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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Hane, Jan 24, 2019.

  1. Mobetta New Member

    inb4 disappointing turnout
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  2. Dulu Augur

    I don't get it either. LOL!
  3. Zanarnar Augur

    Want pvp show up on Zek in force and keep playing there. This is LITERALLY what the developers of this game told those interested in PVP to do. They literally gave you a path to getting what your after.

    I mean, I get it. You don't want to do that because .. you cannot. There just aren't that many people interested in EQ PVP. As you'll see on the 29th. (and I expect Zek to see a 85% population drop off by the very next day)

    That said, I hope they make one, sharing Brekt's hardware, just so the dozen or so of you who want this can have your server.
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  4. Xanadas Augur

    And I bet TENS of people showed up.
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  5. PVPme Augur

    Yeah, the same developers that said casuals shouldn't be able to see Naggy and raid instancing isn't something they wanna do.

    I think its fair to say their opinions on what they think the community wants is a little questionable, especially after the release of Miragul. What a giant let down for a new TLP that was.
  6. Zanarnar Augur

    0. Pretty much the average population of this server after a month too.

    Most of us are just tired of seeing the same threads over and over. The developers told you how to get a pvp server. Do it, or . (the little thing on the 29th is probably your best bet, but only if almost everyone that shows up KEEPS PLAYING THERE. However, I'm sure that the population drops back to nothing the next day.
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  7. Zanarnar Augur

    1) That was Holly and I'm pretty sure she still believes that. I just think financial realities over-ruled her preferences.

    2) I'm having more fun on Mirugul then I was on Mangler.

    Show up in force on the 29th; and KEEP PLAYING THERE. I'm sure if that happens they'll throw the pvp foks a bone. They are a business and if they don't think the server will make money (pay back its monthly hosting and bandwidth costs, as well as dev time spent making it and supporting it), they won't bother.
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  8. Stagentti Augur

    Is Zek free to play? Can't remember.

    If so I wonder how many people vs how many people boxing 10 toons.
  9. PVPme Augur

    TLP players shouldn't have to play on live to get a TLP server. They are basically two completely different games at this point and its not even remotely a reasonable ask.

    Even if this was a logical, which it isn't, then why are they still so hesitant for a free trade server when FV is literally their most popular live server? Yet the devs continue to say we dont actually want that because they know something we don't...

    Imagine if WoW devs asked players to stop playing private servers and go play retail wow to get a classic WoW server. They'd of gotten blasted on the forums. It literally makes no sense.
  10. Zanarnar Augur

    No, its pretty reasonable. We got progression servers due to the interest in 3rd party ones like 99 and the continued strong interest in live PvE EQ. The current em pvp 's have a fraction of the population of the PVE ones, and the live PVP EQ server is deader then last weeks cat.

    See for yourself, the status' are here. (sorry the link apparently gets eaten. Google "eq em u server status" and its the first result.)
    as of 9AM EST on 2-19-2020 it looks like this:
    Sum of all PVP worlds populations: 34
    Sum of all PVE worlds populations: 2,615

    Free trade is RMT cancer. Anyone who has even a modicum of foresight won't want that on a TLP server. Of course the boters and folks into RMT do.

    WoW retail is as dead as EQ PVP? No, wow retail is massively more popular then EQ retail, which is massively more popular then eq pvp. Go look at the server status page for yourself, even on a free server there is basically noone playing PVP EQ. The developers are in this to make money. This server won't make them money. (My prediction. Again, show up in force on the 29th, keep playing after that, and make me eat my words.)
  11. Zanarnar Augur

  12. Zanarnar Augur

  13. Brawl Elder

    And on the TLP you say you have the most fun on (Miragul) I hear they have between 70-110 people in General chat during peak. We have more than that sitting in a Discord that was created 2 days ago to show interest in a PvP TLP server off a random post here and reddit post.

    Maybe they should shut down Miragul and re-skin it into a PvP server, they'd get more subs.
  14. Zanarnar Augur

    Prove it. (and by that I mean show up on the 29th and more importantly, keep playing) (BTW Brekt is deader then Miragul, you should be asking for that one)
  15. Brawl Elder

  16. Hellowhatsyourname Augur

    This reminds me of the "critical mass" bike riding event that my ex-wife went to.... you know .... to show the city what a huge critical mass of bike riders there were who wanted cars to share the streets.

    FOUR people showed up. Four. Proudly, I was not one of them, but I DID use that as fodder for jokes for a very, very long time.
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  17. Brawl Elder

    Cool story, you sound very bitter
  18. Stagentti Augur

    You said they have 70-110 in general chat during peak. So people actually playing.

    I just checked your discord like an hour ago, which you say has more than that sitting in it:

    I saw 125 members with only 39 online.

    70-110 actively playing vs 39 online.

    Math doesn't check out.
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  19. Brawl Elder

    Oh doesn't it check out Spaghet? I guess playing the game this whole discussion is about is more entertaining sitting in a discord channel. Who would have thought.

    Well done hawkeye.
  20. PVPme Augur

    PvP has been neglected since PoP so of course the live server is dead. Its is literally not viable with how neglected it has been over the years. Fippy is dead so non-truebox could never work right? Solid logic.

    Since EverQuest gave up on PvP many private servers have made successful servers that had 400+ people playing. (RoZ/p99/TZVZ are just a few off the top of my head)

    A new PvP TLP would also bring in new subs, not recycle the same player base. These are those players that gotta go elsewhere to get what they want since they can't get it on live servers.

    So anyone that wants to actually have something they can actually spend their plat on past Velious is RMT cancer, got it. Passing along my old items to guild mates or my alts is also just some sort of RMT cancer too I'm sure, right?

    So there is nothing that the FV community can do to get a TLP server because playing on the live version of it just isn't enough in that scenario but for a PvP server it'll definitely work. Solid logic again.

    Bringing in new players would 100% make them money. Especially compared to recycling the same player, which only nets them more bag money and a few potion purchases.Not to mention on a PvP server people are way more likely to pay for consumables to try to get a leg up on the others.

    If making a new TLP was so expensive I don't think they'd of just tossed out Miragul, with a ruleset literally no one was asking for.

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