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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Zokaniz, Sep 11, 2014.

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  1. Ozni Elder

    Since we're operating in the realm of pure fantasy, I propose a step further: total demake of every post-Velious zone and creature to a lower-poly visual aesthetic consistent with that era, as if they were made by the same artists. An unending extension of a golden age.
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  2. Vandetta New Member

    I know the possibility of having Epic 3.0 added are nil but instead I think there should be something else in place. Why not have the existing epic that people have be changed to an evolving type of item. Not necessarily tied to xp'ing it up like conventional evolving but instead have it tied to tier 1 group arc. Just start with the first expansion that had tiered task such as the mercenary and partisan line I believe it started with SoD. For example if you complete all mercenary and partisan in any of the zones then your epic will have stats inline with group level items for that expansion. This way everyone could choose to 'evolve' their epic to with stats consistent with group level equipment just by complete both the mercenary and partisan arc in any one zone. Of course having the particular focus could be raised in this manner as well to make it's effects still useful in each expansion.
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  3. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    The issue with a faction tab is that NPC's don't use just one faction to determine how they react to you. A combination of your race, class, deity, and how one or more factions interact all determine what each npc thinks of you. What that means is that it is possible for an Ogre SK and a Halfing Ranger to have the same "Faction" with an NPC but when conning the NPC one will show as ready to attack and the other will show as Ally.
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  4. Acidon New Member

    This. Oh and I miss old Freeport. :(
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  5. Sanh Elder

    Me too. New Freeport is an abomination. I miss the old North Freeport bank area :( was a nice place to chill out. Miss old ec tunnels. Miss oasis dock to timorous deep. Bring them back. Please?
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  6. Geroblue Augur

    I had little problem getting around old Freeport. I prefer the old layouts for the towns/cities. Maybe a fix on the graphics, but the layouts should be kept, and the 'revamped' zones' layouts should be put back the way they were.

    I liked to fish in old Freeport. I've been to New Freeport twice, I've never returned.
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  7. Koveras Elder

    If Epic 3.0 is ever going to actually happen then the only thing I can suggest is this...

    For one, instead of having the devs do a total of 16 separate quests for each class, why not divide them all down to 5 separate Epic 3.0 Quests and in trade make so those five quests share certain classes.
    Say for example you have an Epic 3.0 Quest being shared by Tanks such as Paladins, Shadow Knights & Warriors, an Epic 3.0 Quest being shared by Melees such as Berserker, Monk & Rogue, an Epic 3.0 Quest involving Hybrids such as Bard, Beastlord & Ranger, an Epic 3.0 Quest being shared by Priests such as Clerics, Druids & Shamans and an Epic 3.0 Quest being shared by Enchanters, Magicians, Necromancers & Wizards.

    Well their you have it, five Epic 3.0 Quests being shared by each group of classes as mentioned above, I should mention that they should still include 16 different weapons, in addition they should also have separate AA ability versions of the clickie effects they provide.

    As for updated graphics on old world zones, the only way this can happen is if it's done in the most original way imaginable as Nekulous Forest (the 3rd version of Nekulous Forest looked very original despite being updated long ago)
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  8. Zokaniz Master

    Talking about graphics:

    The Game should have equal graphics in all zones...
    There is a big difference on walking in zones like Goru`kar Mesa than in zones like Field of Bone, being the same game. My request on this Post it is not that they change the Original Layout of the zones, It is just that they upgrade the zones with the last graphics also. Before make new zones, I recommend on work with the old zones, (all zones should have the same graphics in the game)...

    There are zones without no visitors. Work with them, adding new Quests, etc., It will be a good way to reconnect the whole Norrath together again.

    I am an old EQ player also, I remember my times in the Oasis of Marr and the old bazaar in the Commonlands (tunnel). Thanks everyone for the post support in someway!.

    Zokaniz Icedragon
    The FEARLESS Leader.

    General of the <Spirit Council>.
    ( Http://SC-SpiritCouncil.GuildPortal.com )
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  9. Lothian New Member


    There you go.
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  10. Vaft_Gnome Lorekeeper

    graphic revamps suck! suck! suck!
    make new zones, or make instances for quests or whatever, but graphically revamped zones are horrible!
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  11. Burdi Augur

    Objectively people want to keep their old low quality graphic because of the nostalgic feeling it provides.
    More over the opportunity to XP in old zone is non existent.
    Why spending time on revamping them?
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  12. Raluden Elder

    That would require an effort and resources, two things SOE hasn't given to EQ in years.
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  13. Kendayar New Member

    it's been known the formula is basically

    [personal] +/- [diety] +/- [class] +/- [spells] +/- [npc override] = total faction

    the numbers and the math have existed since the start of the game. this is just a matter of whether or not players should be able to see the plain number.
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  14. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    The point was that even if you know what a raw numbers with a faction is it won't give you any info on how a specific npc will react to you which doesn't provide a lot of value in the information.
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  15. Gherig Augur

    DEV already said that with so many factions in EQ1, the Faction tab is not practical. As it would not be a single tab but dozens of tabs. Information that would need to loaded all the time into the game, like other UI items. EQ2 has a few dozen factions, EQ1 has hundreds and hundreds. It is the same reason you see EXP per kill in EQ2 but not EQ1. The number per kill for EXP on a lvl 100 mob would put Avogadro's Number to shame.
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  16. Zokaniz Master

    ~DEV TEAM~. I understand that for have the items from BETA & older Expansions, I must own the exact expansions, If exist a possibility to acquire them, please let me know it by a private message... BTW, There should be a better Option of Withdraw Items at the Guild Banks: a Withdraw for 'inside' guild bank & a Withdraw for the 'deposit' area, (By that way, players wont be allowed to withdraw items from deposit area without authorization). I did the /Feedback command for both of this things in game... Thanks friends!
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  17. Aeneid New Member

    We all know Everquest is legendary for its gameplay, especially when looking back towards earlier expansions. The game has endured for over 15 years and it deserves a sequel. I believe our best hope at getting an updated platform for our beloved game is to make our thoughts and opinions known over at the official Everquest Next forums. As Everquest Next is currently being described, there is very little for longtime Everquest fans to get excited about. Everquest Next does not seem to share any similarities to Everquest's game mechanics and they are coming out with lore that directly contradicts the Everquest Lore we have all come to know and love.

    There are several debates going on now relating to both gameplay and lore. Stop on over and let them know that you believe Everquest Next should designed as a sequel to Everquest I.

    Everquest Next GamePlay Link:

    Everquest Next Lore Link:
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  18. Fendy Augur

    Buy the current expansion and you will have access to the items in older expansions.
    Guild members designated as bankers CAN withdraw items from the deposit are as well as the main bank area.
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  19. Xerxo Journeyman

    Not at all happy with the direction of Everquest Next. Seems to be to be an action shooter for console players.
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  20. Swarm Journeyman

    Sony appears to be totally off course again.
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