1. ARCHIVED-SouthPacific Guest

    What is up with EQ players site?
    I've tried over a few days by logging in, then when I try to go to my Characters from the sub-menu I get the following error.
    CatalogManager.properties catalogs com entity.catalog struts.xml
    Isn't anyone at Everquest responsible for making sure all the links of EQ players are working?
  2. ARCHIVED-WarSheol_EM Guest

  3. ARCHIVED-yaddab Guest

    Actually, it is a different issue with a nice new error message as posted by the OP that arose a few days ago.
    As of now I have no access to player profiles or guild rosters at all. If you search they come up but s soon as you click on them you get that error message, even on my own profiles.
    Speaking to a guildee though, they are not having the same problem, so it is not universal.
    I have tried with IE 7 & 8 and Firefox 5.0 none work.
    edit: and just for the hell of it I tried it on my mobile - same error, so not my ISP
  4. ARCHIVED-Tegila Guest

    this person you speak of that hs no issue is the only person i've heard that does not currently have the issue. i personally have tried on 5 ocmputers running 3 diff versions of ie ad well as 2 diff firefoxes, and 3 diff operating systems with the diff browsers used on diff os's. would love to know what is making this one person have success that no one else has (or did he forget to refresh browser at some point since the bug began? lol)
    this is a very basic aspect of the service that has been stated for years as beign included inteh basic eq subscription regardless of extraneous support for eqplayers. the profile and guild rosters need fixed, it's a very simple error not something major, find someone that knows ANYthing about websites or databases and buyem lunch. in less time that i takes them to eat that lunch it'll all be fixed. same cant be said for older more obscure or random errors sadly, but these are simple! basicly broken links or a mistyped character in a universal formula that generates the link
  5. ARCHIVED-Baddparrot Guest

    EQ Players is no longer supported by eq. The Rankings have not updated in 2 months? Thread said they dont even plan on fixing it in the near future cause they have 0 staff. I guess they are all too busy working on the next expansion to try to get more money out of us.
    Even Petitioning to Put my 6 Toons on /anon dont work.
    Good luck with a dieing game.
  6. ARCHIVED-SouthPacific Guest

    Baddparrot wrote:
    Sorry for being a pain, but can you supply an official link notifying us that EQ Players is no longer supported by EQ.
    I don't doubt you :)
  7. ARCHIVED-Baddparrot Guest



    Basicly, look at bottem-
    TSR-JoshuaM -
    The 2nd Gm said basicly see Gm 1
    The EQ Players website does not have an issue that we can troubleshoot together via tech support. I am locking this thread.
    As a final note, the EQ Players website is a paid service that is simply no longer offered. I apologize for the inconvenience, there is simply nothing to be done with the website at this time until we've decided to offer the service again which we have no immediate plans of doing.

    Is Another thread but dont have time to find link atm.
    I also have 2 replyes from gms per my petition-
    Hail Adventurer Baddparrot! GM Felthius here.

    Thank you for contacting Sony Online Entertainment In-game customer service regarding your difficulty receiving an update to a character through the EQPlayers web site. Regrettably, we no longer offer the EQPlayers service. More information can be located on our Official EverQuest Forums at the following URL:

    the 2nd Gm. said see Gm. 1.
  8. ARCHIVED-SouthPacific Guest


    Interesting how they say that, yet they continue to update it with their ads and server downtime info etc.
    I think they love having downtime issues and if it can't be the game then make it a website that so many use.
  9. ARCHIVED-TSR-JoshuaM Guest

    We, as in Customer Service, do not provide direct support for the Station Players website. I did have the pleasure of sitting with SKlug today who assured me that the CatalogManager.properties catalogs com entity.catalog struts.xml issue, specifically, is being looked in to and should be repaired as soon as possible.
    When it comes to individual issues, like specific profiles, and the leaderboards, customer service cannot directly fix this at this time.
  10. ARCHIVED-Cakvala Guest

    TSR-JoshuaM wrote:
    Thats good to know, bug sklug on ETA on a new website too :D lol
  11. ARCHIVED-stuermchen Guest

    Funny thing though is that the CR is still mentioning it :p
    "All EverQuest Live Servers will be coming down on Tuesday, July 26, 2011 at 4:00 am US Pacific (US Pacific-PST is -8 GMT: 5:00 am MST, 6:00 am CST, 7:00 am EST, 12:00 pm GMT, 13:00 am CET) for a game update. The servers are estimated to be unavailable for approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour. Keep an eye on the EQ Players website and the forums for status updates and for news if additional downtime is needed.. "
  12. ARCHIVED-TSR-MattG Guest

    stuermchen wrote:
    'Far as I know EQplayers is still showing all the news and updates, etc. It's the character related functions that are acting funny (broken) at the moment. Features like that should work fine for ya :)
  13. ARCHIVED-Clearlee Guest

    If only I had a way to tell what MPG trials I have done on Zena.

    Lee of Povar
  14. ARCHIVED-Lowerlevels Guest

    Thanks for having fixed the characters section!
  15. ARCHIVED-yaddab Guest

    Wheee fixed - well back to what it was, thanks for the code time Slug:)
  16. ARCHIVED-Dupre-MIM Guest

    Thanks guys for working to fix some of the issues with EQplayers.
    Can anyone from SoE comment on whether the leaderboards will be fixed anytime? I miss that functionality! :)
  17. ARCHIVED-TSR-MattG Guest

    Dupre-MIM wrote:
    I'll see if I can bug someone from the team next time I run in to one of 'em. As mentioned previously though support for the service is very limited so don't plan your weekend around it ;)
  18. ARCHIVED-Dupre-MIM Guest

    TSR-MattG wrote:
    I appreciate that, thank you. The leaderboards are fun for those of us who like to compete for the top spots. Not necessarily obviously, but it drives competition a little.
  19. ARCHIVED-TSR-MattG Guest

    I'm right with you. I chase the leaderboards in another of our games myself ;)
    Just don't want to set an unrealistic expectation, I'll see if I can get it looked in to but I can't make any promises.
  20. ARCHIVED-SkavenKnightShade Guest

    When you Check this please check on the Fippy Server it says its been updated in last day or so but nothing has changed in months.

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