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  1. Angered Augur

    Not even a guilds worth of people showed face

    Thus the pvp dream dies 3/1/2020 RIP EQ PVP

    As a great man once told me last night

    "I would rather guide my father into my mother then play EQ PVP"

    That sums up eq PVP
  2. MasterMagnus The Oracle of AllHigh

    I logged in myself and 5 boxes, hours early. Watched as it filled up.

    It got to the point where I was lagging out so bad had to drop all but main and 1 box. I see why the raiders are unhappy about performance, pathetic for 60 L1 ogres that look the same, and a few dozen people with other races and actual gear.

    Once we went to PoK I tried randomly handing out cookies. You could tell boxes by names, placement and if they accepted cookies or not.

    There were indeed many boxes.

    But what else I saw was more people than for any guide event I've ever seen. By an order of magnitude.

    It was fun to see a 'rando' group that large in EQ. It's been a long time for some of us that don't raid.

    I saw some people that were curious and maybe interested in PvP.

    Yes it's low pop like so many other servers of every description. But I saw the regulars on the server be like "What's going on? Where are all these ogres from in PoK?" Yes there are some regulars there who just go about their business and enjoy Zek.

    But what else I saw was people who came with names and attitude in chat for their anti-PvP agenda. I see people here Forum Questing the same.

    What is truly pathetic is watching people try to shout down the very notion from the start.

    I am certain this event did nothing to move the needle on their stance ("use Zek and show us you mean it first.")

    And all of you seemed certain this event would move the needle none at all. But me thinks thou dost all protest too much!

    None of the screenshots capture the entire number of characters that were there (because perspective duh). Trying to say "I only see xyz there, fail." is the weakest argument I've ever heard.

    Nobody seems to mention the troll army that was there, in ranks, with a director, who would gesture and all the trolls would stand or sit at once.

    Making the point I guess, we'll be pwning with 'you-know-what-3rd-party-junk-hack'?

    Yes I saw many boxes, operated by someone who took the time to log them all in, and for what?

    Where they there to protest? Where they there to support? Where they there for prizes?

    Point is, they WERE there. And all the little protestations NOW, make you all look scared.

    If it's nothing to worry about, why not let it die, rather than looking so, I don't know, desperate?

    You know there is so little dev time to go around and that's enough to beat this dead (by your estimation) horse?

    How many real individuals attended is not something they even monitored. How many real people attended doesn't matter. Seeing the resistance to trying this, one time, speaks volumes to the subset of EQ players that also Forum Quest and are no strangers to presenting an agenda.

    smh indeed
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  3. PVPlulz Lorekeeper

    We got the #'s last night to show DPG that a PVP TLP server would make so much $$$. Higher pop than Live servers last night! Only FV hit high and we hit high too on Zek!

    Let's keep this thread, MOST POPULAR ACTIVE THREAD, on the front page to remind everyone and DPG how successful our event was.

    Bluebies crying over the MASSIVE turnout. We told em! They didn't believe us! Hundreds and hundreds!

  4. Zansobar Augur

  5. code-zero Augur

    Nobody is scared and the fact is that most people posting don't really care that much about it. I'd planned to attend but the pvp faction all came off as just a bunch of obnoxious.clowns who fail to get the point that people made when they were told to actually do some PvP on Zek for a few months.

    The ones who are scared would be the people who put on the event. Scared that they couldn't keep interest for several months worth of Zek play and very likely to be very scared of what the small population of Zek regulars would do to them during that time.
  6. Tedd New Member

    doesn't it make sense that lots are gonna just park their character while they do other stuff? it's not like this is a raid or something with tons of stuff to do

    since I play on a different time-zone I logged in my ogre to CR early to park him there while I slept

    there was no other way to show my support
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  7. Tedd New Member

    not sure what the hostility is for but zek is unplayable and anyone wanting an EQ TLP PvP server is going to prefer one of the private classic servers over it... a pvp tlp server would be a different story

    not sure what's so hard to understand about that
  8. MasterMagnus The Oracle of AllHigh

    Right on.

    I'm not trying to criticize anyone who didn't take my cookies, or say they were all boxes. Just acknowledging to the other side, many were boxes.

    And also point out, there were way more actual individual people there than the Forum Questers here will admit.

    Thank you for pointing that out also.
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  9. code-zero Augur

    It doesn't matter what you think of the Zek ruleset. The devs explicitly told the PvP community what they could do to show that there is an interest in a PvP server and those people refuse to do it. Hold your nose and go play on Zek for a while
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  10. Tedd New Member

    bro we and just about every other EQ pvp player have long-since walked away from that server and for good reasons (the ruleset being a small one imo)

    we're talking whether or not hundreds of potential customers can be drawn in or not

    nobody is going to "hold [their] nose and go play on Zek" (which would probably only get us the same reaction from all those against a PvP server that we have currently) when they can roll on a classic private pvp server (again, a tlp pvp would be a different story)
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  11. Angered Augur

  12. Phased Sullon Zek Journeyman

    Even on a PvP server, EQ was still about PvE. The amount of people that ran around all of the time randomly "Doing PvP" was small and you recognized most of the big named PK'ers.

    The majority of any notable PvP that happened was due to trying to slow or stop another teams PvE progression. PvP in itself is not what made things exciting, it was the added element of danger that made things exciting.

    I don't know that they could make a PvP TLP be successful if it's modeled off all the other TLPs they already have. If you were to put both pick zones and Agents of Change onto a PvP server then it would erase the need for 90% of the conflict over zone and raid control in the game. If you have no corpse runs in the game anymore, then there is no real way for one side to ever beat the other side, it will just turn into endless bind rushing by both sides.

    They would have to change up a ton of things to make a fresh PvP server experience successful again, which I doubt is feasible for them at this point.
  13. ECrack Augur

    Personally I think it's hilarious. Don't take it too personally Master Magnus. These are the same trolls who have been against a PvP TLP since the beginning of time.

    Even though they "claim" no one would play on it, they're terrified if one gets implemented. Which if they're right, it would have zero affect on them?

    But now that we've established the brain power of these individuals lets go one step further. They also believe that every single person that would play a PvP TLP came out for the protest last night.

    They believe you can PvP on Zek at level 1 and were crying about why we ended up in PoK.

    They obviously don't know how pick zones work and we had so many people show up that we had to go to PoK because it doesn't spawn a pick for too many people in the zone. This was probably the biggest issue because about 90% of the people who did turn up had no idea how live servers work and didn't know what pick zones were and were fascinated with things like origin and were shocked when I mentioned there were no corpse runs.

    This is what you call a new player base. These are guys who have not played live or paid for a subscription in more then a decade.

    But again, I'm just talking about these adorable 6 people who keep coming in and posting on the PvP thread as though their thoughts or opinions or made up statistics mean anything. They're just basement dwelling trolls. Misery loves company, which gives me comfort knowing they must be pretty miserable to come here day after day trolling this thread as hard as they do.

    Anyways, welcome to the movement MasterMagnus, don't let these nay sayers get you down, we'll keep fighting the good fight!
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  14. ECrack Augur

    Sorry, strongly disagree. AoC's would keep all players relevant and competitive. There would be PvP in a lot of places, LGuk, Nagafein's Lair, Hill Giants, Seafuries, Mistmoore, just to name a few.

    But guilds would compete for the open world raid spawns, and whoever wins that contest would win an advantage because that is an additional source of raid gear the losing guild would not get.

    However, in the grand scheme this doesn't really matter that much because if a server is on a 3 month unlock, people who are only raiding AoC instances will still be nearly BiS in a month and a half. And I'm talking about playing casually.

    I played casually on every TLP and always got max level and nearly BiS in 6 weeks.

    Also it wouldn't be hard for guilds to figure out other guilds lockout and raid times and rotations to ambush AoC's if guilds are staging there or as they're coming in to get the instance.

    There will definitely be plenty of PvP on a TLP server. No change needed to the current formula just make everyone red.
  15. Jhaerik Journeyman

    Seeing as I'm just sitting around with my thumb up my @ss waiting on the next PvE TLP to start up so I can return to EQ after several years... yeah it fuckin effects me.
  16. Kittany Augur

    I was unable to attend the event due to poor internet quality. That said, even the naysayers have to admit; The event was a publicity stunt. That's more than what the PvE community has done in a large number of years. And in my opinion, it was a resounding success.
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  17. WaitingforMoreEQ WaitingforTBC

    I see you don't know how PvP deaths work in EQ.

    All the more reason a PvP TLP server would work well. People won't quit because of being locked out of content, but people will get extra loot if they control open world. So PvP still serves a purpose. If they went with my Purple server idea it would also solve a problem all the current TLPs have which is everyone going to the same zones over and over again till they're sick of them. If you get bonus XP in the base pick of CT/Paw/HHK/LGuk live side ect. there is suddenly a reason to go to them instead of Guk Dead side only for 15 levels.
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  18. WaitingforMoreEQ WaitingforTBC

    Selo and Mangler aren't even "several years old" i'm not exactly sure how you could be waiting that long for a TLP.
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  19. Pictarous Augur

    People parking level 1 alts in Crescent is “showing support?” And you only got 30 ish players?

    This is supposed to be the big event? That’s it? Some boxes parked in a hub? Lol.

    PvPers have Zek, but they absolutely refuse to play on it...why? Afraid of the PvP?

    Red Guides fell apart on Selo real fast, not that it ever really was a guild - other than the GMs bot train, they had 6 unique members? None were over 40 during the rush when they fell apart.

    I hope a PvP TLP comes out. I hope it is EXACTLY what PvPers want - when it dies in two week to a month, they can push the goalposts even further.
  20. Dulu Augur

    Agnarr, Coirnav, Selo, Mangler, Miragul all released since 2017, but this dude has been waiting several years for a pve tlp.

    Also... we already know a pve tlp is coming this late spring/early summer. So it’s not a competition.

    You get your cake, now it’s a question if we get some cake too.