EQ Memory leak has gotten much worse

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Drakang, Apr 2, 2016.

  1. Drakang Augur

    I am one of those people that tends to leave EQ up and running nearly all the time. I noticed my system was starting to behave strangely especially since the last set of patches.

    After some testing I realized the issue was EQ itself. Doing some testing by logging into the game and just sitting not moving or zoning I noticed the following.

    Initially the size of the running instance of EQ was 1GB. Over 12 hours that grew to 1.2GB. Not a big deal. However, when I boot up my system fresh only 6% of my 32GB of memory is in use. I load EQ and that goes to 10% used. When I came back after 12 hours the % of memory used had grown to 27%. I logged out of EQ and was still showing 27% of memory used. After a reboot it went back to 6% used. This means in 12 hours EQ tied up 20% (6GB) of my memory in a way that it could not be released and could not be used by other programs till after a reboot. After 2 days with the game running my system is sitting at 99% of memory used and after shutting down EQ it still shows 99% in use. It takes a reboot to free up the memory. Its this case of 99% of memory used that got me initially looking because the game performance became horribly slow. I have tested combinations of all other apps I use and have running and EQ is definitely the source of this memory leak.

    Its just in the last 2 weeks that I have noticed the memory leaks that have always been in EQ becoming this bad. I have left EQ running for weeks in the past with no noticeable impact on my system. Please figure out what the source is and correct it.
  2. Ghubuk Augur

    I have noticed the same thing as well.
  3. Tweelis Augur

    Ditto. I just shut down EQ and it's still eating almost 3 gigs of memory.
  4. FixShamanPlease Elder

    I have a few client running 24/24 (none with 'balanced mem usage) without any memory leak.
    Very very rarely I noticed one client was using more CPU than usual but after I /clear-ed the chat window with tons of link everything was ok.
  5. xukil of luclin Curator of a UI

    I've complained about random crashing, sitting in any zone for to long and the next time I zone I get the crash window, now as of the other day I will just see one of four accounts on any of my three computers just close randomly...I have gone back to default UI...I just can't believe it's my computers, seeing that I have 5 in my house that play eq and they all do it...

    I am not the only one experiencing this my guild every raid night we have to wait for 6 - 8 people to relog every time we switch targets

    In the last year I haven't seen one dev post to even show they even acknowledge we are complaining...:eek:
  6. Drakang Augur

    Just need to make it habit to shut down and reboot before any raid or session where you expect to be playing much. But should not be sucking up memory like it is.
  7. mtgdragon Lorekeeper

    I've noticed the same thing since the last patch. I used to get about a week leaving my 4 accounts logged in, now I get maybe 2 days before I have to reboot.
  8. Cloudia Augur

    IK leave my accounts logged as traders in bazaar most of the time, memory usage is not that bad on any of my systems.
    I do however shut down and restart EQ before switching to a character to actually play. I found that even if the account had only been online for a couple hours as a trader I was crashing at some point while zoning.

    So best practice I have found is to restart, game play then at end of session park in bazaar on trader. If I have been zoning a lot and want to join a raid a restart of game is also highly recommended just to avoid the chance of something wonky happening.

    Yes there do appear to be memory leaks associated with zoning and bazaar access.
  9. Drakang Augur

    You don't have to zone to have the issue happen. Can happen staying in the same zone. I run Windows 10 but I swapped to that and did not have this huge issue until just recently.
  10. xukil of luclin Curator of a UI

    I have Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 on my three main computers and they all do the same thing...The longer I am in game the more likely it will crash...:eek:
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  11. Drakang Augur

    From Path of the Exile forum


    We have deployed a fix for a memory leak that affected only Windows 10 users.

    We're not sure when this problem was introduced, but we started seeing reports of it after the deployment of Ascendancy.

    We initially dismissed reports of a memory leak because:
    • The client itself was not leaking memory. The reported memory usage of the client executable was not increasing. We were not aware of any way that you could have memory associated with your process that was not accounted for by the process' displayed memory usage.
    • You cannot use more than 4gb of memory in a 32 bit process (which Path of Exile is). Therefore any reports of more than 4gb of memory "leaked" were dismissed.
    • The "leak" being Windows 10 only confused the issue because there were changes in Windows 10's memory management that cause it to be reported differently.
    • A lot of users were conflating regular memory problems with a memory leak. Memory leaks and high memory usage are two separate issues. The game absolutely uses too much memory, which we are working on, but was not leaking memory as far as we were aware.

    We were wrong and would like to publicly apologise that this went on for so long. There was a leak and after many days of investigation, we have fixed it. Strangely, it appeared to be a regression in Windows 10 that caused previously normal behaviour to now leak System memory.

    To take advantage of this update, just restart your game client once and the hotfixed version will download.

    Thanks very much to the users who contributed RAMMap reports and other information that helped us diagnose the issue.

    We are still working on improving other memory issues as well. We have some promising memory reductions that will hopefully be deployed in the coming week. These should resolve the memory-related crashes that people sometimes encounter when changing areas. I'd like to deeply apologise for the recent performance issues, and thank you for your patience. We have several programmers dedicated to performance improvements and they have a lot of plans for how to continue to improve our architecture.
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  12. xukil of luclin Curator of a UI

    Is this post above to point out that another game has devs that are competent enough to recognize an issue and correct it? Because I wish we had that here...:eek:
  13. Ghubuk Augur

    Not sure if this helps, but I noticed that if I play eq (for short or long periods of time) that when I stop (even if I totally log off of the account), I get very bad stuttering when trying to stream anything from the internet (ie netflix, youtube, shomi). The only way to get it to stop is to reboot the computer. This was never an issue until I upgraded to win10 so I think it may have something to do with the interaction between win10 and eq.
  14. mtgdragon Lorekeeper

    I have windows 7 and I crash after being logged in for about 2 days. Used to be able to get a little over a week before the last patch.
  15. Caell Augur

    I have used Windows 10 since a week after its release, and I don't experience this after playing EQ.
  16. Drakang Augur

    Its Definitely EQ slowly eating away at memory. Its only when its up that it happens. Be nice if a Dev would at least acknowledge the issue.
  17. Drakang Augur

    Seems they did something as I have been logged in a few days now and memory usage is not climbing steadily.
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  18. Aghinem Augur

    Lets hope this also resolves a lot of zone crashing issues as well.
  19. Malbro Augur

    Hasn't done a thing for my win 7 machine, after zoning a lot, I still crash.
  20. Dokgoki New Member

    I've dealt with this issue before, don't know if its coincidence but when I used ccleaner to clear some junk, I never had any issue with it again. this is from 2 windows 10 pro machines.