EQ PVP Big Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Hane, Jan 24, 2019.

  1. DosPanchos New Member

    I agree with Starc. Seems the right time for a PvP server.
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  2. NinjutsuMMO Elder

    Yes !
    Pvp 2020 !
  3. ECrack Augur

    You want to sign up?!


    Join us Saturday at 8pm EST on Rallos Zek. We're making level 1 ogre's and beating each other up.
  4. Stagentti Augur

    Isn't there a level requirement before hurting each other? I thought you had to like level 5 or something. Before then can't PVP.
  5. Sennik Jevest Elder

    Wait is this a thing? I'll need to make some phone calls if this is getting stood up, got some good ol' boys that'd wanna get in on this.
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  6. ECrack Augur

    I have no idea, I haven't played RZ seriously since LDoN. Aug's making items no drop killed it for me.
  7. Stagentti Augur

    Was hoping you knew cause I'm too lazy to check lol.

    Might swing in for the fun but be late so figured if need a higher lvl toon, could lvl in advance to save time.
  8. Meridian Augur

    bet there are a few already doing this.
  9. MasterMagnus Augur

    I told you already I'm only level one, and I'm only working on my baking! ;)
  10. dreamweaver Community Manager

    Nope, shouldn't be.
  11. yober Elder

  12. Dulu Augur


    Never seen a TLDR meme before.

    Leave the memes to the professionals.
  13. Dulu Augur

    Also, random picture someone linked in our discord, but who doesn't want to have fun like this?

  14. mark Augur

    original pvp servers were boxing servers so if they make anew one it should be a boxing server.
  15. Dulu Augur

    Organic world PvP is incredibly fun.

    Out grinding with your group, or en route to another spot, and you come across an enemy group... anything can happen!

  16. vylo Augur

    Are we in a competition to see how dead a TLP can be? Pretty sure this one will take the prize within the first month.
  17. ECrack Augur

    I'd put money against this, lets find out.
  18. Stagentti Augur

    Do people spread out to lvl on the new private PVP servers (or I guess any)?

    Back in the day on all servers people were spread out in a bunch of leveling spots.

    Now on the TLPs everyone follows basically the same leveling path cause it is fastest. Rarely see people diverge. Was like that on Phinny, Agnarr, Mangler that I played on.

    Unrest -> UR basement/uguk -> lguk camp rotation -> hamlord/hole.

    Once Kunark drops it's all Seb.

    Will be interesting to see how that shakes out on a PVP TLP if people still "refuse" to diverge (you'll have folks on a PVE TLP that will sit lfg for over an hour rather than go somewhere else).

    Do people spread out? If it's teams in some way, does it become about 1 team "owning" a zone so it's constantly a massive war in UR because no one wants to leave lol?

    Attitudes nowadays are different than they were. I remember PVP being a lot different with how people operated in original WoW vs Classic WoW now with the massive, over the top camping to the point folks can't do anything.
  19. Stagentti Augur

    Can't edit the post for some reason.

    Forgot it is actually Seb AND Chardok.
  20. ECrack Augur

    This is an interesting subject. Yes people spread out, but popular zones will still be popular. It's not a non-stop blood fiesta. People will be able to grind in relative peace for multiple hours.

    PvP servers become very political especially on live. If you're a blood thirsty PK that just lives to pvp then you get a reputation and everyone knows as soon as your name pops up in the zone that they're going to be in for a fight. They'll stop pulls, buff up, and prepare for a battle or hunt that person down.

    Honestly, on RAllos Zek the most successful guilds were Anti-Pk's. Which don't get confused, they still love to PvP but they enjoy killing people who enjoy killing people. While the server will definitely start off as a clown fiesta of everyone trying to murder the crap out of each other, it levels out and reputations are built and pk's are identified.

    Now if there are teams, I could absolutely see them leaving each other alone in a zone like Lguk, unless their camps get real close like ghoul lord and frenzy. Then I could see one pushing the other out. But if one was on live side and the other was on undead, I doubt they're going to want to stop a good exp session immediately to go jack up the guys on live side.

    But can it happen, does it happen, absolutely. That's what is fun, but people get this misconception about pvp servers that its just non stop relentless pvp and they can't get anything done and that's just not realistic.

    But to answer your question, hell yeah people absolutely will go to out of the way spots to avoid the high volume pvp spots or contested areas. So you are more likely to get to experience what it's like to level in splitpaw, the karanas, hhk, and so on.

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