Fixed Internally Error downloading the game.

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by VictorBlackForge, Nov 11, 2020.

  1. Synnunzek New Member

    Just tried to log into test server... now I can't log in to test or live server.
  2. Synnunzek New Member

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  3. Dentarian New Member

    Today at 16:34
    [This is a mass message]

    Just wanted to give a slight update. While the issue is still ongoing, it is being investigated by multiple teams to help narrow down the issue and get it resolved. We do not yet have an ETA for when it might be fixed but it is a high priority that it does.

    Thank you for your patience while we restore patching through the launchpad.
    Stay safe and healthy.
    Andrew C.
    Daybreak Games
  4. Sansuric New Member

    I switched from Live to test and experienced the error where the patch client would disappear. I did find the everquest.exe in the taskmanager and terminated it.
    I then went to the \Sony Online Entertainment\Installed Games\everquest\LaunchPad.libs directory and deleted it. This action allowed me to re sign in and get to the patch manager.
    Now the log always fails downloading eqhosts.txt

    Checking game installation...
    Found 1 file(s) to update.
    Creating eqhost.txt
    *Warning: Retrying eqhost.txt
    *Warning: Retrying eqhost.txt
    *Error: The downloaded file is incomplete or was corrupted. An update may be in progress. Please try again in 20-30 minutes.

    The patch manager no longer errors out or disappears but I am not able to get any further.
  5. Sumteengex Journeyman

    As dreamweaver said earlier today "It's on our CDN providers end they are having DNS issues."
    so uninstalling the game wont fix anything, you can bypass the launcher to get onto live servers if ya get the socket error , but it wont work to get onto test because youd need to patch to play there
    hope this helps anyone having problems
  6. VictorBlackForge Apprentice

    Thanks all for letting me know that this is not just a problem for me, also good to know that uninstalling everything wont fix anything.
    Basically all we can do is wait? I cant bypass the launcher cause I need to install the game.
  7. Lazattack New Member

    Yep, VictorBlackForge, all we can do is wait at this time. I know, I too need my EQ fix :)!. And I finally have two days off to play. They'll get it back up and going in no time.
  8. Naskin New Member

    I went through all kinds of troubleshooting yesterday thinking it was on my end! Can someone comment if it does actually start working for them? Thanks!
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  9. Synnunzek New Member

    Is there any chance of some sort of ETA on the resolution of this issue?
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  10. Dentarian New Member

    I have had an open ticket with DB on this issue since yesterday asking for an update. It shouldn't be this difficult to provide us with information...
  11. Naterbater Journeyman

    Any updates on this issue?
  12. nemotech Lorekeeper

    I have to say that this is not reassuring in the slightest. the fact that it took DBG/DPG to discover an issue with CDN, and not the CDN notifying their clients there is an issue?! now into day 3, and not ETA or much of anything aside from, we know there is an issue and we are working on it? I am not filled with confidence, nor inclined to spend any $.
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  13. Naterbater Journeyman

    Since we have no idea whether or not any progress is being made on this, is there any way to avoid using Launchpad and still update the game? e.g. If I download the client on Steam and find the files somewhere else? Are the files mirrored anywhere or does anyone know of a workaround?
  14. BM007 New Member

    Still happening... :eek:
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  15. Dentarian New Member

    Is this normal from Day Break? Do they always take this long to update the users and resolve issues?
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  16. Naterbater Journeyman

    I'm not sure. I just signed up. Their server had no issue accepting my credit card info....
  17. Dentarian New Member

    I was going to reopen my account with them after the download was completed...This is beyond ridiculous!
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  18. Naskin New Member

    Of course, I signed up yesterday with 3 accounts before updating/launching. Absurd.
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  19. ken-b New Member

  20. Myist New Member

    been several years since I have played thought I would give it a go again but went to download and get a 404 error from eq website. Went to Steam and downloaded but still will not load. Any answers would be great because I am actual excited to be playing again.

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