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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Davo, Aug 12, 2022.

  1. Davo The Bard

    My first TLP for a while, and I have to congratulate DBG for cleaning up the "epics for krono" issues from previous servers.. With most epics now no longer multi-questable and mobs locked on turnin, this time through has been an enjoyable experience. Thanks DBG!

    Except .. Cazel and his spoon. There has been a group of seeming automated mages camping this spawn 24/7 for a number of weeks.. causing many Chanters to just give up and pay multiple krono for the privilege of completing their epic.

    Not really in the spirit of the game, and possibly the only way that the krono farmers can block epics now.

    Please make the spoon no drop like just about everything else in all the other epics.

    Easy fix - problem solved.

    The Bard
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  2. Vileborg33 Journeyman

    I've reported many boxers who are camping gear and epic pieces like the spoon repeatedly and will continue to do so. They are purposefully creating a shortage in supply and forcing you to buy the gear or epic pieces from them. This ruins the experience for a lot of people and has caused quite a few people either to give up on the gear or epic or quit the game because of the frustration and toxicity it promotes.

    It would be fine if the boxers were gearing themselves and releasing the camps but they are holding them for days and weeks only to sell the loot. HS Key, Chanter Spoon, GEBs, CoS and the list goes on. IMO, this is zone disruption and should be a permanent ban offense.
  3. Gheed Is not reading your response

    I am allowed to camp whatever item I want to camp for any reason I want.

    Best of luck.
  4. Koshk Augur

    I disagree about this qualifying as zone disruption.

    Even if it were, suggesting a permanent ban for farming epic pieces seems rather harsh, imo.
  5. Ravanta Suffer Augur

    Don't give them any ideas!
  6. Siah Elder

    Papa, peez let me ghet spoon
  7. Vileborg33 Journeyman

    This is clearly someone investing in their toon as they camp CoS in Droga. There are 6 more like it.

    Green Silk Drape
    Opal Encrusted Stein x2
  8. Overmedium New Member

    I think the offense is "botting" which is likely what is happening.

    Outside of those chumps, this server has got to be the greediest one yet. Prices seem way more out of control here than they were on previous standard ruleset servers...
  9. Grunty McGruntyface New Member

    I just ran past the 4-man mage crew at Cazel omw to a raid. The same crew I been seeing for the last few weeks. I would bet money they are completely automated / unattended. And yeah if someone wants to camp something to sell that is their prerogative but not by using automation.
  10. Vileborg33 Journeyman

    The krono farmer at CoS had two mages casting on a mob within 1ms of each other yesterday and a third in another part of the area casting through the wall like .4 of a second later. Clearly automated and using coordinated software and yet nothing happens to them. He KS'ed our full group. How is this one guy still in business when half the server got banned?
  11. Chopsuey Elder

    How is your full group losing to 3 mage bots? Stop afk farming.
  12. Vileborg33 Journeyman

    They were casting and pet attacking before the mob even was visible on my screen. I love the post that says get good against automation. How about DBG does something about automation and one person monopolizing gear camps for a whole expansion.
  13. Timmyboi Dunning Kruger Award Winner

    I wouldn’t go so far as to say I “like” krono farmers, but I do enjoy how much they drive the Karen-types absolutely bonkers. It’s like the universe balancing itself.
  14. Taladir Augur

    I have been camping Cazel the last 3 days on Yelinak and it's been a very painful experience. For all but a few hours of that time, the same 3-4 box mages have been sitting on the spawn point, killing Cazel and then putting the Spoon up for auction in the Enchanter channel for 4kr 10 minutes later.

    I like to get my own epic drops, not give into spawns being held hostage by Krono farmers, so I did some research. Allakhazam states it is a static spawn with a 2-23 hour window, but I haven't seen evidence to support the low end of this window. I had a 14-hour showdown with the boxer one of the days and never saw Cazel spawn. The boxer himself apparently said he sees him at 20 hours on average. To me, this seems ridiculous on an 8 week Kunark unlock.

    I came across a thread from one year ago about how on Mischief, Cazel was a new and unexpected bottleneck due to Krono farmers, and it's clear that the problem is persisting from server to server and had nothing to do with Mischief's ruleset. I implore the devs to address this problem in some way - whether it's multiple spawns with a PH, reducing the spawn window to 4-6 hours, or some other solution, please help your player base succeed.
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  15. Timmyboi Dunning Kruger Award Winner

    You success conflicts with DPG's success. Your suggestion has the potential to de-value the spoon, which in turn de-values the krono. Krono use increases revenue for the company. So instead of thinking about how the company can help you, you should think about how you can be helping the company.

    Buy the kronos. Buy the spoon from the farmers for kronos. Everybody wins. ;)
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  16. Koshk Augur

    Had similar experiences as yours on previous TLPs (i.e. epic pieces perma-camped). I don't have your patience or stamina to sit and challenge people for a dozen+ hours. But I won't pay them either. So I just wait until Luclin+ to begin all my epics. I do sympathize with your frustration, though.
  17. Braxous_Muse New Member

    The issue with this theory is that now the spoon has become no trade so instead of selling the spoon directly these "krono farmers" will be selling loot rights, so this clearly is not as simple of a solution as one may think.

    Is there a simple or easy solution to this on going problem who knows.
  18. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    If people didn't buy from them, they would stop. So its all YOUR fault!
  19. TheRealMuramx Elder

    This is the same complaints that everyone had on Mischief. Almost every epic had a spot that was perma camped by some Krono farmer. And you know what DBG did? Nothing....
  20. TheElusiveFox Journeyman

    if 24box krono farmers aren't a perfect example of "the spirit of the game" I don't know what is...
    Devs think so too because its been an issue for every TLP since the start with nothing more than a token suspension or two from DPG to stop it.