ESO Will Have No Raids Will EQ Next?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussion' started by Dejoblue, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. Dejoblue Augur

    So it was announced that The Elder Scrolls Online will have no raids. "That's not Elder Scrolls," says Game Director Matt Firor.

    With that in mind I am invested more than ever into the success of EQNext and making it my new home, raids or no.

    I would like old school raids in EQN but love the big picture of meta gaming in the sandbox like is done in EVE Online. EVE has NPC PVE incursions which are similar to traditional raids but it isn't the end game focus.

    John Smedly has said previously that, ""We need to be doing both in order to be successful. And that's our plan."

    So what say you? Is sandbox enough? Are raids a must?
  2. daicon New Member

    I think Smed's spot on really. I remember him saying something about how there will continue to be raid content because there's a huge audience for it, but that the stuff in between and the world itself will be sandbox.

    I can personally live without raiding but I just feel like raids are a big part of EQ and I think MMOs need content for organized high-end guilds. So yeah I couldn't agree more with Smed and I'm looking forward to raids in EQN.
  3. Guardian New Member

    I'm with you daicon, i can live without raids, but I do think it's a big part of EQ. I do remember doing some raids in EQOA that i personally loved to do with my guild so i kinda do hope they continue to make raids.
  4. hMJem New Member

    Yes, ESO will.

    Proof they are actually implementing real end game PvE progression.

    Dungeons and End-Game
    • There is no Raiding, but players who enjoy raiding will get their fix with 50+ and 50++ content, open dungeons, dungeon extensions and adventure zones.
    • The development team has promises to give end-game players what they want.
    • Dungeons have Hard Modes, these are essential extended versions of previous dungeons. Players who beat a dungeon earlier in the game will have a chance to go back and visit new areas of that dungeon. These new areas are extensions of the previous dungeon’s story so the higher your level the more of the story and lore you’ll get access to.
    • Hard Modes also drop much better loot.
    • Players who reach the level cap and beat all of their Faction’s PvE quests will have the chance to pick a new Faction’s area to venture through, this is called 50+ and 50++ content. You only get to pick one new faction at a time. If you beat the Ebonheart Pact zone’s you then can choose Daggerfall Covenant or Aldmeri Dominion zones to quest in next. After you beat either of those you can move on to the third zone. These new zones will have much better loot than your original zone and the third zone you choose will have the best loot.
    • With 50+ and 50++ content you will not see enemy players while exploring enemy faction territories, only NPCs.
    • If you go into a public dungeon and you’re on a quest to kill a certain mob it will spawn instantly for you even if another group just killed it. This was put in to prevent mob camping.
    • Dungeons will have traps that you can use to your advantage if you’re cautious enough to spot them.
    • There are currently 16 dungeons in the game.
    • There will be no adventure zones at launch.
    When I asked Sage about raiding, he said that ESO's adventure zones are designed for larger groups of PvE players. You can actually go into the adventure zones with a small group and accomplish some goals, but there are large areas in these maps dedicated to larger group experiences. There will be some warning when you're about to trigger one of these encounters (and they may even end up instanced), so a small group won't suddenly find itself face to face with a Daedric Prince!

    Endgame PvE content will be periodically released in the form of “adventure zones”, which are dangerous and uncivilized regions of Tamriel within which many dangers lurk. These adventure zones will feature content ranging from solo play, to group encounters, and even additional raid content.

    There are no separate itemization paths for PvE and PvP gear in ESO. Gear is useful in a universal context regardless of the means by which it is acquired. TES:O there will have various tiers of powerful gear, some of which will be acquired through PvE, while other pieces will require PvP participation to earn. In order to obtain the best possible equipment for your character, you will need to complete a mixture of all types of game content. Loot from PvE will be useable in PvP and vice versa."
  5. Oranges Augur

    I don't really like the way EQ does raids right now. I prefer the early days of Rift which were the best raids I ever experienced.

    In Rift, early beta rift raids were basically done with a few hundred people and everyone participated once a Rift opened, none of this exclusivity or complexity of applying to a guild was seen, you basically did your best and got rewarded by your performance. I like that, the raids could still be hard but everyone was basically having loads of fun and joining raids and having a blast with other people.

    I don't raid any longer in EQ, I don't want to listen to a drill sergeant or jerk who feels like he needs to talk down on me as if I'm a child, I just want to have fun with people in the zone.

    Rift's early zone raids were amazing, what a thrill to defeat a mob with 100 strangers you just met, open to everyone, little to big, strong to weak, if you're not strong enough you might die but fear not because you'll have participated and you'll get a few points for trying at least.

    Raids need to be accessible, they are not accessible in EQ, too much politics, too much drama, not enough pew pew.
  6. Ronak Augur

    I agree raids need to be accessible. But everyone who does one point of damage gets rewarded isn't the way to do it imo. GW2 raids are exactly like that.
  7. Dejoblue Augur

    I wish for this thread to remain on topic but I thought I would provide some sources.

    Official ESO forums have at least 10 threads discussing this. This thread is a one stop shop with all the resources one needs to see that, indeed, at pax east, it was announced that ESO will not have raids. They are going to have "adventure zones" and speculation abound about what the hell that is. So as to be as specific as possible, The Elder Scrolls Online announced at Pax East that they will not have traditional raids, not that we know of in EQ EQ2 WoW RIFT etc.

    Now these "adventure zones" may indeed be raids and it is their marketing spin to try to not alienate all the Skyrim fans, but ESo is sticking to their guns that there will not be raids and they will not have "adventure zones" at release.

    The following quote is being copy pasted all around the internet and has not been refuted.

    I'm also happy to see that the design so far seems focused on exploration and questing rather than grinds. There are no raids, after all – "That's not Elder Scrolls," says Game Director Matt Firor – but there are four-man dungeons and three-faction open PvP with sieges in the beleaguered province of Cyrodiil.(1)”

    The Official ESO homepage links directly to "The Tamriel Chronicle, Issue #1" with the FIRST LINK being a list with # 14 below.

    "14) No Raiding
    I am prepared to take a lot of flak for this one as well. After all, the fact that the game doesn’t have “raiding” shouldn’t really be something for me to celebrate, since I could simply choose to not play raids. But in today’s MMOs, if you’re not playing raids, you’re missing out on some of the game’s biggest content; what the developers have spent most of their time creating. So for ESO to say that raids, as they are currently known, are not in the game, just means they’re catering to the hardcore Elder Scrolls player even more. They’re not telling me, “Hey, so I know you like to solo and stuff, but you’re going to miss out on the game’s coolest stuff if you don’t do raids.” They’re saying, “Hey, we’re developing this game so everyone has something to do. Solo player? Go crazy. Group player? We’ve got our end-game dungeons.” And as they stated at PAX East, they are listening to fans. So if you DO want big group raids, let them know. After launch, they just may add them in if enough players (subscribers?) want them.
    But as for me, I do not care about raids. I want to explore Tamriel, craft unique items, dabble in PvP, and try out the other factions in 50++ content. I’m glad to know that I won’t be missing out on a huge part of the game."
  8. Tachyon Augur

    I enjoy raiding because it brings an entire guild together in a way that nothing else does in the MMO world. Plenty of MMOs have progressive group content and open world bosses to gather together and kill, but EQ is unique in having real, meaningful progression that requires 24 or more people. I'd love to see EQnext carry that on in some form.

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