent allowed to move them. This keeps dungeon and raid makers from stacking bosses together in one room or placing a zerg of mobs in the path of adventurers.

    I would love for my Guild to get everyone flagged for the next raid and open up the raid maker and go to town. Hell you could even make it a guild event, let the whole raid team zone into the raid/dungeon maker and we could place the mobs together, design the pathways as a team and place the bosses where we want.

    Have premade boss rooms if needed that we place at the end of appropriate halls etc so proper encounters can be made.

    Let us unlock bosses in any order we wish, maybe we want to save up experience or time or whatever currency needed to unlock the first boss of a new raid and use it for the next to last boss, or the third boss, or whatever.

    Forget boss strategies, those are going to happen. Now we are talking hallway, corridor and trash placement. Randomize trash as needed as well. Do we want to wade through trash and unlock the third boss here near the entrance or do we want to do it right before the boss? Etc, etc.

    You provide the object kit and skin for each raid/dungeon and some boxed encounters and we will make our own fun.

    Then when you really get adventurous, you make bosses with no lore, only mechanics, encounters for us to do, give us a portal and let us make our own little word around this boss or set of bosses. Let us worry about making quests, making the bosses fit into the lore we create.

    This is a hope I have, that even with raids and other content I will get to be a Dungeon Master without going down to the local hobby shop.
  2. nallchan New Member

    In the same line as suggestions to sony for EQ-Next

    The Custom quest idea is neat.. however it would need some work...

    I have so much to say that I could literally write a book on Recommendations for Everquest next... but I'll make it short and sweet. "Listen to the fans".. Google "Everquest next" and see what people are saying... and listen...


    They want to not have all of the info at their fingertips.. they dont want the game to be "easy mode"... Long involved quests that require thought and not just a zerg-rush of people.. Some even are as bold to say "no map", as figuring it out and wandering is half of the excitement.

    3 things... stick out in my mind the most...about everquest..
    - the "POWER" of your character.... Druid's ability to change weather ZONE wide... it was little but felt powerful and was something no other class could do.. The ability to solo Kite large mobs that were nearly unkillable by melee characters...

    -Questing - The Druid Epic.. when you saw someone with the epic.. you said to yourself .. WOW.. look at that.. its amazing.. I want one... Maybe in 6 months I'll have a shot at it...it was truly "Epic"

    -Fear - Three things strike my memory for everquest one...
    --First.. Running for your god damn LIFE in Kithcore Forest at night...,
    --Second - Logging in and my guild yelling at me " WTF ARE U DOING ON VELIOUS?!, Dont you know the Sleeper is up ?!!?" *SPAMS GATE Spell as fast as possible*
    --Third... Pulling Phinny In kedge keep... it was so dark... couldnt even see him until you were almost on top of him... the rush made the game...
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  3. Dejoblue Augur

    Challenge, danger and exploration are long gone in most MMOs these days. A long quest chain for your class weapon, long quest chains and requirements to get flagged for a zone are gone so as to appease the masses of lazy players. This same laze has effected the difficulty of mobs as the masses have temper tantrums when they die while leveling and of course not only is fog of war on maps gone but there is exact coordinates of where you are at in games now, let alone old school EQ with no map...

    Everything is watered down due to the masses. A company is going to have to decide to be niche, Like EVE and CCP are, and then deliver what the players want.

    money and costs aside, most MMOs are Fords, mass market, I want EQNext to be a Ferrari.

    As an aside and on the analogy. If we gave everyone a Ferrari soccer moms would complain it wasn't an SUV or station wagon for their brood and Dads would complain about the maintenance costs and gas consumption. Of course then everyone would have a Ferrari which brings me to my favorite quote about MMOs:

    "I'll give them heroics. I'll give them the most spectacular heroics the world has ever seen! And when I'm old and I've had my fun, I'll sell my inventions so that *everyone* can have powers. *Everyone* can be super! And when everyone's super...no one will be." -Syndrome, The Incredibles
  4. Biff Skippy New Member

    The dungeon master idea is interesting. I started playing EQ2 again, but haven't bought that expansion. I will have to read up on it, maybe see if there are good videos of it in action. Seems to me all loot, experience, etc, would need to exist only in that dungeon however. Otherwise one could set up a custom dungeon to allow for super easy twinking and power leveling.

    I haven't played original EQ in probably a decade. I remember corpse runs, trains, getting stuck in walls, petitioning, falling off boats, kiting with my druid. At the same time, I have little interest in doing that ever again. What once was a challenge and epic now seems like a time suck. I would not pay or spend time to play original EQ any more than I would pay an hourly dial up fee to play Neverwinter Nights on AOL. I had a blast doing both of those things, but, not so much anymore. That is not to say others are wrong for enjoying such play styles, just to point out the many differences in what gamers feel makes for a rewarding experience.

    Therein is the challenge for a company making an MMO. It seems to me the only way to really please everyone is to set the world up so the players can create the environment that best pleases them. You want a classic challenge mode, long runs, permadeath even? Fine, make that your world. I am pretty much just spitballing ideas here based on the OP, but I do believe that making EQNext a gussied up version of the original EQ will result in less of a Ferrari and more of an Edsel.

    Just a brief note on 'watered down' games, soccer moms, and everyone being super. I try a lot of games, and find something to like in most of them. I also find little enough to like in most, that I haven't found a permanent gaming home right now. I was running around in SWTOR a few months ago. Literally running around. I had docked in an area, was listening to the echoes of my feet as I ran from one area to the next, feeling like I was OJ in a Hertz commercial in a freaking spaceport. It did not advance the story, was a a time suck. If that makes me a soccer mom, so be it. In my world, travel would be more like GW2. At the same time, There would be real benefits to being in a guild, such as EQ2 offers with the portals, brokers, menders, etc being centrally located. Maybe give the option of faster travel, portal unlocks etc for those that spend extra, or have unlocked it for the guild.

    I can understand nostalgia for a prior mode of gaming, but i don't quite get how one thinks reviving such a style will allow for financial rewards for a business unless there are also incentives for the 'masses'.
  5. Dejoblue Augur

    Part of that business decision involves looking at competition and potential market share. I am very sorry everyone but WoW has the marketshare on themepark, spoonfed, soccer mom MMOs. Some of the largest fantasy franchises in history have come up against WOW and been decimated.

    To be completely honest I had no idea WHY they were making EQNext. They have Free Realms if they want that soccer mom/ kid market, they have niche markets like DCUO and Wizardry Online.

    EVE is niche, but does as well if not better than EQ/EQ2. SWG was niche. Combine those with even more emergent gameplay such as having players build entire cities, design dungeons(like they are already able to do in EQ2) and even design items like we can do in EQ/EQ2...

    We are already seeing the precursor, the alpha versions of what EQNext is going to bring. If they can expand on that and let us really make our own dungeons, questlines, raids, lore, etc... then the soccer moms can have what they want and the uber hardcore players can have what they want...all in the same world.

    Not only that, the developers only have to focus on giving us tools and balancing the gameplay.

    This is what i hope for, not "Everquest 3: Player Housing"
  6. Battleaxe Augur

    I'm very sorry Dejoblue, but niche products make niche money. They are going to reinvent the genre.

    Player made .wad files ala DooM is not re-invention. A chaotic mess of player made episodes is not superior to consumed too quickly by 10% of the population and too slowly by others professionally made expansions. It's a recipie not for a hit, but for at the very best a product with a small cult following. (AFAIK only one player made DooM .wad was good enough to be considered for publishing as a product).

    A virtual world influenced by player actions, sandbox play rather than event progression, maybe player made items (a small number of people can actually do this well compared to travesties like The Simpson's DooM .wad) all hinted at. I might not play it but I gotta admit an online Ren Faire that's kinda like Second Life with sandbox -play, non-combat as well as combat roles, that's casual enough that you can drop by when you want and still plug in - man that's not only re-invention, it would appeal to a whole lot of people.

    A player made hardcore hunting preserve (with hardcore independent developers making it robust) and goodluck millions of less hardcore players? I don't think SOE wants another niche product with niche rewards. I think they'll point the product at 10's of millions of potential players, not 10's of thousands. You do remember the reaction of non-raiders to the raider only non-raid content, right?

    Not that I have any real idea what SOE would do, but IMO a Dungeon Construction Set product is pretty much game over. EQ Next might include that as one of 25 features, but IMO it wouldn't define the product any more than player made items would be allowed to.

    Crowd influenced, crowd participation - yes. A significant amount of activity content crowd sourced via a construction set. Eeeeeek!!
  7. Dejoblue Augur

    You are right. EQ and EQ2 and Vanguard are all niche, more niche than EVE. I harp on EVE because it is the poster child for niche MMO, hardcore, huge learning curve etc, yet it charges a monthly sub fee and has more subs and is doing as well and even better than, EQ, EQ2, Vanguard, AOC, probably WAR etc. Currently SOE's strategy is diversity, they have EQ, EQ2, Vanguard, Wizardy Online, Free Realms, DCUO etc etc


    Granted they have many niche products and Free Realms is probably carrying ALL of us. SO Are you telling me that SOE should simply shut everything but Free Realms down because they are not smash hits?

    Everyone needs to get over comparing every MMO to WOW and start comparing them to the other realistic competition. Compared to WoW, EVERYTHING, is niche.

    WoW is like McDonalds. EQ, EQ2 and Vanguard are like the Greek family restaurant chains owned by the Aslandis' in my town. Great food, great prices, better than McDonalds. But yea know I am growing tired of McDonalds and even Greek steakhouse fare, lets make EQNext a nice Greek Pizza place, yea they may have burgers and fries and even steaks till but make pizza the focus.

    Damn now I am hungry ><
  8. Dejoblue Augur

    Hell stop comparing to anything and simply look to see if there is a market for something. I am pretty darn sure there is a market for EVE in a medieval fantasy setting.

    I understand everyone wanting to make EQNext their own because there is SO much "me too" WoW MMOs out there with no longevity and nothing new to offer.

    Anyway great discussion, I love seeing the passion of the players and hey I am ALL FOR everyone getting what they want.

    We NEED the casuals that craft and loot shinnies. We NEED the hardcore that have no life and raid or die. We NEED the in between that invest into EQNext and flesh out the roster of players.

    BE the first game in a very long time that rewards crafters. That makes crafting required for hardcore raiding.

    Reward the questers and lore nerds. Make fantastic quest chains that are long and require patience and craftiness to figure out with fantastic rewards.

    Encourage exploration.

    Make me as a hardcore raider want to craft, want to quest, want to explore.

    make the shiny collector want to quest and explore

    It isnt even about endgame anymore it is about community, working together, being invested into all aspects of the game.

    The populations are too segmented and this thread is a great example of everyone wanting to grab something for their style of play.

    Entice us to explore other avenues of play, let us want to see the other sides while enhancing our chosen play style.

    THAT is MY EQNext
  9. permafrost Elder

    The OP basically requested a themepark feature which is going against the idea that EQ Next will be a sandbox.
  10. Sinestra Augur

    Every game company has made this claim about every game they've developed practically. Only a few have ever delivered.
  11. Thessik Irontail New Member

    If I am understanding the original poster correctly, his request for EQN requires instancing dungeons.

    That is a flat out show stopper for me.

    Instanced dungeons are responsible for the breaking up of community. A lot of the great memories I have from Everquest were corpse recovery for random people, training and being trained, finding your named being camped, running into enemy groups in the same dungeon as you (Sullon Zek), etc..

    EQN needs to be about community and have a strong tool kit to support socializing. Instancing dungeons goes against this and so anything that requires instancing, I do not want anywhere near EQN.
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  12. madgame1230 New Member

    Everquest was a great game when it first came out for several reasons. As time went on and MMOs evolved to appeal to a different, less dedicated/younger/casual demographic, it got away from some of those qualities. Here are some things that i personally miss, that i loved, that when i think about them, ring my nostalgia bells like the dickens:

    -Corpse runs. God i hated these, but God i loved them. Where is the sense of urgency if you die in an MMO these days? I understand the great inconvenience that a corpse run causes you when you die in a highly dangerous area, but that makes for a much more exciting play time. (i.e. when i was level 8 or 9 and died in crushbone, i spent half an hour trying to tactfully follow players as they slaughtered their way in just so i could get my corpse out and drag it to the entrance). Experiences like these where there's a perceived loss make a game far more enjoyable.

    -Travel. When i started playing everquest i was in middle school. I had a small group of friends that i played with. Between classes and at lunch time we would strategize as to where the best place to go for experience would be, and then how to get there (because there was no real fast means of travel except for a wizard or druid port and spirit of wolf). The danger alone of traveling across a zone with a lot of agro creatures added so much excitement to the game.

    -Boat travel - goes with my previous point. Having to wait on a boat to get from one continent to another, much more realistic/fun idea. It was a pain in the butt, but when that boat arrived you sure were excited. Those few minutes leading up to the boat's arrival, and the journey, you are GLUED to your seat so that you don't miss your stop.

    In summary, i think a lot of these newer games are missing risk. Risk is what makes a game exciting and fun. In WoW, when you die, you turn into a little ghost and you can run to your corpse. It's too easy. Sure, you can revive right there and die right again, creating an endless loop of death. But you'll always be able to get back to your corpse. And there was no experience penalty, and you're pretty much guaranteed to get your gear back. Travel - you had to plan these trips wisely because IF you get lost, or die on the way, it could halt your plans altogether. Frustrating, rage-inducing, yes. But you take much more care and caution. Bring back the RISK factor to the game, more than merely just 'dying'.

    Loot - while i do think the Guild Wars 2 instanced loot system is a fairly...decent idea, it makes gearing up too easy. One of the reasons that Everquest 1 had such a hook in it originally was because great equipment was NOT easy to come by. Heck, i was using a rusty short sword or something of the like up to level 10, then bronze, then whatever else. Fine steel plate armor was the shiznit at level 40. Instead of offering super rare pieces off of random trash, keep them to the bosses, and keep the bosses challenging and rewarding to kill. Warhammer had a good loot system in terms of your chances of good loot increases based on participation. BUT the downfall of that is the more hard core players will trounce everyone via snowball affect. So figure out a different way around that.

    Instanced Zones - another topic where there's mixed feelings. While it's nice to go to a place with your designated group and fight uninterrupted by the occasional @$$hole that just trains or whatever else, i think this could be better thought out or achieved. It falls back to the risk factor. The only element of danger of instanced zones is one of your party members is clumsy and makes a mistake, agros and wipes the group, or a certain encounter is extremely challenging. What if there was an encounter lock system like everquest 2 implemented, that allows a "Call for Aid" or some sort of feature, which allows more players into the encounter while scaling difficulty at the same time. Just a random quick thought that came to me. But i agree with one of the other posters that say Instanced Zones kind of kill the social aspect of playing. I like how other players can join fights in Guild Wars 2 and RIFT, but there are some flaws in that dynamic too that can probably be worked out.

    As more issues come to me, i will edit my post or add to the conversation. But i think going back to the basics of some things, in addition to building new content/ideas would prove successful.
  13. madgame1230 New Member

    I like what you have to say here, about making one type of player want to become another type of player. However, what i seem to find is that every game always leads, at some point, back to raiding and high end grouping. To build on your discussion about crafting, one game i absolutely loved for crafting alone was Star Wars Galaxies. When that game was brand new, it had THE best crafting system, hands down. Weapons and items were crafted based on resources that were harvested by the players, but the resources themselves had stats. The worse materials you harvested, the worse your end products. I.e. medicine - if you had top notch plants harvested, you made some killer chems and buffs. And the same goes if your resources sucked, they didn't do too much. Also, the resources changed often in the sense that, if the extremely valuable resources were found in one location one week, the next week they would change. They were continuously moving like real crops do.

    IF SOE could create a crafting model that is realistic, i think it could change the game. Star Wars Galaxies had some great attributes as a game that set it apart, and when they changed, the game was absolutely ruined. There was no one particular class upon character creation. You determined what you wanted to be and you could change that at any time. Example: If i wanted to be an entertainer, i would sit in a cantina all day and play music or make my character dance. When other players listened to my music or watched my dancing, they received buffs and i received experience, only to become better at that profession, giving me the ability to buff the players BETTER that watched me.

    There were crafting professions that, once you got good enough at it, could mass produce certain types of items. Gun smiths, droid makers, etc., this same structure of crafting could be achieved in EQ Next. Sure, it's not necessarily new and innovative, but they could use this type of crafting as a foundation and build on it, to make crafting far more interesting. In games right now, crafting straight up sucks. It's all vanilla. Harvest a stone, smelt some ore, boom, you make a ring with the same stats. Harvest a rare stone, smelt some ore, you make the same ring with slightly better stats. Why not bring stats back to the harvestables and create unique items every time, bringing more value to crafted equipment.
  14. Dejoblue Augur

    Yes crafting needs to be center stage. Everything should be player made. Bosses of raids drop recipes and spells not uber gear, players take the recipes and craft the uber gear. They have to gather the mats and have a crafter make it. Have durability loss and once it it broken it has to be replaced, thus the miners and leather-workers and crafters have to take that uber recipe and craft more for their guild, it is a cycle and everyone supports everyone else's playstyle because it is needed.

    This is how you get everyone working together. Hard core raiders should need gatherers to go and gather tons of materials to keep making items and crafters to keep making items and questers to keep guild reputations high with factions. All of these styles of play have to require tons of commitment and dedication to be the best at it.

    Then you get the casual miner or lumber jack that tags along with the guild harvesting team. Hell you NEED a harvesting team and it maybe has some decked out PVPers for protection because of possible PVP. new players join the team and are protected while they do something important and needed. Not kill 10 rats but gather 10 rat pelts to make something they can use or another newbie can use.
  15. Spyre77 New Member

    I agree completely crafting needs to be bigger, they need to have less instances and make it not only about raiding. My wife and I are casual EQ players and there are not that many things to do when it's just two ppl. I mean all we really do is drone on these small simple quests that really have no real desire except just to play, it's not like they give sweet loot or anything. Questlines need to have better outcomes like previously mentioned you should get a recipe after killing some type of boss mob and have to get some crafter to help you out or a guild crafter or whatever. Also what happened to the good days when learning a language meant hearing someone else say it until you started to learn it? And when drinking a bunch of tonic then racing around the treetop village in greater faydark was fun because your char couldn't walk straight.
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  16. Spyre77 New Member

    Just to clarify I am not saying I want it to be more about soloing I am saying I woul like the quest that are meant for 1-3 ppl to have better outcome than what they have now.
  17. originalmajesticz New Member

    I would like to make a suggestion of what i would like to see in EQN, Not sure if im way off base here but i really think it would make the game better as a whole.

    1.must have atleast 10 people to charter a guild, as your guild grows in numbers so does your options. once you hit lets say 30 members you and have enough gold/materials you can purchase and build a starting home/fort for your guild. this can be built in designated areas within the world, once you hit 50 members and enough gold/materials you can upgrade it to a castle, While you are out getting enough gold/materials you can also train lets say in a week to learn how to build a moat, or a blacksmith house, or tailoring section within the castle then you would design where to build it and have it housed within the castle. with this said lets add to it.

    2. crafting as in every game out there you pick up harvesting, mining,skinning etc, well in EQN you will have the same for the basic market so people can level skills up and make armor/weapons sell/trade to help them in there journey. The standard system all MMOS's have. now here is where it gets interesting, back to the Guild part of it, let say the best armor in the game is crafted gear but to only get these recipes you have to be able to raid endgame bosses, these endgame bosses will drop recipes for making the armor and recipes to make the rare items. what i mean by this if you have a big enough guild to go and kill these bosses you can now create towns outside your castle this is where members of the guild can build there housing and in this housing can be customized of course but it also allows you to build farm homes and within these farm homes is where you can only grow rare herbs that will help create these end game equipment, only harvested once a week? a month? not sure. only high enough and skilled enough harvesters can pick these herbs within your own guild no one else. this farm like system can also be a seasonal thing winter. spring, summer, fall, these rare herbs is what will make the rare liquids for armors and weapons only the best in game. you will sill need the basic herbs out in the world and mines and skins but to take them to create that perfect rare item wit will be a long journey.

    I'm not sure if this is even a good idea but i really am tired of everyone being able to get the best gear not doing anything. if you want the best you have to work hard to get it with the help of many people. not saying you cant have good items and equipment within the game but if you want the most rarest and best you have to work together to make it happen.
  18. Battleaxe Augur

    Keeping in mind that the cake is in the oven and anything we say that isn't feedback about what actually exists is jacking our jaws - nothing more.

    No thanks. I want to "loot Sting from a Troll hoard" with it being a weapon forged in a previous age when magic was stronger. Contemporary craftsmen ought not have the ability to forge heroic items - items that should be pried out of a dead dragon's claws.

    Devs have stated that the best gear will drop from raids in EQ and not be tradeskill crafted. I see no good reason why EQ Next players should be deprived of dragon loot fully assembled and instead be handed a bag of parts (I detest the current system and console myself by pretending that I'm merely having my looted Dread Bracer fited.)

    Excalibur handed to you by the Lady of the Lake > Excalibur made by Tommy Tradeskiller from a piece of a meteor (kinder than saying a '53 Ford leaf spring) - there's 0 contest.

    I have heard that the SWTG tradeskill system was better than EQ's. Frankly what I would like to see is:

    Ordinary arms and armor - able to be created by competent craftsmen with the "grade" dependent on the craftsman's skill, the recipe/construction plans, and the quality of the materials. Appearance and recipes developer provided.

    Master Quality arms and armor - quality achievable by the best of the best master craftsman using quested for plans and exotic open zone obtained materials. Possible player created appearance.

    Heroic Quality arms and armor - pried out of the claws of dead dragons, etc. The process used to create these items lost or no longer reproducible.

    I've no interest in having to tradeskill or having to run a shop as a merchant if I wish to be an adventurer. You buy that stuff at WalMart from clerks - handmade 440C stainless. If you want better you loot the blue glowing sword from inside a barrow mound while surrounded by trolls. <- Adventure.

    As a side business when adventuring is slow, sure, But I'm more likely to arm wrestle in bars for cash than wait on customers or hang sheetrock. Other people will have their vocational preferences too - they ought not be required to hunt dragons if they (for example) want to be an entertainer.
  19. Evanflowne New Member

    Oh man, I'm excited about the news of a new EQ. Even went on youtube to check out videos of the original EQ when I first started playing. Crazy to see how many years have passed and I still check up on this MMORPG to see if anything new is happening.

    I gotta say the #1 thing that made me come back to EQ several times, then again with EQ2, was the questing/grouping aspect of the game. It's what makes this game different from the rest. Obviously there have been many others since, but EQ is still amazing for its time. So if I had to break it down to top 3 things I'd like to see in EQ3 here they go!:

    1 - Quests with meaning leading to more and more epic quests!. I like the idea of even questing for types of "ammo" that might let you activate skills/spells. Maybe an EPIC skill/spell that you must quest for, and then additional epic ammo to cast it. This can be implemented a number of ways which I am sure can be discussed to prevent the "grind" feel.

    2 - Fun punishments for mistakes! even when I was playing this game at the age of 14, I enjoyed the feeling I got when I ran through kithicor forest at night...it gave it an extra level fear when you had to loot your corpse if you died. I like the idea of making players enter into some sort of "underworld" quest to come back to life if they die, this will make people think twice before being acting all Noob. It will also make the "coming back to life" process a fun punishment. This idea can go into many others - maybe a raid whipe will cause the guild to enter one of these instances for a second chance to "revert time" and try again....discuss! lol.

    3 - Character creation! - Everyone sticks to the usual skins and model mods. I'd like to see the ability for players to create their own custom "epic" spell look, or auras, etc. Maybe have a multiple selection of particles, colors, effects, etc to customize what your epicness will look like at end game!.

    That's my 3 cents! can't wait to see what comes out in August!
  20. Evanflowne New Member

    Oh, forgot to mention one other thing after getting all hyped over EQN.

    By no means am I a hardcore player, but I can see how someone that dedicates THAT much time to a game might want to stand out from the rest. Most games today reward those players with UBER gear that makes them insanely powerful individuals - making the casual players lose value in groups and raids (even difficult to join guilds unless you have a certain "tier" of crap that you'll never attain as a casual player) I'd like to see a different way to reward hardcore players that will promote team play instead of segregation.

    GW2 has a commander totem that puts a symbol on a map of your location and allows ppl to join large map wide parties. This was a way to reward endgame players and make them stand out from the rest while still serving a purpose to the community (promoting team play)

    RF Online had something similar with a rank structure base on ur pvp kills, etc. These ranks would give players a unique aura - server wide chat privileges and power buffs to nearby allies.

    I'd like to hear out ideas on how EQN could improve on these concepts. I think it would promote a whole new sense of community and motivate servers to want these "hardcore" players on their servers instead of feeling like their falling behind and will never catch up.

    Here is my ideas - would like to hear more:
    - Items that activate group buffs the more allies you have around you.
    - Server-wide call to arms to unite players when fighting EPIC bosses. (again diff classes could have unique abilities - or epic abilities)
    - If you really want to dive further into pvp, etc - you can have weekly server champion ranks that give even more unique abilities.

    Again the focus is instead of items that make the individual player a monster, have it be items that benefit everyone and also the wielder the more he helps out his community.

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