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  1. Smokezz Augur

    The link is gone from the home page, are we to assume it's never coming now?
  2. WarSheol Augur

    it will be out when its finished and working properly as mentioned in all the other Players posts :cool:
  3. Smokezz Augur

    Yeah... that was before the stealth removal of it from the home page. This would tell me it's been dropped completely now.
  4. Starla Elder

    I would say that is a fair assumption.
  5. WarSheol Augur

    it was dropped because it did not work properly, I am simply relaying the last official information on the topic which is from fan faire 2010, if its dropped id hope maybe Piestro would jump in and inform us on any status changes.

    But they stopped supporting the old version long ago even though the link was still there.
  6. Xnao Augur

    I do not understand the obsession with that site. Will someone explain please, oh so pretty please, with a pile of sugary goo on top? Preferably Goo from shard's landing.

  7. Tarrin Augur

    Because I need to be able to perform a background check on a person who doesn't set their EQplayers profile to private before I invite them to my PUG!

    jkjkjk...who PUGs anymore.
  8. Silias McKendrick New Member

    This a good wary to compare builds/gear, top stats of classes ect. Xnao.
    Also to see clickies ect that you may or maynot have missed.
  9. Diptera Augur

    I can has donuts?
  10. Moklianne Augur

    Eqplayers? Why does that sound familiar? Feels like a distant memory, but I can't be sure.
  11. Gannen Elder

    lets put it this way... EQplayers had a lot... a fast comparison... Magelo's would be the comparison that it looks like it was modeled after... but you didn't have to enter any information into it like one would with Magelo's... it was automatically done for everyone... even if they never used the page...

    you could look for: the top player for each class (and change the criteria on how they was ranked, by the whole game/server, even sort by stats)... you could look for top warrior for a server by AC or hitpoints or by endurance even what warrior has the most AA's if you wanted to... it was a lot of sorting options... you could look at the top 100 for the server/whole systemwide for whatever you was searching for... even what character is the oldest...

    when creating a character you could use it to check a server and see if any players had a name with the spelling... and ones that went past that spelling...

    you could check when someone last logged in on that character

    one could look up a guild and see the current roster for the guild, complete with guildleader's name, officers, ect... it could even tell you how long ago the roster was active... from offline...

    you could check a player's name and if it was not blocked to your viewing status (total stranger, guild mate, own account), you could find out a lot, like if they really had a lot of AA's, what AA's, what their spellbook was, gear the tended to use... what flags and keys they had, what their exp was, how their different skills was, what guild they was in and what rank, really was handy to help figure out what newer guildies needed to catch up on stuff, ect... I always advised new guildines to go to their status at least once, and turn some stuff to private or at least to guild... like one's bank inventory? and personal inventory of what's in their bags... it could even tell you about the fellowship they was in...

    from the start, they let you see things like the spellbook and AA's you could sort what was NOT there as well as what they did have... Rank spells/disciplines with Rank 1 2 3 even showed what rank... it'd even let you see what was up to that level, and what was above their level...

    they also had for a while a generator of a signature with character name, current EQplayer's stats for the character (level, hitpoints, epic 1,1.5,2.0 status)... that would keep the signature updated with the eqplayer's database data...

    there was something about private picture storage, but i never looked into that much... when houses came out, it'd have been a perfect thing to have put together (personal picture from there to be loaded in one's house with a house wall painting??? I know i put in a suggestion for it but it never happened... still, it'd be nice somehow for a home/guildhall, but that's sidetracking the post here)

    the EQ2 side of EQplayers also had EQ2 based webpage developing kit to add some EQlogos, ect to make an EQ2 based page... it even had a customizable guild webpage of sorts... to let guilds have a free? webpage...

    what made EQplayers harder for EQPC was and is how everything's done... If I recall correctly what the big problems was, in EQPC, the player files are stored individually on the servers... whereas on EQ2 it's one big database... which made the EQ2 side easier... the EQPC side, had to do save copies updating when logging out or when /EQplayersupdate command was typed (once per day) to an external database file... now with the bag space going from 10 bags at 10 slots per bag on inventory and 24+2 slots in the bank for bag space (396 spaces including the bags)besides worn gear... to now bags currently at 40's max x34... (1476 spaces to track now)... and that wasn't the issue, but the bag inventory was sometimes wrong...

    really, I could have done without the bag inventory for offline searching, unless there was a search feature, especially now with houses and guild halls also being storage...

    but the big problem was the database was separate on EQPC while it was incorporated (if i remember correctly) for EQ2's side of things...

    at first it was a premium service, they charged a dollar or so a month on... then after the issues started, they dropped the service charge and let it go free while it was able to be up and running... that's when people really started to use it.

    but hope that helps you understand what everyone who's wishing for EQplayers to return is waiting on...
  12. Moklianne Augur

    It was great for stalking old guildies and friends to see what server they ended up on, since it was essentially automatic and used to be on by default.
  13. Gannen Elder

    except for the ones who did namechanges... way back when namechanges was first added, not the marketplace potions, but the EQ webpage ones... there was a webpage that'd track the name and show it so people could not get a bad reputation then do a namechange and pretend to not be them from before... (like someone being kicked out of a guild doing a namechange to sneak back in, or to find an old friend if they changed their name)... there was a posted list of the changes... but these days, the list is long gone... so if they had a name change and no one remembers who it was... some people would be harder to track down than others...
  14. yaddab Augur

    Yes but their eqplayers profile number never changed, so it was really easy to keep track of some folks you never wanted to see in a guild again, even if they changed their name, gender, race or whatever it still stayed the same.

    What irritates me, just a little, though is the message I get every day saying "Your player data will be sent to eqplayers shortly" - Grr
  15. Gannen Elder

    i actually liked the message only that it acknowledged you DID send the command in... much more fun than the one for the chat channels not working/working that we get on occasion...

    wouldn't it be something if it was put back in, instead of a command to do out in the field, a guild hall NPC you'd hail and it would send in the information (so it's not happening when you might not want to be distracted, say on a raid)...
  16. EverChanter Augur

    Piestro said the header was removed in error, but it was never put back in place so I assume it wasn't an error and was intended.

    Even though it worked half assedly, it was still a quick way to see which characters were on which server, now you have to go through each server to check which of course is a stupid waste of time.

    EQPlayers is gone, they will come back with "Oh it's difficult or we don't have the time, or the web team is doing site revamps" but really a first year computer science/web designer could put this together. The web design part is cake, the hardest part is linking (which Google can teach you)...
  17. Cakvala Augur

  18. silku Augur

    You'd think that if they have it up and running for eq2, it'd be fairly simple to have the same team that designed that one do the eqplayers.
  19. Fanra Augur

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  20. Moklianne Augur

    It really should be stickied.
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