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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by alexander97, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. alexander97 Lorekeeper

    Some games have been ripped off was wondering if any ones ever seen a eq rip off
  2. Khat_Nip Augur

    Do you mean how WoW wasn't very original and just ripped off EQ or some other sense?
  3. Elskidor Augur

    WoW is a pretty good example of an EQ ripoff. They owe all the success to EQ. Pantheon is deliberately trying to be a ripoff too, but not sure if Pantheon counts because it's not really released and he helped create EQ in the first place.
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  4. alexander97 Lorekeeper

    i mean like a copyish of eq
  5. Slurm_o_rama New Member

    My take on what you're asking is "Why can't EQ be revamped into or something with the exact dame content and systems, but better UI and graphics/performance updates?"

    I don't think there is anything even sort of close...I haven't seen it if there is.

    Yeah I'd buy the heck out of that if it existed.
  6. Buri Augur

    Pantheon may be the closest, but it's not out yet. I'm eagerly awaiting its release.
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  7. CatsPaws Augur

    Ashes of Creation - player donation supported game. Coming soon - I hope
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  8. Silver-Crow Augur

    Ashes of Creation just looks like fortnite with swords and spells.
  9. Valwynd New Member

    Yea Final Fantasy XI online. You camp you have a party of 6 consisting of usually a tank, healer, some sort of CC dps and a puller. Puller runs around pulling mobs and brings them back to camp, kill repeat. You can delvl and rare drops lasted along time. And after reaching 75 you felt like you truly accomplished something. Major difference though is final fanasty had sub jobs. All your classes could be played on one toon.
  10. Garcielle Journeyman

    Ashes is open world pvp, with an interactive world, not really like EQ.
  11. CatsPaws Augur

    Not all of it. There is a choice on servers. Just like EQ used to be - optional pvp servers. They lightened the pvp aspect after the last alpha due to feedback.
  12. Garcielle Journeyman

    Good to know! Open world PVP brings such a terrible community now-a-days to a game. All they seem to want to do is gank afk players and obsess on stupidity in General Chat. Like Archeage and Black Desert for example. Thanks!
  13. Fadyena New Member

    I think Vanguard was the closest I have ever seen... but then again, there was a very good reason for that..
  14. Feznik Elder

    You can't really say WoW was copying EQ because the game is considerably different than EQ. WoW has a very broad base of players because of

    1) PvP RvR (EQ never had this)
    2) WoW has map directional questing going from point A to B with over simplified questing to attract all types of players, versus EQ questing which only recently has been over simplified in the last 8-10 years. EQ quests were very hard to quest because no information existed in game beside text prompts from quest npcs to guide you. That has only become easier, I would say this is EQ copying WoW, not the other way around.
    3) Raiding size minimum/max of 10-24 players vs. Raiding size max/min of 54 players.
    4) Time constraint game vs non-time constraint game. EQ requires A LOT of time invested to accomplish something in game, vs WoW uses over simplified no brainer objectives to get things done quickly in game, i.e. Tradeskill leveling, Leveling curve, Simplified Questing

    Vanguards I would say is more of a copy of EQ than WoW.

    Pantheon RoTF - this game is almost a blatant copy of EQ1, if you watch any of the video streams, you can see the UI - inventory is almost identical if not identical to EQ1. If you look at chat messages, the messages are almost directly copy past of how EQ npc/pc chat message interaction is. If you look at animations some of the animations look like there were acquired from an Old Version of animations of EQ1 that Brad McQuaid had lying around and used it early on in the development of Pantheon to get funded (look at some of the early streams)

    I am shocked that Daybreak hasn't taken steps on copyright infringement on how similar in design Pantheon is EQ1. Maybe they are just waiting for the game to go gold to buy it from Viisionary Realms i.e. deja vu SOE and Vanguards Sage of Heros acquisition.
  15. Skadad Journeyman

    WoW was a copy of eq when it released, the points you make ( cept questen ) are in now, did not exist when it released. And yes, everquest has copied wow/other mmorpgs along the years and so on.
  16. Bailen Elder

    Most fantasy MMO's owe something to EQ.
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  17. Ceffener Augur

    Vanilla WoW and EQii were never like original EQ in sense of slow grind, with almost 0 direction in the game (very few “quests” were being done in EQ in 99).

    But are they both all online fantasy RPG’s? Sure.

    EQ was heavily inspired by MUD games and Dungeons and Dragons, everyone copies everyone.
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  18. Skadad Journeyman

    Yeah I came from the mud scene so :D
  19. BadPallyGuildLeader Augur

    DND (book\table top)
  20. Nolrog Augur

    Every MMO owes something to the ones that come before it and even MMOs owe a nod to old time RPGs.

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