Etiquette on Launch Day

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Evade, Mar 3, 2019.

  1. Evade Augur

    I had an interesting encounter today while doing some practice runs for Mangler's launch.

    I hit level 7 and went to my fav Orc camp which has about 10 orc spawns.

    Most of the orcs were dead but there were a couple still up on the outskirts. I pulled 1 and then the other. Moments later, a wood elf came up to me and said, "Me and my friend are camping this, please find another camp".

    I replied "oh, sorry about that, may I join you?" To which the wood elf said no.

    On one hand, he's taken the camp and was there before me. Fair and square it's his.

    On the other hand, there were 2 mobs up for a good bit of time before I pulled them and then I offered to join his group to share in the exp which he said no. That in it's self is kind of rude. Especially if it was day 1 of launch

    Come launch day there is going to be so many people in the noobie zones all fighting for the same mobs, I don't think any 1 or 2 people will have a right to claim a whole camp. If he wants to hold it on launch day, he should load the group up with 6 people and actually take the camp. As in, sit right in it and instant aggro any mobs that spawn.

    I ended up moving on to find another camp. But come launch day, I will probably be killing anything that spawns and isn't aggroed immediately.

    Is this bad etiquette?
  2. Shakara Augur

    Depends who you talk to. I am competitive and think since there is limited resources it is a competition and who kills the mob is who kills the mob. DBG has said that there are no camps so as long as you are not training or griefing you can kill whatever you want wherever you want.
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  3. Evade Augur

    Thanks for the info. I'll definitely be pulling anything that isn't aggroed.
  4. HoodenShuklak Augur

    lol, if a duo said to me you can't join my group... I'd probably ask if they were expecting friends or something. But otherwise, that's just nasty...

    EQ group exp is so much better too. They probably did you a favor in the end.
  5. Zephiron Elder

    Best bet if you are going to play at launch, have a full group planned. Your friends, planning, and a clear path to what you should be killing at launch gives you a fun path to avoid what toxic behavior will happen.
  6. Tomar Journeyman

    I'll agree that Wood Elf was rude lol. The fact that you offered to join and they still told you to piss off would have kept me parked there DPS racing that rude mf. DBG doesn't recognize camps so you're in the clear imo.

    on Coirnav, launch was crazy outside Oggok. it was a mad dash to the mobs. It wasn't really static camps that first hour more like mobile camps. If someone hit a mob you'd just rush to find the next one. eventually people grouped up to make a group of 6. didn't see anyone ever decline a group on launch.
  7. HoodenShuklak Augur

    If it's anything like Agnarr launch.... servers may not even let you to log in for 3 or 4 hours. LOL.

    But it was fun to watch on Twitch...
  8. getlostgreg Lorekeeper


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  9. Weebles Augur

    I always respect camps, and I don’t expect people to invite me simply because they “have room.” There are a million different reasons why someone may not want to group with you. They might have kids and frequently afk. They might be a noob, and not want to deal with it. They might be good friends with the person and just want to “chill.” They might be waiting on people. They might be leaving soon. They might not feel like chatting. Or, they could just be dicks. For me, if I group, I want to be on my A-game so that I develop a reputation as a good player. And sometimes, I just don’t feel like bringing my A-game, so I would rather just not group. Sure, it would be nice if they explained themselves, but trust me from personal experience, it gets old justifying to every single person why they can’t join you, and no one is entitled to anything.

    That said, if someone is “claiming” a camp but can’t even keep that camp clear (you see this A LOT) , I am 100% pulling from it.
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  10. Grailer Augur

    I just did a test on p99 . 2 people came up and wanted to join this camp I was soloing . I said sure join up . After a while I said , "hey I gotta go ".

    I logged in my alt and a few minutes later asked the 2 if I could join . They said no they were ok .

    Long story short , I learnt a valuable lesson here . Now I will kill steal from everyone .
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  11. ShivanAngel Augur

    This x1000000000

    Me and the brother have like 6 separate spreadsheets ready for when the TLP launches. Including our levelingpath, with backup locations. Spots we want to hit for gear (and exp if able) and high prio targets/quests.

    Going into these with a plan is huge, especially if you are one who wants to get at the head of the leveling curve, as even getting behind 30-60 minutes can be huge.
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  12. Grailer Augur

    That's exactly right.

    My friend and I are going to take turns doing 12 hr shifts on our 6 computer true box set up .

    Probably going to just to 6 mage set up till we farm a ton of Kronos from players .
  13. Doze Augur

    Be sure to bring enough socks ...
  14. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    Trick question, there is no etiquette during launch WEEK.
  15. Rolento Augur

    trick answer, there is no etiquette ever anymore. At least very rarely.
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  16. SearingCorpse Lorekeeper

    read up to the word etiquette and saw will smiths wild wild west, yeah anything goes
  17. Dythan Ban Lev in Plane of Fire guy

    Just stay out of my way, and we'll get along just fine.
  18. Hykaro Journeyman

    Lol so make a forum post QQing about it. You're not salty or anything.. right.

    But pretty sure this is a troll post, ive seen Evades name pop up with some interesting encounters. Just a forum warrior I suppose.

    And then states to be pulling anything he wants. So why talk about a problem if you are just going to openly accept and become part of the problem?
  19. PwnQuest Augur

    Sounds like you need to use the /pick function. Pick over to the next zone and find the orcs all up. But yeah, if you start pulling mobs from a camp that is taken you're gonna be causing drama unnecessarily. Day 1 in the newbie zone, sure there aren't really static camps and you just tag whatever is unaggro'd, but once you get into actual camps like orc1 derv1 etc, I would not pull mobs from there if its camped, just find another spot - with all the picks there should be plenty.
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  20. Ceffener Augur

    Are those casual practice runs ;)