Euro/AB players, you moving or staying?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Aenvar, Aug 27, 2017.

  1. Reynen Journeyman

    Lol "thrust upon you". AB guys are vastly more advanced than Vox, it would have been a blessing for your dying server, it's like cavemen meeting civilisation. Surprisingly, you're the only one trying to sell us Vox as a great server.
    They're the ones that will have to suck it up with a bad ping (I assume?), you should have been thankfull if they merged you with a real server (any server actually, just not Trakanon which is a 2nd dying Vox), with raid guilds and groupers in vastly bigger numbers than yours...
  2. Derka Augur

    There are some exceptional players on Vox, just like every other server. While it would have been fun to see where some of us stack up with AB players, I don't see it happening. Skill can outshine gear most of the time.
  3. Zaph Augur

    Just for the record, as was mentioned by others, my "negativity" isnt directed at Vox as a server, its the whole idea of individual transfer and it being optional.
    I dont care what sever was offered, if the ENTIRE population of AB - active and laxed was moved enmass to another server with the same ruleset, doesnt matter which one, I would be more than satisfied as a temporary fix to what has made EQ almost unplayable for the last few months.
    BTW, if I stopped playing EQ, I damn well wouldn't be playing WoW instead :)
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  4. Kyzvs Elder

    Not moving, not subbing either.
  5. Yinla Augur

    This isn't what the AB players want, they want a stable server where they can all play together without having to move individually.

    By all means move us as a whole to a new stable server, but don't ask us to move individually. IF we are moved anywhere we want our guilds, housing, community, etc intact.

    AFTER everyone has moved to a new server then offer transfers, not before! Treat us the same as any other server that shut down, they were all merged and then offered transfers, not transferred and anyone left dumped on a server.
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  6. Yinla Augur

    A merge with Vox is a whole different ball game. While the Vox server at this moment in time may be dead at the time we play, once a merge is done it would be the same as we have now, with maybe a few extra Vox players playing with us.

    With a merge all the arguments that were made for individual transfers go out the window, Vox will no longer not have any ranked raid guilds, they will inherit 4 guilds all raiding EOK, It doesn't matter that there is no Euro population there, they will be bringing their own.

    The majority of AB players
    will accept a MERGE with Vox
    will accept a MERGE with any server (accept maybe FV and ZeK)
    will accept transferring the server as a whole, to a brand spanking new server, with or without free transfers off to other servers.
    will not accept individual transfers to any server which may see absent guildmates/friends left behind. Where they need to reform guilds, rebuild housing, reform fellowships, etc.

    Offering AB players a one way transfer to another server as indiviuals is not a viable option to the majority of AB players.
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  7. fortuneteller Augur

    Never accept merge with with those.

    I dont wanna have to go watch behind myself all the time, to prevent being killed.
  8. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Ok, so you are "not so sure".
    And you aren't ready to take Adroxia's word for it who has spelled it out quite nicely and to-the-point.

    So i doubt my reply will do much good there either, but still: giving it a try...

    This isn't because of Vox and it's community, but because those people requesting a move to Rate instead for some reason believe that there were more euro players on that server rather than yours.
    IF a move were even considered by a guild, that guild would HAVE to be interested in an existing recruitment pool, or be ready to face folding in a few months, due to attrition.

    Two things there and both are wrong:
    Vox not being listed in the guild-progression isn't a reason not to move.
    If a guild were to move there, they'd take care of being listed in short order.
    What has been said about the missing listing though is that it would help your community's visibility.

    And about poaching:
    3 of the 4 guilds don't do it, and even in the 4th it's not guild policy as i understand it, but the "effort" of individuals.
    Can't ever stop that from happening.
    I am sure guilds have "lists" of people they want and such they'd rather not take - the AB community generally know their counterparts; some better, some less but still.
    But noone i know has been actively approached by recruiters/officers with a transfer offer.
    But we had many cases of individuals leaving their guild for another for whatever reason - not poaching.

    Noone "bashed" Vox really.
    At least noone that needs to be taken necessarily seriously.
    I think we all agree that the offer to move to Vox is wrong for too many reasons - and that they threw your server's name into the discussion is just your "bad luck".
    Especially since the very reasons they gave us for doing so is actually supporting the single most important counter-argument - population (in general and specifically our timezone).

    Get over your inferiority complex please.
    It was Vox-players that first spoke about Vox by comparing it to some small settlement beside the highway without it's own exit so it's bypassed by travellers, putting the "backwater" idea out there in the first place.
    It is Vox players only that keep bringing up the "inbred" aspect such.. conditions tended to bring with them in the Virginias...

    As for the respect:
    I don't know you, but i know transferees from Vox.
    Naturally, their reaction to the offer was even worse than that of "AB born and bred".
    And it's hard to respect the hillbillies' inbred offspring unless they're doing a banjo duel...

    You'll notice that, answers to posts from Vox'ers aside, basically all our posts are directed exactly there.
  9. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Pretty much this.
    As Zaph has clarified:
    The server does not matter, as long as:
    • any move/transfer is temporary, 100% reversible
    • same ruleset
    • the AB community is moved as a whole

    They have shown last SUN that they CAN take care for gameplay without issues for AB.
    I don't know why the situation has deteriorated again since then.
    But that one day - and supposedly one of the more busy ones for the EQ-system as a whole, as it WAS a sunday - showed that they CAN.
    Now, the real question isn't where or when we will be moved.
    But how long it takes them to make whatever has happened on SUN *permanent*.

    If, though, they allow the situation to go on again for "long"...
    then they should really consider the above - not individual moves, but migrating the whole server one way or the other.
    As Adroxia said:
    At this point, the situation (cancelled accounts, quitting people...) MIGHT be reversible or it might not.
    But we are already seeing the effects of the the absent players.
  10. fortuneteller Augur

    Point of no return comes closer!
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  11. NeverPayForLag Augur

    I surely don't transfer all my toons to Vox. Too much worry. Instead I would cancel all current subscriptions until the core incompetence of DGB is gone and they put money into a real programmer..
  12. Drogba Augur

    I wouldn't freak out about the ping guys,

    I've been playing from australia with 200+ ms and never had a problem.
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  13. Sissruukk Augur

    I am not going to give an English lesson here, but the nuance of my meaning "not so sure" in this instance was more that there was, in fact, an opposite of what Adroxia was saying: that being that there have been calls for server merges for any other server than Vox. You can go back and read through the closed thread again for a refresher.

    Again, as I stated in a different post on this thread, this is about Vox, because that is the only option that was given to you. As I stated in that thread, what are you going to do if it comes down to a forced merge with Vox? What contingencies are you putting in place? What feelers are you putting out to establish ties with the Vox community to have a good network built up IF a merge were to happen. Yinla at least had a good answer for this question.

    It has been stated by SOME people as a reason not to move to Vox. No where did I state that this was a consensus view of the people of AB. Perhaps it is my error on not making that abundantly clear for you, but I figure you would be smart enough to weed yourself out from being included if you did not make those comments.

    Poaching is going to happen, as you said, whether it is guild policy or not. What I am more looking at, though, is that, as discussed above with not having any guilds that are ranked, SOME PEOPLE (emphasis added for your benefit) argue against moving to Vox because they will have no pool to poach from. As someone else already stated in this thread, it would "take too much work" to gear and bring up a person on Vox to AB standards (again, not necessarily a view shared by all AB, but still worth mentioning).

    How has anyone said that AB coming to Vox is "bad luck?" I never said so. I have mentioned many times that we were looking forward to it, because we felt we had something to learn from AB, something that could make us better, and turn us into a nearly 24-hour server, where activity was going on nearly around the clock, for grouping and for guilds. I don't consider this bad luck. The only people that have considered it bad luck is from AB.

    Considering that I am pretty much the only one that posts here from Vox, it would be me that made those comparisons. Nice attempt at trying to throw it back in my face, but it won't work. Look, we know we aren't uber like AB. Never have I tried to claim that we are, or ever will be. What I have attempted to do is come here and show that we are friendly folk, we are happy to take you in, we are happy to learn from you, we are happy to become more than what we are now. We are also willing to take the stand with you for what you deserve. Nothing inferior about that. But it doesn't mean that I have to put up with elitist Eurotrash attitude like:

    And the only time I jump in is to correct misinformation about Vox, such as it being a dead server, inactive server, and other things. Again, we aren't up to AB standards, we get it. But it doesn't mean things aren't going on over on Vox.
  14. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    I don't really need your english lesson, but thank your for it nonetheless lol...
    ("i am not giving you a lesson, but..." = giving a lesson after all)
    I am not a native speaker - but your meaning of "not so sure" hasn't escaped me.
    It simply does not make sense to me to insist on being offended by something YOU seem to take personal when you're assured by people - even the poster himself in at least one case - that "Vox" is merely used as a synonym here and only because the name was thrust at us as much as on you.
    Adroxia had put it quite aptly - your not believing it is your choice.

    "This" as in: "this thread"? Then yes.
    "This" as in: "the use of >Vox< in senteces like >i would never move to Vox<"? Then no.
    No, in the latter case it's NOT specifically about Vox. it could be ANY server in that sentence if DB had given a different name.
    Simply because the offer is ridiculously ignoring the "needs" of a community.

    A forced MERGE won't happen, they expressly stated so.
    It would involve shutting down AB, which they do not want.
    IF a "forced merge" WERE to happen, we'd learn to live with it most likely.
    That has also been said above.
    What we mostly want is to keep our community intact, WHILE being able to play without the issues we've put up with for 9months now.
    We do not want to choose one or the other, we want it both.

    I am going to worry about "establishing ties" with other communities when the need arises, not before.
    In the case of a forced merger (to Vox in particular) i do not expect many points of contact with the present population, simply because most servers lack any meaningful population in our timezone.

    I have read exactly the same posts you did and probably then some.
    You are still wrong imo.
    NOONE has mentioned POACHING as a reason not to move to Vox at all.
    "SOME PEOPLE" have mentioned a LACK OF RECRUITMENT POOL (emphasis added for your benefit) though.
    Which is something completely different.
    And just because you seem to set these two equal, it's not necessarily the case.
    And this only holds true if a guild were to take up that "generous offer" of free transfers TO Vox.
    If the whole Server were moved somewhere, this would be totally negated.
    As was said above, in posts you seem to ignore/distrust or whatever.

    Not shared by all.
    We do regularly bring people up to standard.
    I was one such not too long ago myself.
    But still: There will always be some moaning about "gearing noobs" and such, as it takes away from gearing ALTs or (worse) progression.
    Speaking only for myself here, i do not mind gearing people at all.
    Provided that they turn out to become regular raiders and show a willingness to integrate into the team.
    IF a merge were to happen (which it isn't), you can rest assured that any gear differences would be negated or any gaps closed/straitened in short order.'
    EoK T2 gear is quite a good start atm for someone wanting to become a raider - and the present community couldn't get it by themselves (very unlikely), that's rot loot for us mostly, even most of our ALTs.

    Never did i.
    Another thing you (intentionally, i ask myself by now?) misunderstand/misread.
    Perhaps you're being the one needing english lessons?
    What i said was (you even quoted it yourself): "that they threw your server's name into the discussion is just your "bad luck"".
    Had they said "we're offering free transfers to bertox" or "to drinal" or some other server.
    The only thing different perhaps would have been the reference to guild listings.
    It was pointed out above that Vox is only a synonym.
    You not believing it is your problem alone.

    More people isn't a bad thing.
    Having these people spread out over too many timezones though does no good for either population.
    And nothing of the above will be achieved with "free voluntary moves" in one direction only.
    The only thing this would achieve, if (a sizeable portion of) people would take that "offer" is the loss of the AB communities' coherency.

    You do not have to.
    Nor should you.
    Best thing one can do with posts like that: ignore.
    At the very least, take into account the "mood" they're written in.
    How would your posts be worded if YOU had to suffer 9months of VERY interrupted gameplay?

    Noone likes to hear people saying "your server is dead".
    Even less so if these people are from elsewhere.

    And believe it or not, people are saying the same about AB.
    Here and in general and elsewhere too probably.
    "dead" here is relative at best, and only if you're part of the community can you properly judge if it's true or not.

    AB has it's fair share of ********, like ANY community.
    For some i am such and for others perhaps the person you quoted (name doesn't tell me anything so i cannot comment on the poster's in-game attitude) might belong into that category.

    What baffles me though is how hostile your posts have become.
    Your skin seem to be overly thin and for some reason only known to you, you seem to take things "the wrong way" more often than not.
    And that even without the issues we're facing and which cause OUR nerves to be overstretched.
  15. Sissruukk Augur

    In what way have my posts become hostile? I may have disagreements, sure, but hostile...certainly not. I have continued to support you and your cause. But I do take pride in my server, and the people on it, and because of that I feel the need to speak up for us. That is why I don't just ignore the ********. The thing is, just like I am a representation of your community, and you base your opinions about our whole community on what I do and say here, these people also represent yours.

    Now, with going through and rereading things, you and I have two different perspectives, so of course we are going to disagree on certain things and points that we are trying to make to each other. But as long as we remain civil, and respectful, then we can still work toward a common goal of getting DBG to fix your issue.

    You seem to think that I don't understand what you are going through...the frustration you feel at having a problem unresolved. In regards to this incident, sure, I don't experience what it is you are going through. HOWEVER, I do understand the frustration you feel, because I have been in situations of unresolved issues that with little to no customer service before. So, I quite understand how you feel. I can, and do, empathize with you. But understand, I stand up for my community as well, and if I feel there is something that needs to be corrected or said on its behalf, I will say so.
  16. Reynen Journeyman

    You can't have exceptional players while the server is a ghost town. Maybe you don't know is an exceptional player. I guess for your ego you can pretend you're exceptional but that doens't make it true.

    You can't even raid in current expansion, things aren't "going on" really, they're going nowhere. Compared to other servers ofc, maybe compared to Trakanon you're very advanced.
  17. Act of Valor Augur

    This thread took a turn for the stupid.
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  18. Aenvar Elder

    Indeed it did, but since it is a sensitive topic for many I can understand it. At least the thread met its goal and made a clear point: Most people won't be doing the transfer.

    Thank you all once again, long live AB and long live Vox!
  19. Drogba Augur

  20. Sissruukk Augur

    As I have repeatedly stated before: Server is not dead...server is not a ghost town. Vox is probably more active than AB at this point, considering your problems and people just not logging on to deal with them. You seem to base "exceptional" on what kind of raid content someone is able to do, what kind of gear they wear, how much parse they put out. We base "exceptional" on how one treats another, what they are willing to do to help another, how we welcome new and returning players and help them out. Quite frankly, I prefer our view of "exceptional" over yours, and Vox is full of these exceptional people.

    As I have stated many times, yes, we aren't there raiding current expansion. However, this doesn't mean that things aren't going on. Things are happening, just at a different pace than what you desire and expect. No where have I ever tried to compare Vox vs other live servers and said we were up there with you all.

    Cavemen meeting civilization? Thankful if we get merged with a "real server?" This is the kind of elitist attitude we don't want coming over to Vox. I have never tried to sell Vox as being this uber great server to AB; I have always been upfront about the lack of end game raiding, the smaller size, lack of Euro pop, etc. What I have done, though, is to sell Vox as a welcoming environment for those who choose to come over, that we will do our best to make anyone feel at home. We know that we can't give everything that they would be leaving behind, but we would do our best to make it as welcoming as possible. From there, those that do come over, and those on Vox, can work together to forge a new path for the server. We have already taken in some AB xfers into our guild, and I have already learned a lot from them myself, things that have improved my game already.
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