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    I feel this is more of an oversight than a bug and I expect that the thread will be marked as such, but if I were a Q/A tester I would have raised this as an observation before EQBigBankWnd.xml ever made it to production.

    Given the assertions:
    • Progression servers use EQBankWnd.xml up until a certain point where EQBigBankWnd.xml is used.
    • Some users customize their UI to show "all bags open" as a bank window.
    • Large bags (over 10 slots) are readily available to progression servers for RL money - through the cash shop or via purchasing expansion packages where bags are claimable on Progression servers.
    • If desired, progression users can customize their bank window to view the bags they purchased.
    • Progression users are limited to viewing the first 10 slots of a bag that might be 40 slots until the bigger bank UI is processed.
    EQBankWindow.xml uses a numeric EQType to denote individual slots inside bags - but seems to be limited in scope to 10 slots per bag. All 24 bank bags are represented, which makes me think this window is in use up to at least Prophecy of Ro when the bank expands from 16 to 24. I do not know when EQBigBankWnd comes into play - maybe Call of the Forsaken when shared bank slots go from 2 to 4? Later than that?

    The newer EQBigBankWnd processes an EQType that is a string instead of numeric. "Inventory/Bank 0/0" instead of 2032. That same textual EQType is ignored in EQBankWnd.xml making going beyond a 10 slot display impossible unless there are undocumented numerics to cover the missing 30 slots per bag?

    If EQBankWnd.xml could be processed in the newer style "Inventory/Bank 0/0" it (should) allow for customizing beyond 10 slots?

    Peanut Gallery:

    Waiting until PoR or CotF unlocks (or later) to be able to see something I paid for is a bit disappointing.

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