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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Hane, Jan 24, 2019.

  1. Machen Augur

    The issue isn't whether they launch a server or not. It gets old to see repeated requests on the forum while people ignore what the dev team has stated needs to take place before they would create such a server.

    And I say this as someone who played exclusively on the pvp servers 1999-2004, and would play on a pvp server if they launched one.
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  2. NinjutsuMMO Elder

    people will justify 100 different ways why we need all these blue servers but ask for a second pvp server and they tell you to go play on a 20 year old dead pvp server to prove you want a new pvp server ? makes sense...
    lets make more blue servers imo.
  3. Machen Augur

    When there are 20+ blue servers with lots of people actively playing, and one red server that no one plays on, it seems pretty reasonable from a business perspective to make more blue servers and not a new red server.
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  4. Skuz Augur

    Ignoring facts, such as teh one where EverQuest has a population on most of the servers it runs as PvE while the PvP servers even prior to the merge were some of the lowest populations the game had & that now there is just one PvP server which has a very small player base is not going to reinforce your argument in any way shape or form.

    I admire your passion, but I pity your blind faith in your convictions when the evidence weighs so heavily against them.
  5. taliefer Augur

    Save Mangler, PVP TLP 2020 make it happen!
  6. Warpeace Augur

    There fixed it for accuracy. Facts actually help. Ignoring them will not get a new PvP server.
  7. Meridian Augur

    We aren't against one. We're just sick to death of seeing the forum spammed up with the same request over and over and over and over when the devs have told you what needs to be done in order to convince them of the interest in a pvp server. If you lack the motivation to follow up on their statement, that's on you. Not the 'bluebies'.

    If you don't want to play on an 'old server', then pick a tlp server and make red guilds. If all of a sudden one tlp server had 200 red folks on it hacking away at each other, the ones in charge might take notice. If you want it, go get it. Make it happen. If you don't, that's on you. Not the 'bluebies'.
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  8. Moege Augur

    Asked before and answered, so go look up my question then answer it.

    All of the chestbeating from red players that we will crush blues and now they cry ... /holding sides laughing
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  9. Karthor New Member

  10. Karthor New Member

    Pretty easy to skip the threads you are tired of reading.
  11. Karthor New Member

    Reset Zek. Start it at classic. Happy reds, happy blues.
  12. code-zero Augur

    There are a few people still playing on Zek, very likely they are the people you most fear should you attempt to play there, and they'd be unhappy to get wiped and taken back down to restarting at level one.

    I think we have finally uncovered the truth, all the yammering for a new PvP TLP is coming from people who are really afraid to PvP if they aren't able to get the advantage first.
  13. Vexn Elder

    I wonder how many times you got corpse camped to make you despise PvP so much.
  14. code-zero Augur

    Oddly enough I find PvP to be rather boring. At one time I boxed bard/wizard and I'd gank people with instant cast spells while doing bard speed drivebys but when I was attempting to do any sort of progression having to deal with idiots got way too annoying. I'd like to try again sometime but the last time there was an attempt to encourage PvP some morons camped the heroic character spawn point in Feerrott: The Dream then whined and sniveled about no one wanting to come play with them.
  15. Hdizzle Augur

    So to be fair, guys....

    If we were asking for a new pve TLP server and the dev's said, fine log into live and show us how much you want a new pve TLP server, I doubt there would be much traction Lol. I know some of us actively play and enjoy live but lets be real, I don't think asking players to log into a live server that's 21 yrs old is very fair. I don't believe the PVP crowd on this forum are interested in anything past GoD much like 95% of the reroll aholics on the PVE tlp server.

    Make a red agnarr and if its poop dump it into blue agnarr or a live server or zek. Really don't think its a huge deal creating the server. My disinterest in a pvp server stems from the removal of a lot of utility and crowd control type spells from the game. I don't know what eq pvp looks like when all you can do is cast fire nukes/dots or melee. Sounds lame unless they can make a server without those changes. Doubt it.
  16. Dythan Augur

    Nothing about EQ PvP is fair.
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  17. code-zero Augur

    Nothing that you've said here means anything at all. The Dev's have very clearly said that they need to see a population on Zek before they'd consider making a PvP TLP. Nothing else matters, you want a PvP TLP then you don't even need to put your money where your mouth is since you can play on Zek for free
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  18. Hdizzle Augur

    So you're saying the dev's are asking the players to do something they can clearly see is not popular (play on a Live era pvp server) to prove they want to do something else (pvp on a classic starting TLP).

    Maybe the new guys in charge can redefine their vision of a healthy demand for a pvp server.
  19. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Maybe they need proof that a pvp server would be popular and they only have a existing one with low population to base numbers on. Also whenever people mention the red p99 servers they seem to think that a few hundred players on a free server would translate into profitable numbers on a paid server.

    Not to mention that if you really want a pvp server you could get like minded players to all flag for pvp on an existing server and if you got enough players that could be enough to show that it would work as its own server.
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  20. Accipiter Augur

    Fair point. However, I think the devs were really just saying "No" but throwing a bone to look like a maybe.
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