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    Silent Resurgence is a raid guild on Erollisi Marr. We are recruiting exceptional players of all classes. We are looking for players with high play times – mainly during raid times (Sun-Tue: 4:30-8:00 PT). All classes currently open. Please have a solid understanding of your class, high play time, the ability to follow directions, willingness to better your character/play style, willingness to do group progression, and ability to make time to camp augments. Please visit or contact Gosan, Bikmer, Karhar, Kollin, Dimtry, Ssigurd or Zackxall for more information.

    Additional Information for Forums:
    Once you register on the forums (with your character’s name as your username) send a tell or in game e-mail to Gosan, Bikmer, Karhar, Kollin, Dimtry, Ssigurd or Zackxall and let them know you want to app and you have registered on the website. We will then accept you on the forums and you will be able to app with this template. Once your app has been filled out let an officer know. Casuals (those that do not meet the requirements to raid yet, or don’t want to raid, but want to be in the guild for friends/family/etc.) must have a sponsor.

    Requirements before you can raid with us (not requirements to join):
    - T2 CoV Group Gear or better.
    - Augments (all types - type 3, 5, 7/8 etc.) for all slots within the last 3 expansions.
    - 25k+ AAs.

    Thanks for your interest!
  2. Gosan Kai Elder

    VP Key Required to become raider now (edit: no longer required - old content).

    High Need: 1 Pld, 1 Nec
    Need: 1 Clr, 1 Brd

    Exceptional players encouraged to apply of any class.
  3. Gosan Kai Elder

    Paladins where are you?!
  4. Gosan Kai Elder

    Bump, bump, bump
    That's the sound of this thread as it's rolling right back up.
  5. Bikmer Journeyman


    Still looking for CLR, PAL, DRU, NECRO!! Come join the fun...
  6. Gosan Kai Elder

    Still looking for 1 bard, necro, and paladin.
  7. Gosan Kai Elder

    Adding an active beastlord to the mix.

    Read our first post for the most current needs. If you are an exceptional, active, and reliable player any class is open for you.
  8. Gosan Kai Elder

    Need: 1 bard, 1 bst, 1 dru, and 1 necro.
  9. Gosan Kai Elder

    Post updated. Needs are 1 enc and 1 necro.
  10. Gosan Kai Elder


    Where are the necros and enchanters? Also, we are up to 5 bards, but we could always use more!!!
  11. Gosan Kai Elder


    Still looking for another raid enc and necro.

    ToV tier 1 on farm.
    ToV tier 2 - First event downed on our first night on it tonight.
  12. Gosan Kai Elder

    Encs and Necros where are you?
  13. Rarecandy Journeyman

    They're on TLPs with Hexus and all the rest of us cool kids obviouslyyyy
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  14. Gosan Kai Elder

    Well get off those dang TLPs and get on EMarr! We need you! :)
  15. Goburs Augur

    Was Hexus on Zek??

    -Zzaross :)
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  16. Rarecandy Journeyman

    Yes, proud call of the hero bot. Sometimes I would send my pet too.
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  17. Goburs Augur

    I remember you, were you in <Assault>? With us?
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  18. Rarecandy Journeyman

    I remember Assault but I'm losing memory on some things, not sure if I was ever in it.
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  19. Gosan Kai Elder

    Yes. You were. That was my guild on Zek. We were leet!
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  20. Rarecandy Journeyman

    I've realized all my memories of guilds we were in have kind of merged into one, can't differentiate anymore lol