Evantil, the Vile Oak

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  1. Recnarp Augur

    I remember speculation was building when new discoveries/changes were being made with Jaggedpine forest. The leaked RoF zone names and the wall of bark that blocks the eastern tunnel with the barricade had us believing that was the zone-in to Evantil.

    Since we actually got to see RoF, we now understand that its off Beast's Domain and not Jaggedpine.

    So the question is, what was all the Jaggedpine stuff about, and what is still beyond that tunnel?
  2. Falos Augur

    Burned Woods is off Jaggedpine... but not this week.
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  3. Beimeith Augur

    During Fan Faire we asked Dzarn what was up in Jaggedpine and he told us it was related to the Epic Ornamentation quest. Considering that the last word given during VoA beta was that only Clerics and Druids remained to be finished, and that during Fan Faire he said only 1 class is left, clearly he was working on the Cleric one.
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