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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Hane, Jan 24, 2019.

  1. Meridian Augur

    Toxic in this case being, 'That guy doesn't agree with me 100%'.
  2. NinjutsuMMO Elder

    Imagine how much Kronos daybreak can make from people paying ridiculous prices for pvp gear ! Can probably charge 2-4 times more than pve server !

    A pvp server is a gold mine
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  3. Stagentti Augur

    The problem is you can't just say someone with 6 mages is breaking the rules. You have to be able to prove they are. That's the sticking point here:

    You can't enforce a rule on someone until you prove they're breaking it.

    Using your example: we can't just arbitrarily say a group of 6 mages isn't allowed.

    There's people who have posted on here and Reddit crazy setups they use that actually work. I couldn't have ever figured that out but they do it.

    Even 6 mages is pretty "easy" to manage once in position cause you can set up a macro that does assist main, pet attack, cast bound DD spell slot. That's 1 button press per mage.

    To be clear this isn't some make or break thing for the viability of a server. Its irrelevant to whether a server can exist.

    I just don't think this specific idea would work.
  4. Stagentti Augur

    Unless I'm forgetting one of mine, I don't think any of mine have been toxic.

    And definitely not "literally all"
  5. Dulu Augur

    From the Official FAQ:


    Playing 6 mages "using a 1 button macro" is explicitly against the rules of Truebox. It doesn't matter how 'easy' it is to do.

    Just enforce the rules we already have. It's not hard to do. P99 has done it for 10+ years now. Crack down on these people on the PvP server.

    But even if you don't, a PvP server would still give us options to deal with them.
  6. Meridian Augur

    This guy has shown he is definitely not above making stuff up.
  7. NinjutsuMMO Elder

    Our community is larger than several of these current servers and we have the passion to drive a pvp server..

    Do you really think we would leave a server we fought to have ?

    We don’t move from server to server like a bunch of blue locus !!!!!

    A family that plays together stays together and we are united !!!!
  8. Stagentti Augur

    You're not understanding what I meant.

    It's an in game macro. Maybe I'm using the wrong term.

    You can bind multiple commands to one button. It's how people do complete heal chains on raid.

    That isn't against any of the rules.

    And like I said - you have to prove someone is breaking the rules before you can enforce it.

    That's the biggest issue with your idea and one we haven't figured out.
  9. Dulu Augur

    I just don't know if you aren't reading the posts that aren't direct replies to you, or if you don't care, but it has been figured out. For over a decade.

    Watch this video. I've even time stamped it just for you, so you don't have to watch an extra 2 minutes of content.
    And the guy in this video is just 2-boxing, in an obscure area, and being kinda subtle about it. The stuff you see on TLP's would NEVER fly on p99, and they have like 4-6 guides.

  10. Runes Augur

    Or Darkpaw could just go with a diamond mine of a PVE server with a good ruleset that blows away any gamble on a fail PvP server that has been proven successful by the last five true TLPs.
  11. Stagentti Augur

    I watched the video. He keeps saying he is boxing which is an issue.

    In the first part he is talking about how the one toon isn't moving and he is monitoring that.

    "If they move at the same time that means they're not boxing." - not sure how that issue is relevant to TLP boxing rules or why it's an issue.

    At about 1:35 he says "it's playing 2 characters at one time. It's illegal to do."

    That isn't against the rules on TLP.

    At 2:05 he says "You can't have 2 accounts going on at the same in this game."

    That isn't against the rules on a TLP.

    What am I missing here?
  12. Brazy Journeyman

    yeah, Miragul sure was a successful TLP :rolleyes:

    like i said the new tlp will prolly be the Clockwork sever. non-truebox made for botters that would rather play everquest as a solo game instead of an mmo like it was created.

    maybe the dev will hook us pvp bros up though so we finally have a pvp tlp we've been asking for years. they released two severs before in the past at once so its possible I guess
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  13. Dulu Augur

    Instead of watching/listening to the streamer, try looking at what is actually happening in the video. Read what the Guide is saying.
  14. Stagentti Augur

    "I will be performing a 2 box test."
    "(2 names) please drop group and join mine."
    "Then please join the group."

    That's all I see the guide say.

    Can you confirm the boxing rules on p99? Google search for it shows a ton of forum and Reddit posts saying boxing is 100% not allowed.

    It appears this guide is enforcing a 0 boxing tolerance policy.

    That isn't the policy on TLPs.

    I'm not understanding how the enforcement in this video supports the idea that you can tell if someone is boxing from multiple computers or just one.
  15. Runes Augur

    You noticed I said a TLP server with a good ruleset. Miragul was a horrible gamble with a stupid ruleset that had people starting off at 85 and geared.

    It failed because the concept was a fail just like a PvP concept in today's EQ will be.
  16. Dulu Augur

    Yeah, everyone you see 6 boxing 21-year-old elf simulator is rocking a setup like this:



    Another easy option, if you don't like having guides enforce the rule:

    Disable auto-follow on the TLP PVP completely
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  17. PVPme Augur

    So you'd prefer them do something similar to the current TLPs we have and draw away more of the players from those bleeding out TLPs, which all already have less then 300 players(minus Mangler), then make a new server for a community that has been asking for a TLP for 2+ years?

    I'm sure this new PVE server will have very similar rules to what we currently already have available TLP wise, and all you're doing is shuffling players around instead of bringing in new blood.
  18. MasterMagnus Augur

    Haven't come down on one side or the other. But I may jump in on the 29th, I already have a L20 or so.

    I'm curious about the 'Level 1 Ogres' idea. Is there a specific plan for how this would work?

    If you just follow all the default options at creation, you go to tutorial and are level 2 before you can get to PoK. Plus no necro, so sadness. But any details about this?
  19. Warpeace Augur

    Skip the tutorial, go straight into world.
  20. Stagentti Augur

    Don't move the goal posts.

    You threw that video at me in response to my saying you can't easily enforce the True Box rules, because you claim its been done on p99 for over a decade.

    I'm not seeing that is the case and the video doesn't support that.

    It doesn't matter if 99% of people aren't using 6 different computers.

    You have to be able to prove that they are using the same computer before you can enforce the rules.

    Why is it so hard to understand that? You can't ban someone from breaking a rule if you can't prove they broke it.
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