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    I have some more questions and will appreciate if anyone can answer.

    - Is there a way to lock experience gain? I heard that I can funnel my experience to AA points when I get to 50 (?), is it not possible to pause experience gain before that?

    - Is there a shortcut (hotkey) for Skills window? I checked all Hotkey options but couldn't see a Skills entry. I'm not referring to Spells window.

    - Is there a quicker way to sell things? Currently, for stacked items it requires 3 clicks to sell something (click on item, click Sell, click Accept). It gets tiring when you are selling dozens of items.

    - Is there a way to lose aggro? Mobs seem to be following me indefinitely. It wouldn't be an issue in dungeons or raids but in open world it gets annoying sometimes.

    - There's a Recover window at merchants. Does it store all the previous items I destroyed? Or is there a number/time limit? E.g. they will expire in one week or it will display only 100 last destroyed items etc.

    - How do Merchant goods work? There are two types of goods as far as I saw. 1) Infinite amount goods which I can buy any time in any amount, 2) finite amount goods that deplete when I buy. Are finite amount goods sold to the merchant by other players? Do they stay at the merchant until someone else buys them or do they disappear after a certain period?

    Finally, and most importantly, I want to ask about zones, questing and starting cities for races. I learned that each race has their own city and following zones but it seems everyone starts in Crescent Reach at the moment. As a completionist, I want to explore all zones and do all quests that I can do as I play towards to end game. My current quests are sending me to Blightfire Moors but I noticed there are many other lower level zones and I want to explore them first but no idea in what order I shall do or if it matters. Do all races have a separate line of zones and quests till max level or do they merge after some initial levels 20-30 etc.? Can I do quests in other races' starting cities and following zones? In short, I am trying to find a pattern that will help me with putting the zones in an order that I can follow to explore. I wouldn't want to miss things or do later quests that would make earlier quests unavailable.

  2. Borek-VS Augur

    If you don't want to level up, and your AA exp is full or otherwise unavailable, you can die: worth around 10% exp. If you don't want to die futilely, then ask a necro to sacrifice you - they generate an Essence Emerald for each sac.

    Skills is also available on the Inventory window (shortcut is the i key), and is on the EQ->Character menu. No other obvious shortcut key. If you mouse click and hold on the menu item, you can drop it onto a hotkey bar if you really want to.

    When selling, ctrl click to sell a stack at a time. There's also a way to sell the entire contents of a bag, although I never use it, so I can't remember the key combo.

    It you run away, most times mobs will eventually lose aggro. Most classes eventually get abilities to intentionally completely lose aggro - ones that get it at the lowest levels are monks, necro and shadow knights with Feign Death.

    Merchant stocks are as you imagine, although some (very, very few) items with limited stocks are system supplied, and will regenerate over time. Player sold items stay until server resets. However, merchant inventory can fill up, and later items sold to the merchant will never be accessible to players.

    Order of doing quests isn't very important in Everquest; you can go back and do any you like, and very many can be repeated ad infinitum. The Hero's Journey (and other achievements) follows the Crescent Reach sequence, ignoring other home towns, eventually joining together the important quests from later expansions. The older starting towns don't really have a sequence, just a random grab bag of quests.

    Both Shar Vahl and Cabilis have relatively interesting lore to seek out, although you will need a character of the appropriate race to get easy access to the quests.
  3. Tatanka Augur

    I believe you click on the bag icon in your character window, and that will queue up everything in the bag to be sold. Doing this does NOT sell the bag itself.

  4. Grove Augur

    Q1 - pause experience
    To my knowledge, there is no way to do this before AAs begin.

    Q2 - skills window shortcut
    I leave the skills window up, minimized with the little o in the left side of the window header. Other than that, no way the I know.

    Q3 - selling things
    Here there is some help. If you want to sell (or move or transfer) the stack, hold the SHIFT key. The whole group is dispatched. On the other hand if you want to deal with just one of the stack, hold the CONTROL key; just one will be dispatched.

    Q4 - loosing aggro
    Some classes have abilities to deal with this (usually through one or more AAs). Most do not, other than getting distance between you and the aggressor, zoning, camping out.

    Q5 - recovery through merchants
    I will let others speak to this.

    Q6 - merchant goods
    If a merchant has an unlimited amount of something, that something is among his base supplies. There is one exception of which I am aware. Some merchants sell a particular kind of ore in a limited amount. If that sells out, a mini-quest can be done to reset the merchant to enable this ore to be restocked. Other goods showing in definite numbers have been sold to the merchant by players. These items remain on the merchant until purchased or zone reset. A technique called "seeding" has been used to accumulate more of a player sold item wherein a player will sell to a merchant one of an item in which the player has interest. If the merchant has stock space, said item will now show in his inventory even in amounts exceeding stack size when others sell to him. However, the original player runs the risk of loosing even his original item should another player purchase the item, with further accumulation.

    Q7 - questing and start cities
    Crescent Reach has a great set of quests. That is where the Hero's Journey starts. However the home cities of races other than Drakkin have quests too. There are basic armor quests, although the "defiant" gear and gear earned in the training zone has largely superseded the usefulness of this armor. One quest that I like especially is the quest in Kelethin in which Wood Elf Bards earn a drum. and another in which a Wood Elf Rangers earn a bow. However, there are some exploration and armor quests found in Plane of Knowledge. Note: With the exception of the two most recently authorized race/class combinations (Wood Elf Beastlord and Froglok Monk?) a player may change their start city from Crescent Reach to the racial one.
  5. Gundolin Augur

    Great questions, I had no idea you could queue up an entire bags worth of items to sell to a merchant. That's why I always like reading these boards.

    The only thing I would add is on;
    I'm not sure why you would like to lock experience gain out. If you have a friend or someone else you like to play with and are worried that you will out gain them in levels you can use a "shroud" to make your character a lower level and allow grouping.

    I don't know if there is a time limit or a total quantity it remembers but I have never gone back and searched through my destroyed items and not been able to find an item. But like most players I use this rarely.
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  6. beryon Augur

    I have! There's a quantity limit; I believe it's 100.

    If you're talking about the Combat Skills window, it's alt-C.

    If you can't lose a mob by running, it's usually because you're not going fast enough. This can be fixed by a getting a runspeed buff or fast mount.

    Drakkins and all ftp players start in CR. Gold members of other races get the choice of CR or their racial hometown.
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  7. Raludar Apprentice

    If you want to sell all of the items in a bag you can click on the bag when you're in the merchant screen it will let you sell everything in the bag at once. Be careful though, it will sell all items in the bag that are able to be sold.
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    Thank you all, my knowledge about the game just increased considerably :)
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