Epic Retelling (mostly) over: Let's talk graphics/lore flag

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by EnchFWO, Jul 6, 2016.

  1. thedragon Elder

    please remove the lore tag, there's no need.
    also please increase the size of the butter knife (rogue ornament) to something intimidating.
  2. Hissteria Lorekeeper

    Thank you for the tip! Luclin server first for this Shaman!
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  3. EnchFWO Augur

    Glad it helped ya out and congrats on server 1st! Although, honestly I'm surprised no one got it before now :eek:

    So far I've finished retelling on 7 classes and waiting on Naggy's lair to go back to normal so I can finish my Cleric's 1.0 and do that one! Like I said in my OP... mixed feelings on the 'special achievements' and the weapon look(s).

    And on the topic - Still hoping the lore tag is reconsidered and that the size of several classes' ornaments are re-evaluated. It's a shame so much work went into this to have so much disappointment (and obviously I'm not the only one).
  4. Rakayn New Member

    The lore tag is gone! :D I can now dual wield my beastlord ornaments!
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  5. eqnewb New Member

    Apparently the beastlord ornament is not lore now, but the rogue one still is?

    I don't play either, but if I was a rogue, I'd be going nuts right about now.
  6. Kobrah Augur

    Ok now that im wielding both the 2 forms of the claws.. 1. Can they be a tad bit larger ?
    2. The flames from the secondary claw appear to belong to the paladin ornament "Dawn" and the "Dawn" ball of fire seems to belong to our secondary claw. I can't handle the imbalance of the look and I have a paladin alt I play and the ball of fire is kinda odd.
  7. Benito Augur

    Will there be Titles for completing Epic Retelling - either server first or all?
  8. Azlynx Elder

    Not sure who started that idea. But it's not looking like there is one so far.
  9. Riou Augur

    Think it was a misunderstanding on the first few people to complete it thinking the Ornamentation name was a Title (since they do sound Title-y)
  10. Azlynx Elder

    Years wishful thinking. Would have been cool. Guess I'll have to stick with the Steel Drunk Assassin for now.
  11. roguerunner Augur

    I thought it was more about the fact that one of the rewards is not showing up properly even though theres a space for it. I think a dev hinted it was a title
  12. EnchFWO Augur

    A month later... I honestly think 99% of the people don't give a flip now. Not saying it's right, but also doesn't seem like something that really matters.

    ^This still (plus the others that have gigantic size issues)... pun intended :rolleyes:
  13. Rondor Elder

    Some easter eggs / hidden things in the Epic Request/Retelling series of quests that I haven't yet heard information about. If someone knows or has clues please post!

    I noticed that Lady Carolline of Thex responds to some extra flavour text triggers. (Actually she seemed to respond *twice* each time to all of these: once in white text, once in grey text ; maybe the doubling of replies is a bug or unintended).

    If you thank her (such as you may do after receiving an ornament reward):

    [Fri Aug 12 01:14:52 2016] You say, 'thank you'
    [Fri Aug 12 01:14:53 2016] Lady Carolline of Thex says 'It's nice that some people are still gracious in this day and age.'

    After you finish the Retelling special achievement, she mentions that the ornament-artifact was made by a wandering barbarian artisan whose name is synonymous with gold. If you didn't look at the Item Description window of your Retelling ornament yet you may wonder who this artisan is, so you ask her.

    Breaking the 4th wall you may wonder if Dzarn may be the artisan in question since he played a huge role in making this quest line:

    [Fri Aug 12 01:15:42 2016] You say, 'is it Dzarn?'
    [Fri Aug 12 01:15:42 2016] Lady Carolline of Thex says 'Hmm, no... Hardly a craftsman, more of a raving lunatic really. The last time I saw him he was running up and down the streets spilling his draught screaming about the reckoning.'

    OK it's not Dzarn. Though if he's a dark elf running up and down the streets drunken, maybe he's drinking his "Dzarn's Draught" that's for sale in Sunrise Hills and running up/down the streets in Sunrise Hills. I haven't found any leads on that aspect of her response yet.

    If you look at the item description window you'll see the name "Lebounde ab Dolmen". At this stage lore-wise you don't know for sure that he's the artisan related to Artisan's Prize yet though we learn he is shortly. So you ask her if it's him:

    [Fri Aug 12 01:17:12 2016] You say, 'is it Lebounde?'
    [Fri Aug 12 01:17:12 2016] Lady Carolline of Thex says 'Ah yes, the world's finest craftsman, I'll never forget him. From his early sculptures in Hate's Fury to the intricacies of that slimmed fancy armor I see so many of you running around in. You owe him more thanks than you'll ever know for making the world a beautiful place.'

    Hmm another possible 4-th wall breaking thing, as it's implied Lebounde was involved both with Hate's Fury graphics design in LoY and also with making the "New" hero's forge armor that was slimmer than the old original kind. Digging through the EQ credits text file we see a name of someone called "Allen Bond" which is almost an anagram of "Lebounde ab Dolmen":

    [Fri Aug 12 01:18:43 2016] You say, 'is it Allen Bond?'
    [Fri Aug 12 01:18:43 2016] Lady Carolline of Thex says 'Ah yes, the world's finest craftsman, I'll never forget him. From his early sculptures in Hate's Fury to the intricacies of that slimmed fancy armor I see so many of you running around in. You owe him more thanks than you'll ever know for making the world a beautiful place.'

    Interesting - so indeed in-game Allen Bond who did/does EQ graphics stuff over many expansions, appears to be who Lebounde ab Dolmen is in homage to.

    Continuing digging through the credits of the LoY expansion I tried various names. Finally I get a response:

    [Fri Aug 12 01:19:45 2016] You say, 'are you Julie?'
    [Fri Aug 12 01:19:46 2016] Lady Carolline of Thex shakes her head and looks at you with a confused expression.

    Hmm again - it sounds like Lady Carolline of Thex is an homage to someone named Julie. Who exactly? Unsure. Dzarn mentioned putting easter eggs in NPCs he adds, involving family or pets or such, in his "Get to know a Dev - Dzarn" forum post a few years ago.

    So far I didn't get any other easter-egg style replies from Lady Carolline.

    Also still trying to figure out who the Pillars of Alra "child" NPC is all about at ground level, H`Tathca : http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/npc.html?id=40133 - who was hinted at in the above-mentioned forum posting.

    Also related to an epic request, once the Druid Ring is completed in Jaggedpine (enough people on the server click their Dolerite shard there to make the ring) the ghost of Cros Treewind spawns near the druid ring every day at night. Though I managed to prod various related lore from various hails of him, and from his siter Sara Treewind nearby at the river, and from the halfling NPC who helped construct the druid ring, I haven't seen anything concrete come from it yet.

    Above is related to the following "Happenings in Jaggedpine" quest entry: http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/quest.html?quest=5791 . Maybe someone has new insight after re-doing An Epic Request lately due to Retelling. Please post anything you may think of!

    Another mini-easter egg is if a necromancer completes their portion of An Epic Request in the Everfrost caves in a way to complete the Retelling achievement, they may use the teleporter there in the caves to port themselves to Erudin Palace, just above the jail cell where people who will become "hollow men" are kept in jail before their sentence.
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  14. Act of Valor Augur

    Could the paladin epic ornament, Dawn, get another lookover? It has two problems.

    1) The player grips the hilt too low. The player doesn't hold it by the center of the grip which is where all other swords are held naturally.

    2) The fire effect on the ornament is confusingly placed. It is in "front" of the blade, and it is a small cloud of fire. It isn't on the tip of the blade, it doesn't cover the entirety of the blade (like many of our epics have done,) it doesn't even touch the blade itself. It looks very odd, and I am sure that it is not intended.

    Other than that, thank you for the extra entertaining thing to do with this quest, as well as the followup quest that is the Artisan's Prize.
  15. Rakknar Elder

    Is it not possible to get the broken arrow again, supposedly needed for the shamans quest? Abe didn't give me the arrow. The quest just advanced.
  16. Sokki Augur

    You can get another Broken Arrow by going through the first few parts of the epic quest again.
  17. Rakknar Elder

    I had just repeated the test of patience last night and was not given the arrow from Abe like the ZAM write up indicated. With unintended consequences with every patch I am just wondering if there is a known bug. For instance, I had to wait almost 40 minutes for Froham to appear. That was a huge departure from several write ups and really did test my patience.

    As a side note, my shaman earned his epic 1.0 in era. So I have had it quite some time.
  18. YellowBelly Augur

    Does anyone know why there is a padlock icon on my epic retelling achievement? I don't get it.

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