Erollisi Marr - Silent Resurgence

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Gosan Kai, Jul 25, 2018.

  1. Goburs Augur

    <Assault> was something myself, Gosan, and a few others organized. Gosan kinda lead the charge for raids and stuff. We all teamed up to contest <Hate> primarily, but we for sure welcomed any other guilds and we rocked it for a good while until the server dwindled down a bit.
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  2. Windchaser New Member

    I've been gone for a very long time and was a 60 ranger on Innoruuk back in the day and it's awesome to see this guild still rolling. Have a bump!
  3. Gosan Kai Elder

    Thanks for the bump Windchaser! :)
  4. Yimin Augur

    Morel-Thule my first blue server merged with Erollisi Marr , had a lot of good times on both servers , happy someone is still raiding here . Cong on beating TOV !

  5. Gosan Kai Elder

    Thanks YiMin!
  6. Gosan Kai Elder

    Updated needs:

    Our current main need is 1 Wiz and 1 Necro. Secondary need is 1 Shm, 1 Brd, 1 War, 1 Zerk and 1 extra Wiz.
  7. Gosan Kai Elder

  8. Gosan Kai Elder

    Give us your necros and wizards!
  9. Gosan Kai Elder

    Update: We have a couple new Necro apps. Now we just need another wizard. Maybe 2.
  10. Gosan Kai Elder

    Still looking for a well played, high DPS wizard. Get in while you can! New expansion is hitting in a few months. We also have a few other classes open. Check us out:
  11. Gosan Kai Elder

  12. Gosan Kai Elder

    Starting the new expansion on Sunday.

    We are looking for a bard, enchanter, necro, and wizard in order to fill out our ranks. Also, as always, if you are an exceptional player of any class and would like to raid end game content please contact us!
  13. Gosan Kai Elder

    Cleared all of T1 on our first night of raiding CoV. Come get in on the fun!
  14. Gosan Kai Elder

    Sontalak down. LFM raiders! Original post has our needs updated. Even if you are not one of the needed classes, but you want to raid current content and you know your class hit us up!
  15. Gosan Kai Elder

  16. Gosan Kai Elder

    Bumpity bump bump.
  17. Gosan Kai Elder

    Updated needs. We could use another bst. Added it to the list ;) Get in while it's hot!
  18. Gosan Kai Elder

    Our current main need is 1 Brd. Secondary need is 1 extra Brd, 1 Bst, 1 Enc, 1 Mnk, 1 Nec, 1 Shm, and 1 Wiz.
  19. Gosan Kai Elder

    /bump. Needs have changed.

    High Need: Brd, Shm
    Need: Bst, Ber, Clr, Enc, Mnk, Nec, Shm, War, and Wiz

    All other classes are currently open, but they have a much lower priority. Come join a great guild and fill in our ranks!
  20. Bikmer Journeyman

    /bump all of CoV Tier 1 and 2 on farm, working T3... Looking for more raiders :)
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