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  1. Andarriel Augur

    sad dreamweaver locked a discussion that was started in may of 2013 he/she must be bored or something?

  2. dreamweaver Community Manager

    Necroing threads is against the rules. That's why it was locked. If you'd like to use this thread to continue the discussion that is more than alright.
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  3. Skuz Augur

    Maybe the forum should have the functionality to lock threads after so much time has passed since the last post was made. Google etc searches will always bring up results of really old posts which is how almost all of these necro-threads happen and people just don't check the past post date after finding a thread about what they wanted to discuss.
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  4. Nadisia Augur

    EQPlayers is long dead, rest in peace but ...
    An API for EQ1 would be perfect.

    An API? Yes, something like what is used on EQ2 : https://forums.daybreakgames.com/eq2/index.php?threads/the-data-api.558239/

    Why nothing for EQ1? Why? :(

    That kind of REST API is really easy to work with (json format is easily parsable), and would help A LOT to fill some gaps or imperfections (items management for instance, already mentioned many times)

    It shouldn't be too hard to implement, as it's already used by Daybreak for EQ2, Planetside2 and DCUO : http://census.daybreakgames.com/

    Come on DPG !!! :p
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  5. dreamweaver Community Manager

    I'm not sure this structure has the capability to do that, but it is something on my list.
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  6. CatsPaws Augur

    I really hope you could take it off your list and find something more productive to pursue.

    Its not a huge deal and many of the old posts are the only info or resolution a player can get so when they necro it to say "hey, that worked for me or I found this worked better" it actually helps us all. I would hazard a guess that a large portion don't realize it was a necro and are just trying to be one with the community. Do none of you remember your first forum post?

    Yeah it might be annoying to some people but you can scroll on. Others get a chuckle. If its against forum rules and that rule starts getting enforced then I am sure it would tick a lot of players off - not for the actual infraction but for the loss of freedom or being dinged for honest mistakes.

    I think auto locking old threads is a losing battle. And necro'd threads are far less annoying than the repeated posts over and over on hot topics like account transfers...every week there is a new post on that or other similar topics both Live and TLP. Those are the ones that need to be stopped. Or when someone report a bug that was just reported.

    Just like facebook, there are readers who do not read well and posters who just go to the last post and comment on that. Its like trying to herd a bunch of cats in heat.
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  7. Sissruukk Augur

    Personal experience, CatsPaws? Were you the one doing the herding, or were the one being herded? :p
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  8. Fanra https://everquest.fanra.info

    Census was promised to us (EQ) in 2012. https://fanraeq.blogspot.com/2012/11/soe-live-2012-after-action-report.html

    It was decided for whatever reason not to make this for EQ. Either EQ is just too hard to do (it's the oldest game Daybreak has) or they didn't think it was worth spending the time (money) on.

    Although EverQuest has brought in most of the money, SOE/Daybreak has never been keen on spending money on it, but has preferred to make new games (which almost all have been discontinued). It's really water under the bridge at this point. I just hope that Daybreak continues to support EQ and create new expansions.
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  9. Whulfgar Augur

    Exactly what constitutes a necro thread exactly how long of a delay from last post to next.. until its considered a necro ?
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  10. Szilent Augur

    a month is more than enough if the post that bumps it is dumb enough, imo.
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  11. Imukai Augur

    I'm curious why a necro thread rule is in place anyway. It gives context to someone's posting without having to start a new post and link back to the first one.
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  12. cadres Augur

    Exactly this!
    If I'm worried about X and I come across threads that X was a problem so many years/months ago and is still a problem, surely resurrecting the thread is a positive thing?
    It shows context
    It shows the Powers That Be that this is an issue for x amount of time
    People don't have to repost what they posted last year/the year before/the year before that etc

    It also shows people have done some research before posting about an issue; surely something to be encouraged?

    I really don't see the problem
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  13. Password1234 Augur

    A multi-page thread about an ability getting nerfed? Didn't they already nerf this a few times already? It's got a ton of posts that I missed, so it must be a big dea...

    oh wait, somebody bumped a thread from 2014 to post "any updates??? - dylan's grampa" in response to a guy who stopped posting 3 years ago. Again.
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  14. Chopin.Xegony Augur

    Just out of my own curiosity why is 'necroing' threads against the rules? What is the reasoning behind it?
  15. Yinla Augur

    Would be nice to see this return, would help to see what names are availble on a server if you wish to switch or create a new char.
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  16. Froglok Augur

    Wasn't EQ Players a short-lived premium service?

    I seem to recall that it did have some attractive / fun features.

    Could the code is still there, somewhere? It just isn't being used or made visible to players?

    For instance, there was credit for item discovery (1st Server wide and 1st on server). Items that existed before EQ Players simply showed "Pre-Reckoning" since there was no way to credit someone for the discovery.

    What if a "Discovery" tab was added to items, that showed this? It could add a fun aside in a race to find new items and for players to leave a permanent trace within the game. It would simply show a list of Player names and their server ("Player1 (Test)"), with the 1st one to discover the item at the top of the list.

    They also had player rankings didn't they? The only way we have now, to gauge / compare our characters against other players, is an Non-DPG site... and that is only with players who choose to use that site.

    Would a LDoN Adventure rankings type window be possible for this old feature (rankings that can be sorted by All or class and ordered by AA, HP, Mana, END, AC, Achievement Points, etc.)?
  17. Veteran_BetaTester Augur

    DON'T try to go to eqplayers.com.
    it is a foreign site!
  18. Veteran_BetaTester Augur

    I feel offended, why not name it another class? I don't have any necros.
  19. Whulfgar Augur

    LMAO toush...
  20. Zinth Augur

    necromancer hater! bet you nerfed the necro epic too! it was used too much on old (long dead) threads on the forums

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