Error Time out - Still

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by NOConcepts, Jul 25, 2018.

  1. E169 New Member

    neither of those have worked for me.
  2. Tagamog New Member

    I don't see the quick connect workaround. It still gives an error timeout message
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  3. nekokirei New Member

    Same here -- Run As Admin doesn't work and I don't far enough to select Quick Connect.
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  4. Rizzen New Member

    Grrrr. Nothing works. Eq is going to destroy my life and cause me to do yard work.

  5. just wanna play New Member

    noob question - how do you run the launchpad in administrator? Not getting how to do that...Quick launch did not work for me either
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  6. Hanadur New Member

    Still getting time out here
  7. Hamshire Augur

    might as well just have the game down on wednesdays since every other wednesday its down anyways.
  8. Gunno New Member

    Still cannot get to server select. None of the methods mentioned here help me.
  9. Scrubakins New Member

    Can't log on either. Went outside for the first time in a month and it burned so I ran back inside and got under the covers with my thunder buddy.

    Started working again right after posting, need to post more often.
  10. Kajira New Member

    Quick Connect work around does not work for me. It's timeout no matter what.
  11. Belal New Member

    Hurry up and wait!
  12. Conq Augur

    12+ unsuccessful login attempts. One successful login attempt, yay! Does that make me an addict?
  13. taliefer Augur

    same deal here, cant log in
  14. Killertoxin New Member

    Not able to login
    Not able to quick connect
    Issue has been ongoing for the last hours or so
  15. BeenThair New Member

    I get a time out error also.
  16. Randel Flag New Member

    still not working for me, nothing works
  17. Leifer Augur

    Same issue here... Error - A timeout occurred. Going on 2 hours now.
  18. Gronns Lorekeeper

    Still having the same issue as well.
  19. E169 New Member

    Finally, only took about 25 attempts
  20. Elricvonclief Augur

    The quick connect worked for me.

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