EQ 6th anniversary problem

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Visitor, Apr 12, 2019.

  1. Visitor Elder

    I ran some characters around to collect the items for this task, and was able to collect all but,
    Collector's Drachnid Web Sac. I killed a number of dracnids that dropped more then one web sac and they did not drop a collector version, one even dropped 4 regular web sacs.
  2. Visitor Elder

    Well, more then 200 Sarnaks killed on 2 different servers and no collector item for the EQ 6th anniversary potion. Maybe after the patch next week that will be fixed. Has anyone else managed to get one to drop this year?
  3. Visitor Elder

    Silly previous post, it was Drachnids, not sarnaks, - never grow old, just stay young forever.
  4. Froger Journeyman

    I thought it was just Phinigel.
  5. Kursis Paracelsus Journeyman

    This quest needs to be fixed.... spent an afternoon collecting ingredients and the Collector's drachnid web sac does not drop .... DB plz fix
  6. Arceus-Mend New Member

    Been here farming a long time now.. at least 50 cycles of drachnids from all 3 of the main camps and a lot of roamers; I think there's something bugged here. Has anyone gotten the collectors drachnid piece since these quests went live on Friday? I know these aren't exactly common drops, but all of the others I've gotten within 5-10 kills.

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