Europeans on TLP?

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  1. Praxxos Journeyman

    Hello everyone,

    this might have been asked before but what TLP has the highest density in European players? I am thinking about starting fresh on a TLP but i play in the afternoon at european times.

    Thank you!
  2. Xyroff-cazic. Director of Sarcasm

    Density would be a tough question to answer without publicly available server population numbers, but there are successful Euro timezone guilds on Mangler and Aradune for sure. Mangler has Europa and Knightmare, and Aradune has Rosengard and Rampage World Tour (maybe a third one, idk).
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  3. HicksAradune Augur

    I know the euro guilds on mangler and aradune wont start raiding til usually 6-7pm

    Europa Mangler is at the stage of the game where there is only instanced raids so no batphone raiding

    and Rosengard is DZ only and Rampage continually fail to win dps races for OW targets too

    You could always check out Thats EQ Baby , since we batphone targets constantly. For example yesterday afternoon (Im EU btw) we killed 5 bosses in VT, OW Seru and OW Cursed and XTC all between 1pm and 5pm GMT. We are primarily a US guild but it might be your best option for mid afternoon EU raiding.
  4. jeskola pheerie

    <End of Time X> Casual Euro raiding guild on Rizlona is currently recruiting. Looking for more of most classes. Scheduled raiding, experienced crew, friendly atmosphere.
    Currently full on raiding Warriors and low demand for paladin + shadowknights.

    Raid Schedule as follow.

    Sunday 19:00 - 23:00 CET (18:00 GMT / 13:00 EST)
    Tuesday 20:00 - 23:00 CET (19:00 GMT / 14:00 EST)
    Thursday 20:00 - 23:00 CET (19:00 GMT / 14:00 EST)

    Invites start 30min before.
    Please contact Kriger, Akyra, Minijoe, Zind or Jimmy for more information.
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  5. Roxas MM Augur

    omg you forgot us, the big daddie. Rosenguard 3 is alive and kicking on phinigel. I must admit though it's a bit late to start fresh here, since we're in ToV atm, less then 3 months from live. :cool:
  6. THISISHEKK Journeyman

    Whew lawd, that explains a lot.
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  7. Zipe The Healer

    Excuse me sirs but Rosengard is on Phinigel. I don't know what Aradune's Rosengard is, probably some old Rosengard members that prefered classic content over the modern eras.
  8. Karreck Somebody

    Rosenguard and Rampage World Tour are both good guilds with a strong Euro presence on Aradune.
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  9. Raevael New Member

    I can confirm that on Aradune, Rosengard and Rampage World Tour are both healthy Euro guilds.

    There are some differences between the guilds, and while I am a recruiter for Rampage, I'll also say that sometimes we are the better fit, sometimes Rosengard is. It depends on what you're looking for in a guild.

    On the Everquest discord, if you were to look at the Aradune section you'll see me on there (Nerys). Feel free to shoot me a message and I'll gladly field any question you have, and if we aren't the right fit, I won't BS you on that.

    We raid Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday officially at 7:30pm (1:30pm EST). On off days we do things for fun. We also have a batphone for open world targets during EU daytime. We multi split the content in every expansion, and while there are US timezone guilds that are bigger than we are, I do believe that we are currently the largest of the non-US time guilds on Aradune. I'm *fairly* certain.

    We also have a good number of NA players who raid at Euro time. I'm in EST myself. :)
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  10. Indigo_Quarmite Augur

    I mean, from what I am told, these days you get what Altered Minds lets you get. But good recruiting effort.

    I would recommend Rosengard as good people for Aradune Europe guilds.
  11. Protagonist Tank

  12. HicksAradune Augur

    That single Thall Va Xakra kill is way more impressive than our 11 OW AHR Kills for sure.....

    Lets get back on track though, the OP can only raid EU afternoon times he says - and on Aradune Rosengard are DZ only, Rampage pretend to be an OW batphone guild but lose every race - so if he wants to raid and actually get loot, Thats EQ Baby would be his best option in those times he can play
  13. Xyroff-cazic. Director of Sarcasm

    Love you Zipe <3.

    If OP wants to "start fresh" on a server 2 months from hitting live, I'm sure he will look you up :p
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  14. MAggius New Member

    Mangler has 2 Euro guilds raiding, current on DoDh about to start PoR.
    Knightmare Guild

    No ideas on the "newer" Tlp's
  15. OreganoGuano Living rent free in your head

    Oh look it's the village idiot shouting about Rampage who live rent free in his head, shock!

    Had to say it twice because nobody cared the first time....

    At no point did this guy ask for a batphone guild, yet Mr "let's make it all about me" comes in a derails another thread so he can talk about his guild.

    You have severe attention seeking issues.
  16. ClayPigeon Baja Bandit

    Hi Praxxos and welcome. Here are a list of European guilds on TLPs

    Ragefire - Darkwind were the last EU guild left on Ragefire pretty sure they don't do anything anymore.
    Phinigel - Rosengard III are trying to complete the game before live and they are pretty close, lost a few of their leadership but there are some great people there.
    Mangler - Knightmare and Europa Mangler. Knightmare are the smaller of the guilds but I believe are still progressing. Europa are built from a strong community/group of players from P99 to Agnarr and now Mangler. Very strong and were running split raids last time I checked. The fact there are 2 EU guilds still going on Mangler is a good thing.
    Rizlona - End of Time are the prime EU raiding guild on Rizlona, I don't know much about them except they seem like a good bunch from my interactions with them.
    Aradune - Rampage World Tour and Rosengard 6. To put it simply the strongest of the two is RWT they are bigger and clear more content with splits etc but they're definitely not for everyone. Rosengard 6 are much more casual and laid back and that's why they have a healthy roster of players, you have two sides of the coin on Aradune.

    I haven't got a bad word to say about either of them.

    However I'd steer clear of Hicks he has like 5 Europeans in his guild, he's toxic, unintelligent, a big mouth and is severely butt hurt because everyone he knows is in Rampage and they all think he's an idiot and terrible at the game. Just check his posts out as someone said before. He trash talks them constantly, he's got some weird obsession and he let's them live rent free in his head.

    I play on Mangler and Aradune. I would say Europa pips Knightmare on Mangler but on Aradune it depends on how you want to play. Slow paced or a little faster, and as you can see in here even Rampage's recruitment officer has said RWT isn't for everyone and RG6 might be an option. It all depends how you want to play.

    Rampage also run GDKP raids for everyone on weekends. Many people from both EU guilds attend as well as people from all over.
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  17. CokaSZ "Oh they baited us"

    Good to see you Rox! Hope Kalann is fine too!

    Good luck with the rest of Phini!
  18. HicksAradune Augur

    Saying it once again for people who struggle to be able to understand what the OP is asking - Both ClayPigeon and OreganoGuano mostly because struggle with reading apparently.

    There are no european guilds raiding in the afternoon on Aradune. I cant put it much simpler than that.

  19. OreganoGuano Living rent free in your head

    The OP asked a simple question, but you can't help yourself.

    Rampage live rent free in your head, no idea why.

    You bash them in General chat, the EQ Discord before you were banned for being Toxic. Everywhere you can.

    You love the attention as well.
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  20. TLP Addict Augur

    Hickss might be a tool who has somehow managed to rise to a station well beyond his ability, but he at least answered the question which you have made zero effort to do. Not sure who is living in who's head here.

    OP specifically stated that he/she/ could only raid during Euro afternoons which potentially rules out the 2 main Euro raid guilds.

    Maybe instead of knee jerk reacting to Hickss you could address the original post?