EQ PVP Big Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Hane, Jan 24, 2019.

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    Do I play EQ? No. I spend all my time trolling these boards like that one joker I just ignored. Great feature btw. But seriously, I don’t play on Live. That’s why this is the TLP thread. Smart one lol.

    Statue of Rallos Zek. Thank you for confirming what I was eluding to. What I’m highlighting is that the 21st anniversary content features some form of Rallos Zek, you want to play semantics ok whatever. But my point is that this may be cryptic. Rallos Zek server? I have my fingers crossed. Zek for life. Also, Aradune will be one of the two new TLPs. Brad envisioned bringing PVP back to compliment PVE (reference Patheon). What a perfect tribute to honor his memory. Then we got PVP patch updates. Etc etc. Have the stars aligned? I think so.

    IMHO, no better time to make a PVP TLP then right now before this pandemic gets worse. This time next year no one will be looking forward to TLP announcements. Unless you have your head in the sand playing on Live still trying to “play EverQuest”. So cash in on us now DPG. Because I can’t wait to build my stable on the new Aradune PVP TLP.

    Finally, let’s keep this thread positive starting right... now. Thank you.
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    It is that image because of the latest expac. They've been using images from the last expac, including raid bosses, for most stuff since it launched.

    But sure...your logic checks out.

    You got a single update. And it was directly after the note for PVE. It simply stated a small difference between PVE and PVP function. But yes...logic checks out on that too.

    What "etc. etc." Lol. I would love to hear it.

    Cash in on "us"? You mean the few dozen of you max who will play at launch then the 4 who will play past 1 month?
  4. eqzekisdead Augur

    I just saw this guy on Zek, it looks like some big things are about to happen.
    I destroyed him in a duel btw.
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  5. Magic Augur

    So you agree that the PVP server can only skyrocket now, when a lot of people are sitting at home and waiting for a new server? At other time its impossible, because not many players want this PVP server? :)

    But this is correct idea that new TLP servers are needed now, but not pvp - FV!
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    PvP sounds awesome and would be a fun different way to play the game oppose to the same re-hashed progression servers we've been given recently. I'd also enjoy FV too I think.

    Man, people are so sad though. To follow a topic you have no interest in playing and make post constantly trying to be mean and put down people because they wanna try a new server ruleset.

    No one truly knows how successful some of these server types will be until they try. I remember the WoW devs saying, "You think you want classic but you really don't" and wow how wrong that was... I think the same could apply to FV and PvP progression servers.

    Nothing wrong with trying new things. If you are so oppose to it just don't play.
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  7. code-zero Augur

    The devs addressed the question of what to do to display an interest in PvP which is to go play on Zek. The PvP advocates denounced this and proceeded to engage in the worst marketing campaign I’ve seen in a while by trying to frame it as some sort of political race with people who’d told them what the devs had said
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    Cool story bro.
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    About the cryptic Zek stuff right? Yeah I'm excited too :D
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    Ha saw someone else bringing it up.

    Would you say you're more or less excited than people were to see your fake photos?
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    I'm sorry you got banned.

    I'm sorry you felt the need to make a new account and spend so much time writing up this hilarious nonsense.

    I'm sorry you won't ever get a PVP TLP that isn't a complete flop. Cause if you do get one...we all know how it ends.

    Thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.
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  12. code-zero Augur

    And yet, you still won't play on Zek
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    He did. Him and the "PVP Bois". Saw someone mention it here so I checked their Discord.

    They quit because it was too hard to find groups and the server had a lot of lvl 50s.

    But their PVP TLP totally wouldn't have either of those problems.
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    Lol you sound like a person I use to farm in pvp. It was one of the biggest servers in its day and it was amazing. Most of us are the current base of progression servers you literally have no insight or actual knowledge of a pvp server... guaranteed your a Griefer on blue and think you are hot stuff lol don’t want to be demolished by actually skilled players. Most blue players are absolute trash in game as us pvp born originals always end up in the top guilds doing better then everyone else. We had no choice but to be good you on the other hand lol
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    You talk the talk
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    How many new accounts are you going to make, Dulu?

    Posting is getting worse and worse. Like a copy of a copy of a copy.
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  18. Maneuvre Elder

    We found our GM-Coder!
    Thank you. We appreciate your hard work and dedication to a lost, but not forgotten, art.
  19. pyrosflam New Member

    Hate to say it but PVP servers more or less have 1 good thing. You can kill Krono farmers as botters are really bad at PVP.

    The downside to PVP servers is the Sheep problem. At the server start you have a range of sheep and wolves. Those sheep need to be cultivated so they stay, or given ways to stay alive (like joining a guild so they can tradeskill). Sheep also need safe spaces and still be able to enjoy the game.

    EQ PVP has none of the above, everyone is playing wolves and those with raid armor happen to be the top of the pack. This is assuming stupid stuff like fear kiting players and other obvious imbalance issues are also not fixed as well. The main reason EQ PVP fails is directly related to the fact that everyone is a wolf and the sheep got eaten long ago, so the wolves each each other till your left with almost no players.
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  20. mark Augur

    ultimate pvp his having 3 xboxes conected in the same house and 12 of us at the time killing each other in the original halo that was awsome fun,then a friend introduced me to eq and the only thing that was bad in eq was pvp but i hope daybreak opens a pvp server called aradune may he rest in peace just like eq pvp.