Erudite Paladin vs Human Paladin

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  1. Aluimar New Member

    Hey everyone, I've been away from EQ for a few years now, looking to return to play on Aradune. I'm planning on playing a single character, and I'm excited to play a Paladin. That brings me to my current conundrum. I have always really loved the look of Erudite paladins, but I'm worried about their viability. Will I be able to get groups? Or should I go Human paladin for the better stats and origin?

    For a class that's already considered mediocre at best, taking the stat hit as well, almost seems foolish. I know, of course, that dwarf > All for paladin, but I really don't like the pov of the short races.

    I've already purchased one set of the weight reduction bags, and plan on possibly buying the next set when they release, so I will only have to worry about the Erudite's lack of strength when it comes to equipped gear. That being said, any suggestions on where I should put my points? The base erudite paladins stats are as follows:

    Str: 70
    Dex: 70
    Agi: 70
    Stam: 75
    Int: 107
    Wis: 88
    Cha: 80
  2. Mrjon3s Augur

  3. WaitingforMoreEQ Augur

    All into AGI. Anyone that says otherwise is trolling you. Agi= Avoidance AC it's your best stat starting out and it's the hardest to cap.

    Erudite Pallies are pretty dope actually, probably better then dwarfs once you get your cheater shield.
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  4. Malkavius Augur

    Dwarves are not the best pallies. They have the best initial stats for melee pally yes, but their cha is absolute trash and their wis is lowish. High elf is the best race for min max.

    Erudite pally will be one of the rarest race/class combo in the game though. So you can get a couple erudite or human pally only raid loots easy end game.
  5. sumnayin2 Augur

    If you're not P2W then you might want to get str for armor depending on your race. Yes, spending money on an in-game advantage that you can't obtain in game at level 1-115 is P2W. If you're buying a bags then str isn't as important as an SK, unless you plan on crafting.

    I have to iterate that because people seem to think spending money on non-cosmetic items that provide benefits that help you is not is. You can't get 40 slot bags at level 1, you definitely can't get 100% weightless 40 slot bags anywhere near classic. It's sad people have to go into so much detail because the low IQ sort will come in and try to use their terrible logic.
  6. Protagonist Augur

    That was a whole lot of ramblefap answer to a question nobody asked on a subject no-one was talking about.
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  7. Wulfhere Augur

    AGI is more then that. For any character, get AGI to 75 to avoid AC penalty (+5 in this case) at a bare minimum. I recommend AGI = 80 to allow for low health stat drop and "snare" to give a little extra cushion in tough battles. More is better (cushion from adverse effects of low health).
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  8. Chopsuey Lorekeeper

    The most important stat in eq is appearance. Choosing between erudite and human, human look better in plate...assuming you are using classic models. If not, why do you hate Brad.
    If it were me though, I would go half elf cuz they look the best.
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  9. Ayoheee Augur

    Lvling up high elfs and dwarves are the best. Erudites have an inconvenient origin spot and mediocre stats, humans mediocre stats, half elfs horrible stats.

    If you're not trying to raid they're all pretty fine except half elf, dwarf can't wear IGS but not a huge deal.

    If you're trying to raid, half elf is the best choice. 20 mr mask >.

    Lvling up: Dwarf > High Elf > Human > Erudite > Half Elf.
    Group 50: High Elf > Dwarf > Human > Erudite > Half Elf.
    Raid: Half Elf > High Elf > Erudite > Dwarf > Human.
  10. RandomStrategy Augur

    If you plan to tradeskill for the future, go human, best way to make money on blacksmithing cultural plate armor.
  11. RandomStrategy Augur

    I'm going human, but those bell bottom plate legs on half elves are so fashionable.
  12. Protagonist Augur

    This is a commonly repeated piece of information, but it's wrong. 74 AGI is actually the important number, versus 73 AGI - but it's because of rounding break points in the AGI formula. There is no "AGI penalty" at any level.

    Here is the full thread about the mechanic:

    But here is the relevant bits, quoted:

    Rounding means there's a "break point" in agi every 4-5 points, where adding more AGI does not increase your Agility Bonus, then one more point does increase it. 73 to 74 is one of those break point cross overs.

    73-40 = 33
    33*8000 = 264,000
    264,000/36000 = 7.333, rounded down to 7

    74-40 = 34
    34*8000 = 272,000
    272,000/36000 = 7.555, rounded up to 8.


    Here's a list of the first many AGI break points, if it helps with your min/maxing joy.

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  13. Wulfhere Augur

    Well known formula and hair splitting aside, nothing I posted was wrong. I said make sure to have at least 75 AGI to avoid an AC penalty and I meant it. A character with only 70 AGI (e.g. Erudite) has much less AC then one who has 74/75.

    A low AGI character has only 80% effective Hitpoints. Why you ask? Because once you are low HP then you start loosing agility. Last time I tested you starting suffering stat loss at 19% HP. Once your agility goes below 70 you suffer a loss of AC. As you're approaching death you loose run-speed (encumbrance). You are going to take (much) more damage and can't run away (unless you have a run-speed buff). You're going to die to that decaying skeleton or large rat.

    So when making a new character, especially a tank class, make sure to have at least 75 AGI. The higher your base AGI, the more able you are to hang in a fight at low health. You have more cushion from onset of the negative effects. I recommend spending to base AGI 80 for erudites, dwarves, and ogres. More is better and will save your life a few times before your have enough stats from gear.
  14. Bobbybick Augur

    Half Elf for classic model plate look, who cares about stats.
  15. Mrjon3s Augur

    Half Elf Plate in Classic is sexy.
  16. Aluimar New Member

    Thanks for all the responses everyone. A few more questions, if I may? I'm reading 2hers are best for pallies, how does that factor in with the cheater shield? What weapon/s should I use with it when I get one? I figure I'll be trying to skill up all my weapon skills as I go, concentrating on 2hs for when I get a ghoulbane/SF/etc. Is the pally summoned hammer 1hb or 2hb? Is it worth waiting for the first one as my first magic weapon, or should I try to get something sooner?
  17. ElKingOfZeBongo New Member

    Make a gnome and call him Peckladin, stats do not matter
  18. TheDohn Elder

    2H when DPSing, 1h/shield when tanking. Knights tanking with a 2h are counting on the fact Classic is easy and their bad choices can be carried.
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  19. Laronk Augur

    Dark elf
  20. Laronk Augur

    I carry those bad choices onto live, where I 2 hand tank

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