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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Kririna, Feb 15, 2016.

  1. Kririna New Member

    Please, I would like some legitimate responses to this... I've gotten tired of the venomous, immature 'ROFL, she just wants cyberz and pr0nz' responses I've gotten when I've asked in chat channels about something like this!!

    I would like to see if anyone has interest in an RP guild? Or if there are any RP guilds around? I would very much be willing to move around servers in order to find this. Please tell me there are some people still interested in RP.. :oops:
  2. Raludar Apprentice

    I play on FV, which is supposed to be the RP server, and I've never heard of anyone doing any actual RP events or an actual RP guild. I'm sure there has to be some on there but they must be pretty quiet about it.
  3. zarkolov Lorekeeper

    i started my guild recently planar inanely, its a rp guild i learned how to rp with the eqrpg and using the mage will keep track of things like how many monsters i have slain and keep track of what it costs manawise to cast what spell because when you have gone over your limit you have to rest to recover mana and lets time move by.
    but with all the grouping and pressure from groups to just sit there and blast i admit i have given in and dont really keep track anymore in game and the only time i use the rp is when im not even online anymore.
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  4. Agrippa Augur

    There are a few roleplaying guilds on Firiona Vie still. Most are pretty inactive, though. The two that I'm most familiar with are Circle of Sisters and Clan of Brothers. Elianeth is the guild leader and most active of the Circle of Sisters. The Circle is good aligned and often adventures with the Clan. I'm unsure of their full schedules, but they have planned outings on Tuesdays around from 2pm to 6pm est (I think most members are from Europe) and Sundays around the same time. Eli, at least, is often available from 4pm - 6pm est.
  5. Brie New Member

    The roleplaying guild Sigils on Emarr is active - mostly east-coast US based, but there are people online regularly at most peak times. There is also a forum (sigilsmotel.yuku.com) with information about the guild and its application process.
  6. Shadowbane New Member

    House Illumine has reopened it's doors on Firiona Vie. Seek Ardunnae and have a friendly chat with her ((In Character)) to apply. We are keepers of the Light. ((Good Aligned)).
  7. jeskola Augur

    best. post. ever.

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