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  1. Fufinski New Member

    About us:

    Europa started out on P99 not long after the server opened and is still going strong today. When Agnarr was announced many of us decided to move over and start Europa there. Many of us wanted to experience later expansions so when Mangler was announced we decided it was time to move again. Mangler will most likely be our final home.

    On Agnarr we kept our raider numbers strictly in balance with the content rather than recruiting a force capable of steamrolling over the content. On Mangler we have taken a different approach and recruited enough people to keep the guild very healthy long term. To counterbalance our greater numbers we started to raid split all the content to keep things challenging and interesting, helped along the way with the use of raid boxes. Doing this we have never had to ask raiders to sit out of our raids because of a lack of raid spots.

    We are primarily a European based guild but we accept members from all over the world. We play the game a certain way and follow a strict code of conduct which can be found here.


    Whilst we do prefer high attendance raiders we are open to more casual minded people, this is a home for all european players and non-european players who prefer to play in our time zone. You can view the classes that are open (or closed) for recruitment here. If the class you wish to join as is closed, you are still more than welcome to put in an application. Exceptional applications will always be considered! We also have a social rank which you can apply for, and perhaps at a later date when circumstances in class recruitment change apply for raider status. Social players are still able to raid with us, but have certain restrictions.

    Our current minimum requirements for raider applications are level 85 with 1000+ AA's. Social applications have no limitations, although don't expect to be accepted at ridiculously low levels ;)

    Although we prefer skilled players we put a lot of value in friendly and honest personalities. We have certain expectations of how our members behave towards guildies and other players on this server.


    Schedule: Sundays 20:00 - 23:00 CET, Monday 20:00 - 23:00 CET, Thursday 20:00 - 23:00 CET. There is also quite frequently a fun raid on Saturdays, which is primarily aimed at gearing newer people and peoples alts - generally raid zones from the previous expansion(s).

    We require the use of Discord voice comms on our raids, this is mandatory. You don't have to speak but are obligated to listen to raid orders, so a certain level of English is required.


    All members are able to nominate one of their alts as a raid box which help to fill out spots on our raids. They have a stringent set of level and AA requirements. You can spend dkp on them but they do have a low maximum bidding allowance - we still do want the best loot on our mains.


    We use a blind DKP bidding system. Trialists are allowed to bid and we have a fairly high max bidding limit for anyone with less than 33% Raid attendance.


    Website: https://www.europa-gaming.net/
    Discord: https://discord.com/invite/aUtsAgU

    In-game: Fufinski, Tyler, Seric
  2. Seric New Member

    Updating this thread because new max level is 85 with Seeds of Destruction.

    Guild has beaten all the raid content for this expac recently and so Tower and Korafax are now on farm mode to gear everyone up for Underfoot (in about 2 months).

    Our numbers are good but we still recruit.

    At this stage in the game, it is best if new applicants are veterans of EQ or have a lot of time, or both.

    The guild does have a lot of veteran players in it, and they have a vast wealth of EQ knowledge, which is really useful, but anyone with good knowledge of the later expansions would be really helpful.
  3. Seric New Member

    Just under a month left until Underfoot launches on the Mangler server. We are continuing to raid Seeds of Destruction 3 times a week, with optional extra fun raid (of previous xpac content). Raids are at European time zone evenings (which is also good for any US players who want to raid during the day).

    We are still recruiting all classes, but particularly could use a few more wizards and rogues.
  4. Fufinski New Member

    Still on the lookout for Euro-time players, whatever the nationality :) Currently working our way through Sanctum Somnium, and could use a few more to help us on our way. Currently raiding Sun/Mon/Thur 20:00 - 23:00 CET with semi-regular fun raids on Saturdays.

    Web: https://www.europa-gaming.net/
    Discord: https://discord.com/invite/aUtsAgU
  5. Seric New Member

    Veil of Alaris launched today, and one of its best features for a progression server is the ease for people to catch up with the progression so they can raid. So now is a really good time to join us.

    We have a great team of raiders, clearing all the bosses each expac, but we do have room for more - particularly more DPS classes please!