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  1. Hothbra Journeyman

    Besides these forums and discord, is there another source to communicate with like-minded individuals?

    For those not in zerg guilds that cant just ask 5 guildies to group up to kill a 'group' mob, are there groups selling their services for loot rights?

    Any people that are in the same boat?!

    I personally have 2 targets I want to kill, that require nothing more then a solid group at most, and don't mind paying for loot rights or helping others do the same.
  2. CatsPaws No response to your post cause your on ignore

    Have you tried general chat?

    Or what I used to do was announce that in x amount of time, might be an hour or a day that I was wanting to group up for x part of epic and would be willing to help others after we did mine.
  3. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    EQ's Discord channel for your server is also a place you may be able to arrange something with other players.
  4. Atomos Augur

    You don't need a zerg guild to do epics. And I have seen people seeking Epic fight help in General chat but whether they got help or not I don't know.
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  5. Malpheroth Elder

    I have had to ask for help with my epic two times. The first time, I could only get help by offering each person in-zone 1000pp. We ended up wiping because it was a pug but I had to pay them for their time. The second time I started asking people who were in lfg 58+ if they would help for 2000pp which in 80% of cases was not enough to receive help but better than the 0 people I found by asking in general and kunark chat channels. The only option you have is to join a raiding guild that specifically schedules raid nights to do epic fights. I know that elf sim does, but I am sure other guilds do too. While I was in faceless x in virtue I received absolutely no help from the guild except from people I met outside of guild activities or before joining.
  6. bardybard Augur

    You need to make connections, get to know and befriend people first, then ask for their help. Most epic fights can easily be done with few groups of decent players.
  7. Xyroff-cazic. Director of Sarcasm

    There is a massive difference between being in a 'zerg guild' and being in a guild capable of fielding one full group to do an epic fight. Join a guild. Seriously.
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  8. Atomos Augur

    This is pretty much what I wanted to say. I don't understand the point in playing an MMO with no intention or desire to join a guild. But I also want people to play how they want to. /shrug

    It's just weird when the way people want to play directly contradicts with what they want to achieve in-game.

    Join a guild. If you don't like the guild, try a different one. If the guild doesn't help you (even after you're
    a member for a reasonable amount of time and have helped people with their stuff), try a different one. Finding the right guild for you can take some time, but it generally will make the game way more worth it. I'm very picky about the guild I join and try to do as much research as possible on each option before choosing one. Use the guild recruitment forum and EQ Discord guild recruitment channel to sift through the available guilds.
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  9. Zansobar Augur

    Do you really think it requires one to be in a "zerg guild" to get a full group of guildies together to kill epic mobs?
  10. Hothbra Journeyman

    I was making a general statement, if that's what you took as the premise of my inquiry you missed the mark by miles.

    Have done the same offering 5k a person for a full group, surprised how little interest there is in this for something that doesn't take much time.

    I actually am in a guild, albeit a very small guild that is unfortunately not capable atm, hence why I inquired about alternative solutions such as out-of-guild help in one way or another.

    Yes, guilds are beneficial, not debating that. I was inquiring about alternatives, and from the feedback, I guess there hasn't been anything established.
  11. bardybard Augur

    There are not really any other communication channels besides this forum, discord and the game itself.
    I don't think paying people for help is the way to go here, you prolly just need to talk/meet more people and make friends.
    You say your guild is not capable, is it because of levels? numbers? Most epic fights do not require more than a few groups. Can try growing your guild and help people who join with their epics.
  12. Cainen Augur

    I second this, we've done cleric, monk, mage, shaman, sk, paladin, and rogue fights with 12 people max. Broken golem in fear was 9 people(took about 10 minutes), as well as hate/fear minis with less then 12.

    The only major fights that require more then 2 groups are dragons and VS, but for classic dragon loots I suggest killing Yale, he can be done with a group if you have a click stick, or bind at the aoc then trading his extra loot for VS or track /loots.

    I dont know of any mercenaries yet on this server, but I have seen them in the past. Its usually a friend of a friend type thing though, not sure its been advertised anywhere.

    Good luck.
  13. Xyroff-cazic. Director of Sarcasm

    You're offering less than 1 krono per character to hire a fully functional ready made group to knock out a fight for you. If such a group for hire existed, clearly their main motivation would be making plat/krono. In that case, they would be better off just farming items on their own and selling them for much more than that. The numbers just don't work out. You'll either want to a) offer more money or b) join a guild that is both capable and willing to help each other with this type of thing, like 95%+ of the population does. I highly recommend option b, playing the game is much more fun than hiring others to do it.
  14. Hothbra Journeyman

    You may be right, but guaranteed 5k per person for literally 15 mins of their time is too little?
    Please, tell me, and possible many other people where I (we) can farm 5k guaranteed in 15mins, I will start farming that ASAP - then I can pay with all the krono's after I've farmed for a good couple hours! Dead serious.
    I'm looking at 3-6 man fights, not raid bosses if that clarifies anything for you

    Krono's 9-10k, I don't think I'm being cheap, but maybe Im wrong.


    Its the levels, once they are up there it won't be a problem. As I said, super casual. Real life friends, no real motivation for others to join up. They might hit 60 come Velious if I were to gamble on it.

    Anywhoooo's, that answers my question.
    Already on the forums, Discord, and in-game.
  15. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    No reason you can't start a channel "epicfriends" or whatever, start advertising it to get people to join, where people can join and help others, and ask for help, on epic fights. There are easily enough people on the server that would be interested, but someone has to push for critical mass, and you'd have to be ready to do a lot of stuff with no real gain for yourself for awhile.

    Maybe put some ground rules in, something like:

    1) anyone can ask for help at any time, but no one is obligated to come help in order to get help later
    2) pick a few times a few days a week where the idea is anyone online not busy agrees to go work on some, can /random and do fights in order of the random (and if people bail because their's wasn't picked, you know who not to help later)

    Those kinds of things are actually pretty successful, but require a lot of work at the front end.
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  16. Lanffear Filthy Boxer

    "Zerg guild" has been so overused and broadly applied that the term is meaningless now.
  17. Bullsnooze Augur

    I think you need to embrace the spirit of an MMORPG and make some friends.