European raiding people? [Lockjaw]

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Zapi, Oct 9, 2015.

  1. Zapi New Member


    Are there any guild that suits normal European raidtimes? (20:00 / 8PM gmt+2)?

    We're looking to either join a bigger raiding guild or expand <Gauls> (which, at the moment, is an open invitation, European guild, with a small group of Danes so far)

  2. Eilad Lorekeeper

    I dont know if there are european guilds on Lockjaw, most of the european community is on Ragefire.

    Rosengard - Raid guild
    Darkwind - Raid guild
    Ronchons et Dragons - French guild

    if you plan to see TLP till the end, i strongly suggest you come over to ragefire :)
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  3. Frenzic Augur

    Joining a guild with the illustrious Miss Eilad is enough of a reason to switch! What a lucky group of Euros those Rosengard are.
  4. Simone Augur

    For the most part it seems that bulk of the European players are playing on Ragefire and the bulk of the Asian/Oceanic players are playing on Lockjaw.

    As there are not any serious European raiding guilds on Lockjaw; most European players have simply joined existing guilds that fit with their play times. A couple of the larger guilds do raids more or less anytime of day a target is up so have a few Europeans in their ranks to help kill mobs at those times. Some of the Asian/Oceanic guilds also have a small number of European players who able to make raiding in the early afternoon work for them.

    So if you plan on sticking it out on Lockjaw there isn't any particular guild I can point you to. So I recommend looking at the guild recruitment forum for guilds tagged for Lockjaw and see if you can find a guild that you would like.
  5. Zapi New Member

    We're not really "serious" raiders, just some "grumpy old" men, with families and jobs, who would like to do some sort of raiding, goto the planes which we never really did much in 1999.
    not having to think "SK Epic... need a piece from CT, not gonna happen..." and like that

    But moving to RF isn't the first option we look at, just the rumors about how fast Kunark was cleared there, could it happen in Velious again? as far as I remember some content are changed when this happens and stuff like gnome mask stops dropping (major thing as I played rogue back then ;))

    So I think we will look into joining one of the bigger guilds, who seem to have som Euro players capable of casual raiding also

  6. Darth Augur

    Content will be cleared just as quickly on Lockjaw, possibly faster since we seem to have more guilds interested in 24/7 raiding over here.

    Only Twisted Legacy really did any raiding on opening night on Ragefire.
  7. Zapi New Member

    you're probaly right :(
  8. Adonhiram Augur

    /wave Simone

    That's exactly what I did. I am a french player but my playtimes are more in the afternoon at the end of the week instead of the evening, so I applied to Peace of Formosa EX, an asian/pacific time guild, who were kind enough to tag me despite my level (22, I am planning ahead for raiding lol).
    Their raiding time correspond to apprx. 1:00 PM CET (Paris, Berlin, Rome...), which was exactly what I was looking for.

    There is also another guild, who is an australian one (aligned on australian eastern standard time zone), called Forsaken Order whose raiding time starts a bit earlier seen from Europe, corresponding to 11 or 12 AM CET.

    From what I understood, these are the two major non-american timezone guilds on Lockjaw.
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  9. Jagular Journeyman

    There seems to be a few small European Guilds on LJ <Gauls> as stated <Klan Krieger> is another small Eropean guild i belive there are a few more guilds on LJ with a majority of european players.

    It could be an idea to merge or make a coalition of the small european guilds , not sure who are officers in either guilds are but that should not be a problem to get sorted.

  10. Aegir Augur

    Hvis det bliver lidt for ensomt paa Lockjaw, så er i meget velkommen. :)

    Mvh, Aegir.
  11. Zinth Augur

    Vi har det da fint på LJ hvor jeg raider med Forsaken Order :)
  12. Medousa New Member

    We do have a few euros in our guild <Forsaken Order> that do raid with us, but the raids start at 10.30am United Kingdom time, not sure what that equates to for you guys... generally speaking we start raids at 8.30pm AEST which equates to 3am PST if thats any help to you guys

    Check us out or contact medousa, webb, neck or endtime ingame
  13. Tris Augur

    lots of danes in Darkwind on Ragefire. So unless you are breaking away from them to get away from the ffa gankzerg on rf, that would be an option